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[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 12 everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"The Story of Future possibilities"

I love season 1 of amanchu, still one of my favorites ever, so I was really excited when s2 was announced. I was worried it wouldn't be able to capture most of what made s1 special but the first few episodes proved me wrong.
Then we got Kokoro, then a bit of supernatural stuff, then peter pan arc, and just like that amanchu turned into something else that I coudn't bring myself to enjoy.
I think for me what made amanchu special was Teko and Pikari's relationship, everything Teko has overcomed so far has been in large part thanks to Pikari, but Pikari herself also found a friend that wasn't put off by her quirkiness and that appreciated her.
My main problem with s2 is that it diverted way too much from what I mentioned. It spent way too much time not focusing on them (peter pan arc being the biggest offender) and added a character whose only purpose was to disrupt their relationship (Kokoro). Amanchu simply doesn't work if it doesn't focus on them because that's what makes it stand out.
I honestly feel like the Peter arc could've worked - Ai had barely been fleshed out, and that was a golden opportunity - but instead we see her fall almost instantly in love and then apparently sacrifice it, which doesn't hold much impact. The rest of the story automatically falls apart.
Even with Kokoro, I liked the first episode featuring him (with the octopus mom) and he had potential as a character, but he was an entirely one dimensional tsundere shota throughout.
Agreed. I like when side characters get some development, but the premise of her arc wasn't appealing at all, and 3 episodes was just too much. In s1 they only used one episode to explore the brothers and their relationship and I think it was well done.
As much as I woud like to say Kokoro had potential, Pikari's odd fixation on him as well as his personality gave me an idea of how things would play out, and it was exactly as you described it.
Night diving was my second favorite part in the manga after the test dive for the first license. I love the manga panels
I wasn't a fan of the supernatural in the manga or the anime, but this was more apparent since they decided to clump them together whereas the manga separated the supernatural with diving chapters in between.
Still I think it ended strongly enough, but I did enjoy Season 1 more. It's a shame we won't get a season 3 for a while. I'm pretty sure the anime adapted most of the chapters, but they jumped a bit so I'm not certain.
Also advanced license Amanchu advance..... I just got it xD. I still enjoyed the slow and cheerful girls as they provided great relaxation on Saturday.
The season definitely did not reach the highs of first one, but I still found myself enjoying most of it. But it was way too short.
I think the reason why Aria the Natural worked well was how the weird, supernatural one off's balanced out the SOL from getting stale (not that I think the mangaka could ever write something boring). Add that to a final arc where we get the first real character development in Aria, I think it was a worthy successor to the Animation.
For Amanchu! Advance, the whole "I'm getting my advance licence" fell 100% to the background. The first season had its side arcs, but still managed to keep Teko's diving journey in the front of our mind. After 3 episodes of Peter Pan, it didn't really matter if it concluded well, the whole sense of balance felt off and I completely forgot the advance licence was even a thing.
If it was that glorious 22 episode count, I think there'd be less weekly comments about 'I thought this was a diving anime'. It's just too many side characters and side plots in a short time for a season that was really supposed to dive into the deeper relationships of the main characters (pun intended). The first 2 or 3 episodes held it and then it just kind of fumbled.
Also, it didn't help that the quality dipped along with the narrative. The Halloween episode and the second episode of Peter Pan stick out in my mind as rushed.
Despite what many people over here say, I don't think the absence of diving stuff made the show any worse (I even enjoyed the Peter arc!).
Something I did not like at all was the presence of Kokoro-chankun, and it's not because he gets in the way of the yuri pairing. I honestly thought the shotacon vibes were kinda creepy. If it had been handled to make it seem more like puppy love instead of a child pursuing a teenager (and no one seeing anything wrong wiith it!) it wouldn't have been so uncomfortable to watch.

Overall, I didn't enjoy this second season as much as the first one, but it was a solid SoL and it kept true to its premise. 7/10 for me with a rather low rewatch value.
I don't remember very clearly but I think they did a lot of rearranging things and some changes in the anime. One being Kokoro shows up more in the anime having more a presence than he did in the manga for what the anime covered. Like I don't think he was even at the night dive.
Dance Undines, dance!

It's so nice seeing how much Teko has grown over these two seasons and the platonic love that has grown between her and Pikari. Not that Teko hasn't helped Pikari grow and become a more grounded young woman.

