Wednesday, May 16, 2018

[Yowamusi Pedal] Episode 19 everyone's impressions

Episode 19
"The Approaching Peak"

for all the flak S4 is getting (and sometimes rightfully so) I hope we can all agree on that this was a great episode all around.

Yeah, this episode reminds me of what I like about this show in the first place - I regret falling behind a few weeks.

Jesus, when Naruko yelled out for Imaizumi to catch up, I was super fucking hyped.

Makes sense to let Naruko fall back and ride with the rest of the team so he can recover for day 3. I have a feeling Imaizumi will take day 2, just based on the visuals in the OP and what he said about not being able to go all out yet. Was looking forward to seeing Naruko beat Midousuji, hopefully on day 3. I will say it was satisfying to see how outclassed Yuto is, don't let a small victory get you cocky peak hornet :>

Very excited to see Imaizumi vs Mido and Takuto. Next couple episodes to finish off the season are going to be exciting!

≫I have a feeling Imaizumi will take day 2,
It just feels right this time.

I wish Onoda would have gone for the mountain title. But yeah, GREAT EPISODE.

When I saw him catching up so fast, I thought he might as well win the title. As hilarious as it seems I would lul if Midousuji zako actually won it.

Fuck yeah. When Imaizumi directly challenged Midousuji for the Finish I got flashbacks from when he was in the zone at the end of last year's race. Next episode should be good.

Fucking finally. You center this show around Onoda. That's it. Focus on other characters and teams, fine. But the core of the show is Onoda. Other seasons knew how long they could get away with focusing on other characters. This season not so much.

Can we talk about insane direction for Shoku's entrance? I mean, Naruko's sacrifice and cry to the heavens. The placement and small pause. And then appearing over the hill. PERFECT.

I don't mind focusing on the other characters, but this season, there really isn't a whole lot of Onoda, just a few glimpses here and there. I haven't really been excited to watch this season, unlike the other season before.

You know it's a great episode when Midousuji is properly stressing the fuck out.

Definitely one of favourite episodes of the new season

I'll ask myself why this one is so unpopular I don't even see discussion show up... Uhh, because it is exciting each week.

It's an anime where the pacing is too slow for a sport show (this season). I definitely use my right arrow key to skip ahead 5 seconds at a time until something interesting happens.

In my opninion this wasn’t as bad as season 2 wheren nearly the entire season was set on day 3.

Some episodes are good, others are lack lustre


Finally!!!! We're finally getting some Sohoku action and we finally get to see Onoda doing what he does best. I don't mind taking time to focus on other characters and teams, but it feels like the creators forgot why we watch this show. I can't even remember the last time I got hyped watching this show


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