Friday, May 18, 2018

[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Bleak Christmas"

loved this part
Original manga panel has funnier choice of words.
The Japanese is the same for both, they just translated it differently.
Did Hirotaka forgetting his umbrella get Kabakura laid?
It's the Butterfly Effect Of Love
"I'm eating at your place"
"What do you want?"

Also, Hanako's "hmm" when Kabakura said was cute, was just A+ interruption. Did the VAs record together?
≫Did the VAs record together?
They often do in Japan.
That, my friend, is how u spend christmas eve with your gf
≫with your gf
Sorry I don't understand, can you explain?
GF is short for G-rank Friend(s). Hopefully that helps!
Man they must suck with that kind of low rank.
But... G-rank is the highest rank? o.O
It goes:
E -> D -> C -> B -> A -> S -> SS -> SSS - > G

That is more than enough reason to be depressed! You think they'd all understand...
Why an empty box, though?
≫That is more than enough reason to be depressed!
I have on more than one occasion ugly-cried at the death of fictional characters, favorites or not.
≫Why an empty box, though?
≫Why an empty box, though?
But seriously, A1 is going to pick up season 4 of YuruYuri right??
The similarities
are uncanny.

Damn, I need to rewatch Nozaki-kun now...
Cute! Looks like I have gained one more favourite rain episode

All's well ends well. Kabakura and Hana moments were so good this episode
That rain segment was extremely nice and cute!!!
Nao is so pure, I expected him to have believed in Santa until at least high school.
I was expecting one of them to joke like "What? Santa isn't real???"
This is honestly one of the freshest slice of life/ romance I've watched over the past year. The fact that the show doesn't spend 3-4 episodes being awkward about normal interactions and allows the characters to solve things like actual adults.

Also, it's just fuckin' cute
I am definitely not a yaoi fan, but i squealed at the first few seconds by Hiro's sudden kabedon. 😂

Am i missing something on the manga or some parts are anime original? Oh well. Maybe it's not translated yet or raws cannot be found online. Still nice to see Hana and Kaba's scene at the end.
I believe some parts are anime original and they're really well done so it adds to the story.
We covered this episode chapters 2.5 (Kabedon), 8 (Umbrella), 9 (Sad Narumi) and 10 (Christmas). They added the talk between Hanako and Narumi about Christmas, the childhood flashback and Hanko and Kabakura eating together. I really liked the addition of their Christmas. And Kabakura has really good taste, even if it wasn't TOSHINO KYOUKO.

Amazon messed up the meaning of why Kabakura reacted that way. He reads the manga too, but the volumes and not the chapters in the magazines, so he was spoilt by Narumi and maybe liked the character too.

The rain scene was really sweet. Kabakura and Hanako once again showing why they are the alpha-couple.
Amazon messed up the meaning of why Kabakura reacted that way. He reads the manga too, but the volumes and not the chapters in the magazines, so he was spoilt by Narumi and maybe liked the character too.

Ohhhhhhhh... yeah I wasn't going to pick all that up. All I got was he might have been remembering when a character he loves died and was reliving that, and this was supposed to be contrasted with her attitude in a "oh look at this couple finding out they feel differently about something" type situation.

But the spoiler humor is way better.

Also was it implied in the source that chapter 9 was related to chapter 2.5? Because if not I like that adaptation choice to work it in to this little skit.
Kabakura giving his umbrella to Hirotaka, and then meeting Kayanagi was a perfect way to start the episode.

Narumi's reaction to her favourite character dying was perfectly normal, I think we’ve all experienced that before.

Nao may be the best character in the series. He’s incredibly kind and seeing him become confused over video games is always entertaining.
This is my absolute feels good anime of the season. I look forward to it every week.
This episode was packed full of good moments. They had fun with the umbrella trope and I was hoping that Kabakura was working extra hard so he could treat Hana. And then we got to see Narumi and Hirotaka enjoying Christmas in their own way. Also great to see that he's close enough with her now to notice when she's faking happiness.


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