It was a nice second season and while I liked some of the imagery in the Peter arc, it felt too separate from the main story. As for the yuri tag, I get that this all platonic and that's fine. Though to be honest I've read yuri manga, that is published in YuriHime with girls holding hands on the cover. With less romantic love in it than there is between Teko and Pikari.

Casting my old yuri goggles aside, this is still a lovely pleasant series to relax to on Saturday and I still love to see another series. Especially if there are more Sensei blushes.
≫I still love to see another series.

Me too! And I'd give my left nut for more Sensei blushes.
Confirmed, Amanchu is an Isekai!

Also, I really like this Cherry Blossom scene.
Oh right, this anime was about diving!

But seriously, I did miss that a little and I don't think the introduction of any of the new characters was really necessary but it wasn't really bad, not as good as Season 1 but not bad either.

And how old are Pikari's sister and her friend supposed to be? They seem to old to be just starting middle school and they are joining the club so I'd guess they are starting high school but then they use different uniforms than our main group and look... like this compared to them so they can't really only be one year apart, right???
They just started high school and we were shown them taking entrance exams trying to get into the school. The board they all were gathered infront of was to see if they passed and got in. Thats why all the girls had different uniforms.
I remember seeing people saying that as "conclusion" of the Peter Arc Sensei "found love" or someting while trying to give a meanig to that balderdash, so why Peter says "Long time no see" to her? They don't even saw each other during the Christmas, New year, holydays or vacations!?! She just friendzoned him after ALL that drama?
Yeah, that bothered me too. I had the impression that they became close after the big reveal.
Being the hopeless romantic, I just wanted to see Sensei happy.

Me too, i'm just still thinking for what the hell was that arc
It just proves that two of the characters in the seris are not homossexual and shows the awaited Aria universe fan service.
Amanchu overall would be a 10/10 series if it was just Teko developing as a person and growing more confident. Like Teko has honestly become one of my favorite anime characters ever, but I can't bring myself to score this season any higher than an 8 since it strayed so much from her into places I didn't enjoy. Like Kokoro's whole existence and the Peter arc were two big distractions that really took my enjoyment out of the series sometimes.
But if I ever feel like rewatching this I'm just gonna watch Teko grow with as little stuff that distracts as possible.
In the end I just really love Teko and want Amanchu to be just centered around her/her and Pikari.
this just might have been the best episode so far. being able to watch the bond between the two grow and the total party grow too. undines in the sea for sure
That night diving scene looks like they dived into another world.

What a beautiful conclusion and I'm glad to see diving return once again in its most elegant form. I'll miss Amanchu.
Whoop! I loved the first season of Amanchu and it's same with this season. I really like the story and characters this anime has. This anime also made me interested in diving. I wouldn't mind having another season of diving.
That was a really strong ending for the season. I do agree with others that the supernatural elements of the show felt a bit tonally different from the diving episode of s2 and themes of s1, but all in all I enjoyed both. I liked that season 2 was willing to explore a bit more of the world Amanchu inhabits as well as flesh out some of the side characters like Katori-sensei or Pikari's family. It was kind of a loose connection but I do feel there was a throughline between the themes of the supernatural stuff and Teko's arc this season, mainly the passing of time and sort of finding wonder and emotion in the threshold spaces of life.

Season 1 was definitely stronger and more concise in it's storytelling than this season, but if I'm honest I had a blast with Advance and probably would've enjoyed it even more as a binge. This is an amazing show that I'm going to revisit for years to come, and I hope it continues on either in OVAs or a third season. Even if it doesn't though, I'm pretty happy with this as an ending.
The supernatural arc was my favourite. Straight up much better than all the stuff shown, it was magical to see this with amazing music to boot.

I can agree though with Kokoro, he's an alright character but he got too much screentime that could have been used for more diving or character interactions of the main cast.

 i remember how i felt when i finished aria

once again, AOTS, i really fell some kind of emptiness

it was a nice ride, even with the supernatural arc, i really loved this anime

Well that was a fantastic episode to end the season on. It's basically the perfect Amanchu formula - it's focused on a diving scene that drives Teko's development, but most importantly showcases the wonder that can be found in everyday life, the magic of the mundane.

This season was definitely a lot rockier than the first one. The supernatural elements were weird and out-of-place, Kokoro as a character felt completely shoehorned in, and overall most of it just felt like ... well, any typical slice-of-life comedy series. But it still had some of those beautiful moments that made the series unique in the first place, there were just ... fewer of them.


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