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[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"The Story of Cold, Flames and Well Wishes"

And that sound is the sound of thousands of peoples yuri dream being crushed with a single line.

And it's okay, because that was the most wholesome dream crushing in the history of anime.

This episode left me comfy as hell.
10/10, would have my dreams crushed again.

Just wanted to come in here and say that the character outfits are on point once more this episode. Teko has never looked lovelier with her...robe parka thingy?

Yeah, she looked gorgeous today. Fashion sense on point. Kotori's perspective wasn't exaggerated at all.. or maybe my perspective matches with hers?

Teko on her winter coat/poncho looks so pretty

I loved seeing the entirety of the Kohinata family!! They're all so adorable. Mama Kohinata's hair is amazing, and Older Brother had a cool look about them.

I don't care too much about the Teko/Pikari ship dying too much. Their friendship has always and will always be a pleasure to watch regardless.

That being said, Kokoro has always felt out of place in the series to me. I'm not sure exactly what it is. Maybe his attitude or something? He just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the cast in my eyes which is unfortunate in a series so built around the characters interactions with each other. Ahhh well, maybe he will grow on me when I inevitably pick up the manga after this season.

Finale next week :( I don't want Amanchu to go away...

He's an annoying, grating brat who has the gall to glare at Teko. He doesn't make it easy to like him..

I think he'll get a development arc at some point, but who knows when that will be.

I want more of Pikari's little sister, I think her dynamic suits the group perfectly. There was a character like her in Aria too - a foil for all the over-enthusiasm.

≫I don't want Amanchu to go away...


Yeah, that's a succinct way of putting it. I'm sure he does in the Manga. He almost has to with the way the characters are written. but We have to look at him in the confines of the show, and there's only a small chance we get something meaningful for him with one ep left. Hopefully we get a 3rd season, but who knows when that'd be.

I want more of the entire Kohinata family. They're all just so precious seeming.

I for one don't mind the Yuri ship dying in this case. I actually see Teko and Pikari as really close friends that love each other like Killua and Gon. Though I have to ask have we ever seen Pikari's brother? I know we seen her grandparents and sister, but I don't recall ever seeing him or any mentions of him.

I read the manga and don't even remember her having a brother.

You're expecting the yuri show, but it was I, Kokoro..!! (grab popcorn)

Really, it should have been obvious from Episode 1 of this season that they aren't interested in each other romantically. And really, it's better off that they aren't. Teko herself constantly says that she hopes that she can grow into a person who is independent of Pikari, and she and Pikari know that their fun filled high school days together are fleeting and they can't remain this close together forever. A romantic relationship and the kinds of things that entails are not as temporary or fleeting, so having them be romantically involved with one another isn't the best course of action for them as characters. Having them be really close friends is what they were always meant to be. And this is coming from a person who actually really loves yuri. But I'm not one of those people who likes yuri for the sake of yuri. It needs to be held to the same standards as other romantic relationships, and from my perspective, Teko and Pikari not having one is what works best for this series.

now we can get back to our regularly scheduled... well... final episode about diving. not sure this was ever a boating anime, maybe everyone is watching something different than what I saw? all I remember is plenty of character development between two friends enjoying their time together. between 5 seasons of Aria and 2 seasons of Amanchu I'm pretty satisfied.

They changed some scenes in the first season from how they were in the manga that made the series seem more yuri than it is fooling people.

And yet, even the manga brought up the yuri and quickly sunk it. Even the characters in the manga thought Pikari and Teko were closer than normal friends.

Yes they are closer than normal friends it doesn't mean they have to be gay to be closer.

Those hoping for yuri aren't going to like this episode. This bit in particular is going bit controversial. With that said I'm glad that Teko supports Kokoro's love for Pikari, that was a sweet moment.

Not really controversial. It just saying that she loves her as a very close friend while he loves her romantically. There are many different kinds of love and one person loving another does not mean it have to be romantic. Funny enough a very similar thing is said in the Maria Watches Over Us series.

Really cute episode. I'm going to miss this series after next week.

Why can't Kokoro go after a girl of HIS AGE? Hikari would never be friends with him if he didn't looked like a cute little girl in te first place.

Eh, I dunno, I've always had a thing for older women. I can get that.

Teko and Pikari are totally for shotacon lovin'. It surely must be better than any kind of love between girls like Teko says... Eww. /vomit

Is this worth catching up to? I absolutely loved the first season, but put this one on hold after the 5th episode; can't say I liked the new cast additions and the feeling wasn't the same for me.

I think you should watch episode 6, 10 (highly recommend 10, works as a standalone) and the finale at least. Wouldn't you like to see Teko earn her Advanced license?

Good point, I'll then take you up on that!

Ahh, I see why some were so insistent that there was no yuri in this show. Still, Pikari x Kokoro is kind of cute and he definitely 'became a man' on that mountain, well at least in the eyes of the girls. Also, there's still a chance for Teko x Kotori, so the yuri could still live on.

A controlled burn on a volcano seems like an interesting experience, even if it must look slightly worrying from a distance. Interesting that they were using very traditional tools, I guess it must be fun little community event.

I wonder about that grass-burning thing. Seems like it would be pretty bad for the ecology of the mountain, to burn the whole thing every single year like that

I think they intentionally burn the grass in the wet winters to prevent far more dangerous wildfires from spreading in the dry summers. It probably does damage the local ecology, but not as much a true wildfire, which could wipe out homes as well. Though some ecologies where wildfires are common, have actually adapted to include them as part of the natural cycle.

Well from the way people have been portraying this chapter, I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. Not particularly caring about the shipping aspect of the plot, I liked that the final scene gave some continued growth to Teko, and she is starting to try and find a version of herself that isn't defined purely by her relationships/attachments to others. It's nice to see her now secure in her friendship with Pikari and at the same time looking to a better version of herself for the future.

As an aside, the burn-off festival must be cool to look at from afar. I might try to watch some youtube footage of it.

“Girls can’t love girls.”

This is always nice to hear in my healing anime. Great. I feel so much better about myself.

I’m not really surprised though, since it never happens in anime anyway several people spoiled it on the the first episode discussion.

Delete the OP, we can no longer salvage the yuri. Today the ship sank with the roars of flames.

God I hate Kokoro so much, not even for killing the yuri ship, but he just feels so out of place in the world. Like why is he here? What has he done that actually mattered and what has he caused by existing?

This is probably just salt, but independent of the salt I still strongly dislike Kokoro and his place in Amanchu.


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