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[Beatless] Episode 19 everyone's impressions

Episode 19
"Paper Tiger"

welp, that's part of the set up for the final stage. It'll be cool to see how Lacia changes public opinion regarding super AI.

Oh boy looks like we just get other enemy ( maybe last one ). Now I understand why Ryo try to destroy Lacia he knew what happened 42 years ago. Society which is managed by super-AI and kill those who unnecessary for it. Dark future. I understand that Lacia try make society where humans and AI is equal, but knowing the past is going to be hard to reach this goal.

This is NOT skynet or VIKI. The only reason Ariake tried to purge people was because there weren't enough resources to go around due to the earthquake and more people would've died otherwise. It's solution was the most efficient.

Yes it was best solution, but still it task was rebuild a city not kill unnecessary people who can't do anything that's why it was destroyed. No one knows what would happen if that thing have operated till that day, but in the end It might concluded that biggest waster of resources is humans. But of course we can blame people too who gave not accurate order.

It's task was solely to aid in the reconstruction efforts and it didn't directly kill people. Ariake prioritized getting the lights back on, predicting that people would start looting. In response, society, not Ariake, would eliminate these people. Thereby decreasing the demand for resources. This isn't a matter of blame or shortcomings. The problem itself was just too great to solve without any sort of sacrifice. If a super AI with intelligence surpassing humanity concluded this was the best solution then it's not for humans to say otherwise.

Hmmm... Now that I think about it it does seem that the recap BS i counted as propper episodes. The show finishes airing on the 29th so that would give us 1 more episode. Sum it all up and we have 24. Ofc there's the epilogue crap thats coming in september but still... I can't remember a show I watched that had such a convoluted release schedule.

I think they just don't get more slots from broadcaster and make decision move to September last 4 episodes. We might get it earlier on Amazon, but hope is low.

Man, I thought we were done with those long, convoluted exposition dumps.

Watching the super A.I.'s talk was like watching two super intelligent Chaikas talking.

Also, we just watched the military desperately trying to kill a teenage boy, just because he's Lacia's owner.

Multiple missiles, tanks and machine guns just to kill one guy and his robot seems pretty overkill.

This episode was great, beatless got good towards the end( kinda)

Yuka is precious, and those future cities are so cool.

Reading the subs, I can understand that translators are doing an incredible work. I have struggles in understanding this anime not because it poorly translated, but because it so complicated compared to others. My english is so poor…

Yup it hard to understand for not English speaker. Subtitles going to fast in order to fully understand I have to do pause.

So, can someone explain me the schedule of this show?

It ends next week? Intermission in september? How much episodes we gonna have?

This was episode 19. On the june 29 we'll get episode 20. Episodes 21-24 would be aired in september.

Dear god...

When we thought that the confusing production had stopped...

At least they have plenty of time to make actual episodes without intermissions

With double the time actually, so maybe they'll turn up the quality a notch too.

≫Episodes 21-24 would be aired in september.


Nope, it's real

LOL. I dropped this show back in when it was ep 16. They really can't even end the show properly in 2 cours.

Lacia I trusted in you!! I appreciate the witty joke on ensuring that Arato, Kengo, and Ryo will all be sent to the same prison, but please why won't we be done before September!!!

Will humanity truly accept the change? There's already the impact of Snowdrop's attack showing, which resulted in human casualties and deaths. I don't think everyone can accept such a change when faith in hIE, and AI themselves are getting shaky.

I now just wondering how will they tied this up before the upcoming break, then again maybe they will just publish the episode like any other one and the first one in September will be intermission 05, which will be the first intermission that is really going to be necessary.

Yeah, for once the recap will actually be useful


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