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[Beatless] Episode 17 everyone's impressions

Episode 17
"A Reason of Our Own"

OMG people!!! It's not a recap!!!

IKR! But hopefully we will have a sweet Intermission next week and that madness of legit episodes will stop. Amen!

Well... I had no problem when other people complained in the first 20 episodes, but now I'm mad with Arato. She lied to you ? You regret breaking your promise ? That's your problem ?

Man, she's a freaking super AI. She straight up told you she's been corrupting media and HOOs. She wants to take over the world.

Look, I can and did forgive being blinded by love. But once you have realized what happened, maybe starting to care about the greater scheme of things rather than your own boring life might be worth considering ? Same thing with Shiori. Just because if impossible to be free from influence doesn't mean you shouldn't think twice about your decisions when you know you've been tricked into them. Her goal to use Lacia to stop Snowdrop was good, but I feel everything else was stupid advice.

"Humanity is in danger because of you" quickly followed by "I'm going to do something stupid" don't fit together in the same conversation...

I, personally, would be proud of my super AI.

The fact that he's canonically stupid does explain it, technically...

But yeah, it's frustrating. With this kind of setup you'd expect him to finally start acting on his own and using his own brain for once. If he was going to end up in Lacia's clutches again it should require more work on her part. If she it turns out she was good all along it'll feel stupid that the plot rewards him for this, and if she's the main villain like the current setup suggests, it'll be less satisfying that Lacia successfully manipulated him.

The idea is probably supposed to be that he regretted not taking her hand this whole time because he was analogue hacked so hard, so he just needs some impetus to go after her again, but it does that by having Shiori make terrible arguments and having him choose to be an idiot. If it was played more like he was giving in to weakness, Arato's decision would still be frustrating, but it would at least be a proper lead-in to a tragedy.

I really don't know how this is going to end but because Lacia is a super AI, I'm assuming that she was already expecting him to not hold her hand, get himself in a guilt trip, and then come once again to her, wagging his tail like the lapdog he is.

Thank god Snowdrop can pose a serious threat, not just playing around.

Shiori was pretty cute.

That was a quick turnaround by Arato lol. Shiori reverts her brother's work in minutes.

Me too Arato, me too.

The main the idea of this anime: Don't trust cute face :D.

Yeah, I loved how in the whole series his friends were telling Arato that he was crazy for seeing robots as people, that he should return Lacia to the company, and that Lacia was analog hacking him, and although he did knew that she was analog hacking him he acted like they were wrong, and that their love was real and that they just didn't understand, only to finally Lacia reveal that she was indeed using him to accomplish something bigger and that his friends were right about her.

Wait, Arato got released just like that even though Ryo said he's taking him hostage and is about to 'give him a little dose of reality'? What am I missing?

I think the dose of reality was supposed to be forcing Arato to watch the news, which is funny considering those are the consequences of Ryo stopping Arato and Lacia from beating Snowdrop.

But Ryo isn't actually all-powerful in the context of the company, especially since he ruined a lot by going after Arato instead of Snowdrop. Ryo wanted to take Arato hostage but it's Shiori was against that, and she managed to force his hand through Mika.

I can't be the only one that gets weird chills with Snowdrop. Something about her is so unsettling. My one last request for this show is for Lacia and Methode (and Kouka as well but RIP in pepperonis to her) to team up as a tag team and let it rip. That would be so much fun.

I don't understand what Snowdrop's goal is. Is "acquiring the best tools" her final objective ? I could understand if she was programmed to build tools, but if she takes them over, I would assume that she has some kind of further objective in mind.

Still, I like her. Even if you're right, she's creepy with her insect-looking petals and music box theme.

From what Lacia said earlier, Snowdrop is reacting to the realisation Kouka could be destroyed by humans wielding their tools. So it's fitting that Snowdrop is acquiring these tools for herself, and it's likely that she wants tools to make sure humans can't destroy her too. It could also be something like an instinctive drive to expand her capabilities, but it doesn't seem like she was doing that before Kouka's destruction, she kind of just looked like she was messing around.

A self redeem episode of the bitch. And she said "I love you, but you can get your bot bitch. I don't care, we can 3some later." lol

if your gonna invent ai to do these things theres no point in trying to stop them after all you will only slow the progression to the future

Ok, Where to star I expected Lacia will take his hand and leave together, but she just jump down and that's it. The Snowdrop is other talk so we now know she can't have infinity number of hIE or cars and she must improve her gear, but most shocking think that she use humans as shields. That means Snowdrop doesn't care about people life and she is going to get that weapon any cost even we don't know what it is. Other part , Aruto understands that he is stupid :D ( finally ). And we get deeper look to Ray's family problems. I would say this episode was ok maybe I expected more after last episode. But still they have 7 more episodes so I think they can take there time, but I hope this all story is going to big finally ( I hope at least no that sad like Guilty Crown)

I'm just wondering, who the hell is controlling Snowdrop anyway? I mean even Lacia and Methode, that are more advance need it someone, did she perhaps did a contract similar to the one that Kouka did with the terrorist, and made a contract with another crazy organization?

I think no one. Remember than she took all city under control just sitting on server. It was a line that she used that server to learn how to think without owner. And I think that milatary super AI which general use in this episode said that she's doing all this without any order.

Well, that was slightly underwhelming. The ending implies either a) Lacia wasn't analogue hacking Arato (unlikely), or b) Arato doesn't care that he's being analogue hacked, because he's stupid. Given all the manipulation Lacia has herself admitted to doing, I'm going for the latter.

I didn't think I'd catch myself on the Arato-Shiori ship, especially given how much I was shipping Arato-Lacia until last episode, but here we are. Unfortunately, I don't see it sailing any further than it has now.

Or c) he's so stupid that can't be even analogue hacked :)

But, as someone mentioned in previous tread, he's usual, immature human being guided by feelings rather than logic. And I'm totally agree with that.

So she analogue hacked him now making him think she was analogue hacking him all along in the past when in reallity she was not to be able to analogue hack him and the others around now.

So, there already was a conflict with AI 100 years ago. I can't remember if it was mentioned in previous episodes (thanks to recaps, lol). Maybe I should rewatch the series for better understanding. Yes, I'm absolute madman.

Military fighting AI with the help of another AI is funny thing. Their society is already bounded deeply with AI and there is nothing can be done. And "red alert" presenting even in the late future even more funny.


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