Saturday, June 30, 2018

[Beatless] Episode 20 everyone's impressions

Episode 20
"Our Error World"

"I absorbed a little too much sweat. Do i not smell like you now?"
Are they trying to low key sexual intercourse? lol

Don't forget taking a shower

she has informed him multiple times since the beginning, that once he turns 18, her adult functions are ready and waiting.

ahhh lacia and sweat. niceu. Kouka Harem nice, too bad no red hair and smug faces.

see you guys in september when it airs again with last encore lol

I cannot wait for the September opening recap. The first and only truly useful recap for this show.

Then another recap for ending so we know what happen to the entire season! Exciting!

I wouldn't refuse an Albino Kouka.

Who would of known a red head that lost its soul would go emotionless and albino. Now we know how albinos are created

Wait, red heads has souls??

Fuck Eric Cartman! That bastard teached me wrong!

I mean, that's in the future and she was an android/best girl, so that may not apply to current gingers.

This anime was alright. This had good soundtrack and characters but too many recaps.

goodbye Beatless, hello Final Stage in September.

Erika and Marriage are in it for the long con. I'm worried about Marriage's ability if they do plan on shaking things up.

Has Lacia ever considered what to do after everything was over? I get the feeling that she couldn't think about the events after the upcoming Higgins battle.

Lacia was totally cute when heading to the showers.

Well guys, brothers in stocholm syndrome with this series, see you in september!

Does anyone know if the original novel is fully translated? Like hell I'm waiting 3 months for the finale.

It was a plan but they choose to do anime instead.

Erica being from the 21st century was just to set up a scene where she could yell at the old guys for thinking the past was so great, seems like. Though she was the heiress to some immensely powerful family so it's weird that she'd tell someone he only though life was good when he was a kid because he was so privileged.

... well. I didn't care too much when we had to skip a week for recaps but now that we've reached the deferral of the ending it's different.

The anime so far has used all of the novel's chapter titles (plus filler titles) but the next chapters after Protocol Love (which was Phase11) are Beatless (1) and Beatless (2) so I'm not sure they'd actually use that. There could be up to three chapters and an epilogue to be covered in the anime.

I can’t wait for the final arc in September

Now i think that Erika may be the one involved In beginning of Hazard. But she or her partners failed and she was frozen to try change the world in another time. But now we have Arato also trying to do that and she's passive because she wants to know how it turned out. I liked how Erika feels more mature than all those old bastards, who's thinking only about money and power. They are like all those corrupted politicians. I'd prefer AI instead of them.

Anyway, this episode was full of various conspiracies and it's a shame that series "ends" today. Arato and Lacia interactions was really sweaty sweet.

It really says something when Erika was the most likable person in that room in the first scene.

All those people there are talking pure nonsense and just wants to pass blame to one another if the whole thing goes south.

So far I'm rooting for the boy(Arato) who wants to end the world and the girl(Erika) who wants to see it all burn to the ground.

Damn, they are ramping up for the finale. Glad to see Erica and Marriage working. Marriage is pretty confident in her ability huh. Also absolutely good stuff with Higgins and Ryou regarding their past.

Laica's plan of shutting down Higgins doesn't sound too bad to achieve their dream. Can't wait to see the final four episodes.

Lacia is precious. Really excited for september!

A rich boy with no super powers or likeable traits actually managed to make a Super IA with the power to destroy the world to actually fall in love with him.

I'm impressed. He even made her blush

Every move she does (or doesn't) is calculated to better Analog hacking him, so her blushing is probably just part of the act too.

I swear I thought he was going to kiss her man. God they are blue balling me so hard. The sweat thing was oddly....erm arousing.

Love how Ryo is just flabbergasted dealing with a super intelligent AI wondering how Arato does it. Arato probably just sees a fine ass robot. Maybe that's why Arato can deal with her?

So next episode is next wee.......until September?!?! I BETTER GET A LACIA DOUJIN BY THEN OR THE ONLY 12 OF US WATCHING THIS WILL RIOT


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