Friday, June 8, 2018

[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 10 Everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"About My Confession."

I've never wanted to drop a show so close to the finale as much as I do this one. They go in and out of fights so frequently and easily that the whole relationship feels meaningless.

[edit] I take it back. Intimate nail clipping fixes everything.

honestly that sounds exactly like a high school relationship

Yeah I don't understand people watch something they clearly don't seem to enjoy. Heck there are people that can't understand the fact that MC is socially awkward and has no social skills.

You'd think people around here would be able to empathize. Especially people around here…

Ishino is the best for looking out for her friends <3

Nice to see some Iroha backstory and see why she's the way she was when we first saw her in Episode 1.

I'm surprisingly okay with how Tsutsui resolved that. Not only he was able to reject Ayado, he was also able to affirm his love for Iroha. That ending was pretty cute too. Who knew nail clipping can be so sweet? No BS ending too, thank god.

Apart from the rejection, this episode was so wholesome.

Even the rejection was pretty wholesome

Finally a good episode that didn’t make me go crazy lol

The last minutes were so wholesome. Tsutsun is like an awkward prince now that she said it, it does fit.

The kisses, the forehead kiss, her just falling deep in love with him, i'm very satisfied xD

Also the two kids holding hands was a welcome surprise, cute!

I liked the quote from Tsutsun middle of the episode or so.

''Love is energy. It moves your body before you can even think.''

Who doesn't love baseball metaphors with their confession rejections?
You said it, Ishino.

Ah yes, another 20~ minutes of me screaming in my head "FIX THE FOOKIN' PROBLEM ALREADY".


What the heck is she doing over there?


You really should have just used a file instead of fully clipping them. Sweet though

Damn, this show makes me want a real 3D girlfriend.

It makes me feel like they are already married! It's so sweet!

I was SOOOO happy for them
-- til he reminded me of the countdown overhead 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。


he wasn't a dick, he didn't blow her feelings off, and he even confessed! cmon thats fucking top level otaku shit man... like they said in what was it... my girlfriend is a gal or was it something else... dude he fought that boss battle single handed and killed two birds with one stone...

i'm happy again..

also... THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP HUSH. THIS IS NORMAL. FIGHTS HAPPEN ALLLLLL THE TIME. its part of what makes them so hard. YES... sometimes it comes super easy... BUT USUALLY ITS WORK. REAL WORK. you do it because you LOVE them..

sorry about the caps.

Ngl this was a good episode.

You know, I adored the beginning of this series.

But now, I just stay for Iroha and Ishino. And I know it's not ALL his fault but frankly, Tsunsun's face is starting to piss me off lol.

Edit: Awwww, they made up. My heart is warm again.

IrohaxIshino for the win.

Oh wait I didn't see the nail clipping whoops.

Why did they do that to ito!! I feel bad for him.

Getting really tired with this show, good thing it's almost over.


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