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[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"The Story of Tears and an Endless Dream"

Amanchu! the Natural is a diving anime!

And Tawano-sensei aka Peter is a pussy magnet!

Amanchu is a diving anime.

"After this interruption, you will go back to your underwater normal program... But not before a New Year episode."

Hey, they were moving through water, still counts

Although I'm not particularly a fan of this arc, the OST was still banging.

But you gotta admit, this arc tied back to reality so damn well! After all the support Mato-chan-sensei gave to Teko and Pikari she deserved this little detour of a side-story.

I hope next week we're going to get some sensei on sensei action!

Haven't thought of it in that way, but yeah, we were lacking on that Mato-chan development so that was nice.

I gotta admit, I thought this Peter arc was a drag. However, I really enjoyed how this episode ended. Peter/Towano-sensei and Mato-chan are perfect for each other; I'd totally ship them. It's too bad it didn't end the way Ai wanted, but at least she still has the school festival to look forward to with her friends. Overall, I was meh about this arc, but the ending made up for it.

≫I gotta admit, I thought this Peter arc was a drag

I kind of feel the same way. I wasn't really looking for such a heavily serialized plot-driven arc when I'm watching Amanchu, so I feel it was less "fun stuff with characters" and more of exposition of plot. I think it ended well, but I don't like that in-between feeling that the first two episodes had because of those loose plot threads (that were eventually stitched up in the third episode).

the manga felt like it dragged on a bit longer than it should have, but the story was fleshed out and not half assed, i can't really complain.

Anee-chan's shimapan is the MVP!

Well, I was not really convinced by this arc but that ending was pretty great!

Still, looking forward to normal stuff in the next episode!

Yeah this arc was a really weird break from the otherwise non-magical world and in a way ruined immersion for me. I was kind of okay with the first shared dream between Teko and the other girl but they made the dreaming a main theme of the anime for way too long.


That was anything but beautiful...

This arc was a bit strange overall, but I liked the conclusion. I'll admit that I had a bit of a bias since I was aboard the sensei ship for a while now.

I think lot of it was just to introduce caitsith to connect the two series in some form.

Literally the stuff of each other's dreams. It would be pretty romantic if it didn't take a certain something to jog Tawano sensei's memory..

Don't you be downplaying the romantic power of pantsu, now

Towano Sensei!? Nani?! I had no idea. Alright lets get back to diving now.

This bit cracked me up

It's a family tradition

it was an interesting arc saying that a anime about diving talking about supernatural was weird but it was nice arc

Finally Peter is revealed. Glad to see that they are following the manga flow with the anime.

Amano-sensei has an obsession with the supernatural. I mean, Aria is full of cat-sith. And we see Cat-sith in Amanchu too.

Also Amano-sensei likes cats. And that pesky 'x'.

The OST was the MVP of this episode. I always have a hard time picking up on a show's music and remembering it, so when I notice it seamlessly augmenting the show, it's pretty special IMO.

This arc had a level of continuity and worldbuilding that I was not expecting when getting into season two. I don't hate it, but I've been saving Amanchu as an anime I watch to unwind, and I think it was a nice comfy anime up until this arc.

Like, what's the logic behind the magic about the very short dream of an infant somehow stretching across multiple decade's worth of time? How does it work exactly when the host dreamer is already woken up, grown up to be a teacher, but then one of his school's students entered the dream that he had when he was an infant? I guess through the power of the cat, the dream world was able to be extended several decades in the future, just long enough for Ai to get in, or that her words helped seal a time loop or something?

That was really magical, visuals were great and the music was incredible.

Very neat story.

This arc was a bit of a strange turn of events but that was a very nice conclusion. I was wary about the supernatural stuff that was going to be in this season but I've actually found it quite enjoyable, though I do hope we get more diving son!

That was weird, but the random teacher being Peter was great and getting a Peter Pan artwork was funny. I'm impressed with how mature Ai was giving Peter to her teacher, she didn't want to date a teacher and betray her friend

That was a better conclusion than I anticipated. I saw the Towano-sensei connection coming but the payoff still felt satisfying. Kind of wish this were an OVA or something, because the pace felt choppy from a week to week perspective, but I had fun with it overall and I thought the scene between Ai and her brother at the end was nice. Kind of curious to see where the show goes from here.


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