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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 7 everyone's impressions [Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii]

Episode 7
"Online Gaming and Their Respective Nights"

Narumi's in-game character is indeed cute. In fact, it's probably too cute.

The entire RPG segment was perfect. I could easily watch an entire series based around it.

Koyanagi and Narumi arguing over who would be on top was hilarious.

≫The entire RPG segment was perfect. I could easily watch an entire series based around it

In that case I recommend you watch Netoge and Net-juu no susume if you haven't seen them already. Both are very much like that RPG segment.

I've heard of them, but I never looked into them before. They look really good, I'll definitely give them a shot, thanks.

So pure...

Too pure for us

Nao is just too cute, that after credits scene was the most precious thing!

Also, Hirotaka not letting him play is such an older brother thing to do but Nao comes over to sit and watch anyway, so sweet~

I was the younger brother, so i know that feeling well. My brother is only a year older too... But i didnt mind watching, we each had games we liked more and so we got to play the ones we liked most. Eventully we got a couple of TVs and put them next to each other so we could both play stuff, but until then we either took turns or conspired together in games. Pretty much every Final Fantasy we played together like that and working together to decide what to do and such. It made for some very bizarre team comps and a lot of dicking around, but we almost always 100% the games because of our different ideas.
The best thing to come out was 2 player RPGs like Legend of Mana which we beat together dozens of times, Tales franchise as well i remember Symphonia being our fav, and the Phantasy Star Online 1. Though with the orignal since it was 1 player on Dreamcast i bought a 2nd DC so we could both play together, but the Gamecube version finally let us Coop on the same console. We also played a TON of fighting games.
Im lucky that me and my brother are nearly identical in interests since we are so close in age we grew up together and so like all the same things. We watch the same anime, play the same games, collect the same figures and shit, etc etc. Its funny though because in school no one ever realized we were siblings unless they knew us closer because we dont really look alike, we both take after the other parent as well. The only real give away was we were both gingery and both have similar names (and the same last name but thats very common in america), hes Tan and has gingery/blond haiiir and atheletic, and im pale and gingery/brown hair and sickly looking.

I was really hoping that the Hana and Momose would link arms or something with Kaba and Nifuji, causing the juniors to have a meltdown. That conclusion would have forced my heart to implode.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one seriously hoping for that to happen haha.

With all the bittersweet stuff happening in Toda-kun, this is a great pallete cleanser. Pure fluff is great.

Yeah, it's almost too perfect. I'm pretty happy with these two filling my SoL romance quota for the season.

It's such a blessing to have both shows on the same day.

Oh god I'm so happy not only a josei manga got an anime, but that we're getting it last of all the romcoms. It's the most unique, the most hilarious, and the most real, and it's so damn good.

I love Tada-Kun but I've feared its bittersweet ending for weeks now. I can't have that many tragic romcons all in one season. Wotakoi save me.

Hiro/Kaba is the obvious choice.

The correct choice is Kaba x Hiro, you filthy animal.

I just want to see Kabakura blushing.

Why? Kaba is clearly the more aggressive one, he would be seme. Sure, he has a touchy side with all the shoujo manga, but Hiro is way too lethargic to not be the Uke.

You'd be surprised how often this is not the case in BL.

Tell me more.

With doujins it's usually pretty predictable aside from some exceptions like Bakugou and Deku (there are lots of both couplings), or ships that pretty much no one ships, like this one ("SFW", no nudity or anything, but quite clearly BL). In manga you find you find the "unexpected" more often, pretty common to have a masculine-looking bottom and a bishie top. There are lots of the opposite too, but to the "uninitiated" there would be quite a lot of surprises.

Am I the only one who thinks Kabakura looks and sounds more and more like Gintoki every episode?

I'm sure being voiced by Sugita helps.

He really shouldn't resemble Gintoki at all, being a hardworking salaryman and all, but my brain definitely saw this and this during the episode.

We adapted chapter 11 (MMORPG), 17 (Girls Night) and 16 (Boys Night) this week.

They added the context of them doing different things. In the manga it was just two chapters that didn't make a mention upon each other. This episodes shuffled them through each others and added a connecting beginning and end.

Also what are you talking about, Kabakura? Assassins can be very cute!

Well, Momose can kill you with cuteness thats for sure.

This OP has slowly become my favorite of the season. It is so damn catchy!

It is really great, one of my favorite OP's this season.

Wasn't that Yuru Yuri manga he was reading on the bed?

Yeah, Wotakoi really obviously inserted Yuru Yuri. In the manga he read manga you couldn't make out, just some panels really.

I thought the manga will be adapted in sequence though this ep was a nice change of pace for me as someone who already read the manga. Can't predict how scenes will be tied up but this episode turned out great! It's refeshing to see the ladies bond separately with the guys once in a while. That adorable Hiro and Kaba's reaction after their colleagues talked about their girlfriends, and the freaking BL debate!
And i'm still here patiently waiting for a certain chapter to be adapted..
A change in ED after having the mmorpg scene

This show is just too good, I'm just left smiling for a good 10 minutes even after the episode ends


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