Thursday, June 14, 2018

[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"About the Love of a Best Friend That I Worry About."

Oh god the animation this week have reached Märchen Mädchen. It was so bad that they couldn't' even show us the groups playing badminton but instead we only got a still shot of a flower and the sky.

Also are we really doing this? We only have one episode left and you bring in the overprotective siscon younger brother? I liked the part where Tsutsui and Ito cleared the drama quickly but this episode is easily the most disappointing for me >_<

This series should be longer than 12 episodes to be matched with the manga. The rest of the story is just to much to be warped up in 1 single episode.

That was a terrible episode animation-wise. Looks like Ito x Ayado will be left hanging in the air.

And now we have a retarded brother out of nowhere one episode before the end.

That was easily the worst episode.

12 episodes was never enough for this story, the pacing is off, the development of everyones relationship is off, i'm guessing they're going to cram a timeskip in as well. What a horrible representation of a fairly solid story

Time to lower the rating another star for this show. Further into the crap chute we go. Thank god there’s only one ep left. Might pickup the manga to so some justice to the author because this is just sad.

The manga is definitely worth a read just to find out why the brother is an asshole. And a bunch more spoilery things will also make sense.

The manga is 47 chapters. There was no way for them to make it fit into 12 episodes. They adapted 2 chapters per episode if you want to continue from where the anime leaves off.

So it's a really bad episode again. Sad, because I can really insert myself in MC's place. I even have the same headphones...

What kind of headphones are they? Audio Technicas?

ATH m50x. They had massive coverage on YT tech channels so that's why I think it's them. They are a bit of a meme but I enjoy them very much.

Of course, it can be any model with similiar looks but they're Audio Technicas for sure.

Funny how Tsutsun gets harassed by people, that not only do they not suffer any consequences, but even an apology is something to be worked hard to obtain.

I would have hoped Ito x Ayado become a thing quick and skip the cringe part of Ito struggling to catch her attention.

Really saddened by this tbh, quite a nice series ruined by short length and poor animation. Here's to hoping the Blurays redeem themselves.

That was nearly a servicable episode until the random as fuck end.

And that animation when she ran off with her brother got me in stitches.

Ishino still best girl?

Ishino literally throws herself at any good looking guy that appears in front of her, even if the guy is a jerk. I like her, but we should keep the "best girl" standards a little higher.

Well, I meant best girl in this series. The option is Ayado who is sweet and all but there really isn't such a big competition haha.

Lol yeah that scene was jank, as was the rest of the episode tbh. I like Iroha a lot but honestly Ishino is pretty damn close, and I feel like she can can pull off love without the discomfort and BS of the other 2 couples right now. Ishino just needs best guy to swoop in.

Ishino getting stood up was so BS. I understand the peer pressure of everyone around her getting in love though. I love how she supports all of her friends and I kind of wished she got together with our MC.

Lol I would agree except I honestly think Ishino is too good for Tsunsun. But I completely see your point, them both wanting to help their friends make them carvings of the same tree. IshinoXTsunsun would be a parallel timeline that I’d watch!

I wonder if her brother acted this way too when she dated all that kind of guys in the past.

As she said in the first episode she was not really dating none of those guys, she was just fooling around and having some good time with them (just quickies). Also her brother was studying abroad so he probably never had the oportunity to saw or know of her with those mens.

Eck, I like Iroha’s character quite a bit so I don’t characterize her as a garden hoe by any means.

She is not, she was in the past, but she's not anymore. Also she was not in her best mental state, so she maybe let some guys score it easy, but It won't happen again.

I actually didn’t know this. Thanks for the clarification!

What is this a parody of? I'm drawing a blank


Glad to see Tsutsun at least trying to be quicker on the uptake and more proactive, even if he's not too good at it yet

I relally hope Ayado doens't goes along with that lame ship and had some self-respect to reject the pathetic cat-ear boy, she deserves something much better. The boy can't even properly talk to her.


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