Wednesday, May 23, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 20 everyone's impressions

Episode 20
"King of the Mountain"

Probably gonna end with a Hakone victory again, somehow. It should be impossible, but if they lose now after going for the Mountain Tag, with Ashikibas confidence and the flashback it will all just seems pointless.

Not that I like it one bit. They really should have lost the first day with that impossible comeback, and it will be a miracle how two of the best cyclist on the show (With Midosujii probably being the best in the whole goddamn show.) loses to a tired ace and a climber...

≫and it will be a miracle how two of the best cyclist on the show (With Midosujii probably being the best in the whole goddamn show.) loses to a tired ace and a climber...

Yeah that's going to bug me too...

Right. It's like their pride makes them immune to fatigue, even though he himself says "An all-out I'm useless." And you can even see his spasms, then a few minutes later he suddenly spikes up to ~80%+ lmao, it's just so unreal, and it's not like this is the first time it's happened as you alluded to at the beginning.

You're not wrong... but I'm going to double down on Imaizumi victory.

Wow! Midosuji had a pretty great plan on how to handle HakoGaku tbh. It was hilarious how he THREW his own captain ahead lol

I can't wait to see how the final sprint plays out. Hopefully it doesn't last too many episodes like the 2nd day sprint

God I really REALLY hope someone other than Hakone wins. I don't care who between Sohoku and KyoFushi, just let it be one of them.

The ending clip and next episode's title seem ominous. I hope Sohoku doesn't lose again.

I think they're setting it up for a Goku Limit Breaker scenario

I know it's pride, and team morale boost... but it seems that blowing all of your energy to end first on the second day just to have to slow the pace on the third day and let the other 4 catch up seems backwards.

Yeah but its probably easier and more exciting to draw it that way, than always show how much time the leader is in Front and a point system for climber and Sprinter result.

Damn, pissed off Ashikiba is scary as fuck. That flashback is pretty great.

That flashback was awesome. I didn't like Ashikiba initially but he's really grown on me.

I am really dissapointed that Onoda didn't go for title again, he was already on low batteries why not just go for it. Midousuji with 200 IQ strats again, he and Naruko are MVP this interhigh. Honestly the way midousuji abuses his teammates is justified given how of outside of Komari are literally worthless zako, compared to Hakone 6 powerhouses and Sohoku 3 powerhouses (tho Bakazumi and Do-Something Onoda are not showing up so far), decent rider and 2 still better than his teammates Junta and Aoyagi.

I really want Imaizumi to get his moment against Midousuji but the few seconds towards the end makes me think Hakone is gonna pull a bs victory again.

My boy Sugimoto is back, doing what he does best - cheering the team! Imaizumi, Imaizumi, eeeeehhhh!!!! lol

I legit want to see him be a strong rider on the team for inter-high year 3 though... him actually going as far as being neck and neck with Kaburagi during qualification was amazing development for him and I really felt for him when he lost...

Urgh, not liking the emotional flashback vibes just before the finish for Hakone.

Does anybody know to which alien god I have to make a sacrifice so Midousuji wins the second day?? I´m sure I can get a goat somewhere...

I really hate that I've already read the manga. I would much preferred to have been surprised by the upcoming result.


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