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[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"About the Shape of Our Love."

Apparently there is a second season

Unlike most I am genuinely happy they’re going to adapt more.

Out of all the shows I'm watching this season (~20) I think this was in my top 5 anticipated shows each week. Not because it's amazing or anything, I just liked it. The drama is a bit bland and forced but we have an entertaining supporting cast and MCs that actually kiss. I can't say this would have been my pick for a 2nd Season from the lineup of Spring 2018 but I'm definitely happy it's getting one.

I like it enough to want another season, but there's way too much good anime this season for it to be in my top 5; Last Period, Golden Kamuy, HisoMaso, Yotsuiro Biyori, Uma Musume, Gungale Online, Darling in the Franxx, Hero Aca, Hinamatsuri, Megalo Box, Wotaku, Comic Girls, Tada-kun, Gunma.

So I don't mean top 5 as in best, maybe I should clarify what I meant by "anticipated". For the most part I either see the threads pop up on Reddit or I click through to see what's new on my queue. But I knew 3D came out on Tuesday. Just like Steins Gate is Wednesday and Grancrest is Friday. Everything else I just kind of watched as i noticed it popped up but I actually got excited to be like "sweet it comes out today I'm watching this tonight". If that makes more sense? It's not about quality it's more about my desire to see what's next

≫A live-action film adaptation will premiere in Japan on September 14.

Oh god... Excited for a second season, but that scares me.

I'm curious, has there ever been a good live action adaptation of a manga/anime? The whole idea of having real actors acting like anime characters seems incredibly awkward to me.

On recent memory, the Rurouni Kenshin movies were pretty good.

When it comes to older movies Lone Wolf and Cub, and Lady Snowblood are classics. The latter even influenced Tarantino's Kill Bill in the creation of O-Ren Ishii. The scene of The Bride's fight with O-Ren Ishii in the snow is lifted straight from Lady Snowblood.

There's also Edge of Tomorrow if that counts.

This is great news! I actually thought this episode did not feel like a final one so I'm glad the will continue the adaptation for next year! In the meantime I guess will go and buy the manga.

That was a sweet ending. This anime was good. Can't wait for second season.

Very excited for the second season.

The series had only one bad episode, i enjoyed every other. Tsutsun and Iroha together are a great sight when they care for each other.

I'm sure they will figure out more by the time how to express their feelings.

The moment with the ring was really touching. Even among big-one romances there are not so many such a moments.

I really liked the beginning of the season, but then it kinda dragged a bit until now. Glad it ended well though

I loved the part after the ED of this episode

Is it me or did Igarashi have a completely different VA there. Her voice sounded like she either got replaced or they recorded at the last possible date

It felt like the voice actors were speaking more normally. It almost felt like a post-show wrap party or something lol

Huh I guess it really ends here huh. I honestly thought there's going to be one more but after a little bit of digging it looks like this really is the final episode.

I'm really surprised how much better this show turned out to be than I expected. Sure there were plenty of bumps especially in terms of animation with the last few episodes but overall I actually like the characters! Tsustui and Iroha's relationship especially.

Sure there are your usual anime misunderstandings but when they're together they actually act like a real couple. They're not afraid to touch hands and they even kiss with no issues just like normal people! Seriously, when was the last time a we had a main couple that actually acts like they're a couple?

Anyway as for this episode though it was definitely a "go read the manga" ending. Considering that the manga is already done,I think that's what Ill do though I'm not looking forward to that asshole stepbrother fucking things up.

Overall though I liked it. Characters had chemistry and while exaggerated they're still believable to a point and the romance between the main couple is pretty strong. This is a solid 7/10 for me.

BTW I love the after credits scene. It kinda felt like it was half scripted and half ad libbed by the VAs and they definitely sound like they're having fun with that scene.


Reading this knowing that there was a second season planned was pretty saddening lol. Glad we got one and you found out!

I'll take the cute shit in this episode as an apology for most of the frustrating events that happened in the previous episodes.most

6.5/10 at least this episode gave me hope for season 2 next year

I know this anime went downhill (I'll even admit, and I was a fan of it) because the beginning was strong and then it just flopped with the animation quality, over-dramatization, and weird pacing.

HOWEVER. I couldn't be happier with how this cour ended. They could've pulled some cliffhanger BS, especially since the 2nd season is going to be a thing, but they didn't; it concluded well, and even if there wasn't a second season it's an "okay" overall conclusion. So to recap: I was NOT disappointed with this final.

Looking forward to S2!

This was honestly a surprisingly nice ending, that would work even if there wasn't a second season. I think my only problem with the anime was that my feelings towards Tsutsui kept flipflopping between "oh, he's a really nice guy, I'm glad they got together" and "I'm going to punch you repeatedly".


Well the ending is nice for me, that Ring moment when he gave the ring to Iroha is nice. I am glad to know that it will have a second season since for me there are still many unresolved conflicts here that arent being solved...

This ending was sweet and made me give it a full point more. Still only a 5/10 for me because I really disliked the forced drama and the incredible thick skulled MC.

But depending on how many other shows run on that day I might give the second season a try hoping that there is some character progression and MC starts to be a little bit less thick. I just fear that the stupid forced drama will prevail even if MC becomes bearable. The not blood related siscon didn't make me put faith into the second se

I actually really enjoyed this show, as I could actually relate to the relationship cluelessness of the MC. I also liked how they showed actual maturation throughout the season. Can't wait for season 2!


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