Friday, May 4, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 17 everone's impressions

Episode 17
"The Start of the Mountain"

A little weird at the start, felt like I was either watching the wrong episode or that it was gonna be like a full filler in the middle of battle like some shounen has done it, kinda confused for a minute or 2 when they just started out in a flashback.

Hands down best Midousuji episode this season.

While the manami part felt like it kidna repetitive midousuji just kept growing in tyrancy followed by his great analysation skills it was for me by far the most enjoyable episode watching him probably more than just this season.

Midosuji doing things I expected from Teshima. I am really disappointed by him, thought he would pull at least some tactial maneuvers out.

Yes Teshima has done nothing so far, and he is supposed to be a genius, like that is his only strength, hes physical weak but "smart" well not so far.

Junta's definitely been pretty disappointing so far. I'm hoping he'll redeem himself on the third day or something.

Midousuji still proves to be the best tactician in this race! I wonder how many phases he has for each race...those zakus have to remember each one lol

Poor Kumamoto Daiichi, even the KyoFu zaku's would probably place better than them in the finish.

Naruko didn't say anything in the confusion. I hope that he's still secretly wishing Onoda and the others to catch up.

This is the first time I realized Kyōto Fushimi abbreviates KyōFu (fear, dread, terror). I doubt it isn't intentional.

It's a real place, and the abbreviation is "Kyoufushi.",_Kyoto

Aren't all the places (cities, lakes, mountains) in the show real? Didn't know about the correct abbreviation though, it makes sense.

Yeah, except Souhoku. There's no place named that.

I feel like we haven't heard Midousuji call KyoFu "zakus" in so long, so him saying it a few times this episode made me real happy. Haha

Best episode of the season I think so far. Finally escaped from watching the other teams fight. Midousuji's planning getting shown off. And a cliffhanger that isn't who is going to move 400m closer to a finish line.

Curry Pizza is actually delicious, btw

KumaDaii got obliterated SO FAST! I mean, I'm sure we all knew they'd fall soon enough, but damn! lol

I always love seeing Midousuji's brain power and advanced planning at work. His million-step tactics are one of the many reasons why he's my favorite character.

Also, Manami lost his faith in Sohoku's ability to catch up REAL QUICK.

What I'm looking forward to next episode: Naruko and Imaizumi (finally) being reunited. Need the married couple back together and bickering like normal!

I'm gonna be upset if I don't see a hachi roku in the background on Mt. Haruna.

I completely forgot that this race is in Gunma so when I realized they're "going to the tallest mountain in the prefecture" I noticed some familiar scenes, only to be confirmed that its Mount Haruna, affectionally known as Mount Akina from Initial D. Even better coincidence is that they named a KumaDai character Fujiwara. Definitely feels like it was intentional lmaoo

Kumamoto Daichi collapsing this quickly just sounds ridiculous. The only reason why I think they'd fall apart this quickly is because Hakone also accelerated forward and left them behind..

Their captain and aceclimber probably tried to keed up with kyoto and Hakone, thats why the rest is scattered now. They probably did a lot of drafting before and are not climbers thats why they are scattered. But they still should try to work together though.

Can't believe I almost forgot about this week's episode.

Absolutely grinning the whole way through the entirety of Midousuji's feint. From the moment he realised it wasn't Sohoku that caught up to them and he started to whisper orders to his team, you knew it was going to be good

Yes! I loved this episode.


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