Thursday, May 10, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 18 everyone's impressions

Episode 18
"Naruko's Determination"

The second half was fantastic as we finally get moer action with best boy and the true ace of shouku NARUKO!!!
First half it was so frustrating, sooooo no one in Shouko remembers that naruko even exist? What you mean its 5 in the lead pack...god it was so annoying to watch all of their interaction until we got got badass tyrant leader midousuji and than of course Naurko ninjaing the spot behind.
And NARUKO got a huge trust in his team mates, even if they dont even remerber he exists.
Naruko has been the Sohuko MVP this entire inter-high. Incredible how hard he's been pulling the team for 2 days straight
edit: i mean carrying
but will he be able to ride day 3 ? he was bordering his limits
I think he'll be able to ride, but Imaizumi will be ace on day 3. Here's how I'm predicting it to play out: Once Onoda and Imaizumi catch up, he'll probably rest and let Onoda and Yuto battle for the mountain tag, and then since he HAS to beat Midousuji at some point this interhigh, he'll end up winning day 2. I'm also expecting Issa and the Aoyagi+Teshima tag-team to do more during this interhigh, so they'll probably shine a bit on day 3.
≫Incredible how hard he's been pulling the team
He's not pulling the team at all, in fact he's several hundred meters apart from them.
Until this point the second IH seemed mostly a variation of the first one. Naruko jumping out to stop the lead pack until his team can catch up — that's new. Perhaps Onoda can learn that there's more to teamwork than simply sticking together.
Yeah I agree I would have really liked a variation, like for instance a split Sohoku or Hakone team after the first day who work the whole Interhigh just to reach the front during the last day. Or at least give us one finish which isn't a photofinsh. It feels like Kuroko no basket where every game had to be decided by a buzzer beater.
≫Or at least give us one finish which isn't a photofinsh.
Oh god yes
Season “one” had that, the mountain day 3 I still call year one now as “season one”
Day 2 mountain checkpoint as well
Naruko the only one who can see past Midousuji's tricks and actually keep up with him. The only one worthy of Midousuji's Seal of Approval! hotshot could never

Onoda's face in the first half annoyed me. You'd think he was freaking out that Naruko wasn't there but instead because of his cancelled race with Manami. Get a grip boi!!! You always falter during the most important situations! ugh.. Even Teshima didn't realize he wasn't srsly what the heck?!
Naruko is totally Sohoku's Ace this inter-high but I'm afraid he'll fall back once hotshot and Onoda get there. Shame though because I want him to actually place in the podium again for his efforts.
Hakone might do another Ashikiba asspull via the Yuto express. And if the OP is foreshadowing it then we might see a round 2 of Yuto vs Onoda fight soon.

This anime is way too underappreciated considering how fucking hype it is.
Can't wait to see Midousuji's face when he sees hotshot
its really long and really slow.well thats what I like about this show but most people dont like very slow shows
I like it but damn, they're milking it HARD, at least it feels that way.
It follows the manga very well so blame he source the good news is it’s very popular in Japan
It feels like a lot more has been going on in these recent episodes which is nice since this season felt like it started off really slow.
The day 1 finish line sprint was ridiculous lol. It took an entire episode for them to race 40m...
I find it hilarious how often certain characters are not shown during the race, only to be revealed later to have been there the entire time. And they even try to justify it here with Naruko being so small, as if his color scheme is not mostly bright red and yellow.

Excellent insults from Midousuji as always, "trailing us like goldfish turd", what a stinger.

And am I the only one to just notice the whole symbolism going on with Midousujis (perfect) teeth and Mizutas braces? Because I´m kind of embarrassed that it took me so long
This one felt reaaaally short. When the ending came up I had to double check if it wasn't the opening. I love Midousuji. He's really carrying this season on his back.
Man, Naruko is my favourite YowaPeda character by a mile. He's so fucking cool.
I enjoy that they're finally acknowledging that Naruko shouldn't be able to keep up with full man teams completely to the finish line. I was hoping to see Sohoku catch up right at the end though. Once again another good episode for me.
Naruko has been carrying Sohoku throughout this year's Inter High. I really hope they're seeing him up win it all in day 3. He's earned it.
I really wanted to see Onoda v Manami 2 but sadly not happening this race, Onoda better destroy Yuto for the mountain tag
Okay.... Naruko is fuckin MVP. HE IS THE BEST!


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