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[Beatless] Episode 18 everyone's impressions

Episode 18
"Protocol of Love"

Ryo: "Ur fkn dumb"

Arato: "Please Ryo we need to stop Snowdrop from killing us all"


The best part was when Ryo doesn't have an answer when Arato tells him that all the higher-ups don't care about the people.

They may preach about saving humanity but by the end, they are just bullies who will drop anyone dead to save their own skins.

How dare they interrupt our weekly dose of recaps with actual new content?!

Hey, they need at least two episodes to create a recap, so you could see this as a building material for the still unannounced recap number 5!

Hey! I've got an idea! Why don't they cramp the previous recaps into one recap! That way we'll be able to watch a seasons worth of content in~20 minutes.

Oh came on guys first 3 times it was funny, but now it is too much. Now it is just beging upvotes. All of us know why they done those recaps and was know from beginning they gonna do it.

Say what now? Begging for upvotes in a Beatless thread?! Almost noone is reading this/posting here. If you want to farm karma, go to any and I do mean any Franxx thread and type sth along the lines of: "02 is best girl". You'll get insta +100 upvotes. We post this stuff here just to make fun of the recap bs.

I know it isn't the best thread to do it but doing same over and over for me it's look like begging. I know it's for fun but still.

So, basically, humans are needed to make decisions and hIEs will calculate the best way to reach the goal, as I guess. That's can explain why Arato is the best match with Lacia: his goal is the world where hIEs and humans can coexist and his decisions aimed only for this. And Snowdrop's goal was the world without humans. But what is Higgins' goal?

Higgins probably couldnt decide so it outsourced the decission to the lacia class HiE's. Now seems it's just fighting for self preservation

The Lacia-beam seems to be as powerful as a nuke or kamehameha.

I think they fucked up the scene where lacia re appears. I think it should have been like this :

Arato says the whole thing about trusting her and then he walks to the ledge of the builing, and let's himselff fall to the ground... and THEN Lacia appears mid air and catches him up.

That would have been sick awesome cliche i would've loved to see

You should have directed this show... 10/10 more impactful

I gotta be honest: Seeing Methode get outsmarted for once is pretty damn satisfying.

An example where the bitch gets bitched by another bitch.

Lacia was always smarter than her

Boy the size of that hand!

After everything they have been through, that Snowdrop ending was so anticlimactic. Even with all those Intermissions did they not have enough time to animate that fight?!

I'm glad Arato got back with Lacia. What's sweet is that Lacia didn't left Arato at all. She followed him and made sure he was safe. She may have been a robot but her loyalty to Arato is genuine.

Arato having an actual reason to want a new world order was nice to see, but doesn't flow well from what he's been doing and saying up to now. At this point all he can do is push the button, but just repeatedly saying he trusts Lacia is annoying. Though this might be something that would work with inner monologue because we don't see his decision-making process. If it had been something like being analogue hacked until now, but then after thinking for himself, realising she was manipulating him for his own good and he's okay with that, or he rationally thinks through what the new world will be like and decides he agrees with the vision, or whatever, then it would be fine, but he still is just an idiot right now. But Lacia deserves to win.

Poor Higgins, though, getting destroyed by two of its own daughters.

Arato has always been the odd one of humanity. He is human but has the capacity to accept robots as living beings. The thing is that Arato never blames robots for his problems and he takes responsibility. Now that Arato saw what his friends were like and the rest of humanity, he finally concludes that hIE were just meant to be used for humans to take blame on and in order to avoid responsibility.

That's why he calls out Ryo on this. That for all his preaches about safeguarding humanity, Ryo is just like his family's company, the military and the antibody network; essentially bullies who would just hate those they created because they felt small and would sacrifice their own kind despite ruining what they preach.

Doesn’t flow well? I thought that world was their intention from the very start ?

It fits the flow of the plot and the events that have happened, but it doesn't flow from Arato's displayed mindset. We've seen him be generically horrified by the occasional immoral thing that authorities did, but we don't see him dwell on it, or express wanting anything other than a happy life with his robot waifu. But if the novel had the exact same events happen but showed his internal monologue about all those things, it would probably feel a lot more satisfying when reaching the same conclusion.

Arato: “Can’t we have a future we can all have hope for? A future we can all believe in?”

That’s some serious high school senior quote material stuff there. It took him way too long to redesign the future as his command.

I don't have a lot to say but looks like show just kick to the new gear and I am happy seeing more action not just talks. I just have question what's happen to Methode after fight with Lacia ? At some point I thought Hingis took her control at other point she is going to be destroyed.

This eps basically proves me Right after I told countless idiots in previous discussion threads that it’s stupid to doubt lacia and her intentions. I also mentioned that the true villains are marriage and her owner trying to pull strings to end humanity while Ryo and methode were just being idiots. Of course everyone else who watched this show were all too brainless to believe me

Well, to be fair, most people don't try to fully understand a show when they watch it. They rely on immediate satisfaction as opposed to plot build up.

That's why shit series like SAO and Plastic Memories are so popular, because they give enough immediate on-demand emotional responses.


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