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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 5 everyone's impressions [Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii]

Episode 5
"Introducing Naoya and Gamers Meetup (Part II)"

Protect this smile.

Damn, in a world dominated by imoutos, this guy might be the best otouto I've seen in anime.

And of COURSE he's voiced by Yuki Kaji too. He never fails to impress me with his range and that's why he's my favorite male seiyuu.

Easily does NO INDOOR VOICE Eren Yeager and internally broken otouto Kou Mabuchi, and now here he is again!

Nao is so pure.

Seriously. He's like a freakin' puppy.
I want to headpat him.

Too many male smiles to protect in this show. Last week's episode with Hirotaka, and now Nao.

As someone who used to work a corporate job and hid the fact that I liked anime, this show and its premise is so painfully relatable (although I guess it was more the case that anime would be the last thing that would ever come up, even with people in my age bracket).

I'm loving the adaptation of the manga so far and it's the highlight of my Thursday. It's nice to have a slice of life rom-com focused around working adults as a change of pace from all the high school SoL.

Also, I'm pretty sure one of my old directors found out I was a weeb before I quit.

We've all been here before

I love how they always resolve any issue or misunderstanding in one episode.

almost like they’re adults instead of high schoolers!

Or in Koyonagi's case, action then communication

Man, Narumi's VA is great. Especially at the "strained, shout-whisper" lines.

Also, had to do a double take, when Kabakura was stopped by Hanako. I thought she grabbed somewhere else, at first.

And, there were like three misunderstandings they cleared in a single episode. Other shows would've given them an episode each. Sasuga, adults.

≫Man, Narumi's VA is great. Especially at the "strained, shout-whisper" lines.
Yup, every moment when she panics is gold, especially when we get some panic face on top.

Misunderstandings cleared in one episode?! blasphemy! /s
I am really glad to have them cleared up though, as this episode started kinda tense and ended on a much better note.

Naoya is the purest bucket of vanilla softness that humanity could produce.

When player 1 and player 2 are taken (Sweet scene thought)

Is this a jab at me

I love that pillow.

Thats what my sister worries about. Except Im actually fine with being alone, have stopped trying and no girl came out of the woodwork. I think shes sad because I have given up and that Im in my mid 20s without ever having a girlfriend or any contact to girls beyond occasional flings.
That episode made me uncomfortable even though Im ok with it all.

After a couple of failed relationships I had mom worrying I wasn't going to give her the grand-kids she wants from me even tho I keep telling her "you have 6 from brother and sister".

Now she stopped saying anything. She knows I'm not going to change: "why you spend xx money on a computer or computer game". Because is something I love to do. "But you'll end up alone". So? I'm happy with it.

Near 50 now. I still love watching anime or play computer games. But the society I live surrounded by thinks that it's stupid and you have to have a family and do adult stuff.

Every time someone asked me "why you stay alone, it sounds sad and boring" I always answered "maybe to you, but fortunately you and I aren't the same, you enjoy doing certain things, I enjoy doing other things, the only problem is that what I enjoy is something that most people think it's for kids or that I'm not happy by being alone."

People have different interests so unless it doesn't involve hurting someone else, deal with it.

I think its important that your family cares about all that. Unless it turns into a burden and the support and help really become expectations with nagging, etc.
But in the end everyone has to be happy for themselves and if youre happy with your choices you have a good life. Independently from what others say or expect.

Nao sounds like the sword from norigami

Yes, Yuki Kaji is Nao's voice actor as well as Yukine from Noragami. He is a notable voice actor from popular animes like AoT's Eren Jaeger and many others.

He'll always be Koichi-kun from Diamond is Unbreakable to me.

Also he's been in a LOT of shows this year, even by his standards. He co-starred in Takagi-san, and this season he's also in Hisone to Masotan AND Legends of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.

edit: oh and Shokugeki no Souma and BNHA as well.

And Meliodas from Nanatsu no Taizai, Issei from High School DxD, Todoroki from HeroAca, Kuga from Shokugeki, and the new secondary protagonist in Yugioh Vrains. He's also a side character in the new Inazuma Eleven and showed up for an episode recently for Hoozuki no Reitetsu.

This dude has at least ten roles this season alone. And four of those are as main cast members. Dude's fucking stacked rn.

That tie grab... Damn. Koyanagi is 200% my type and I can't fucking handle it. Her VA is fucking killing it.

Also, I wasn't expecting Nishikata in this show... No, being serious now, Nao's voice was something way different in my head while reading the manga.

When you're young, you act mature hoping that you'll grow up fast. Then you finally grow up, are disillusioned by what adulting means, and want to be a kid again.

I want to be a kid forever too, surrounded by my toys.
One of the charms of wotakoi is just how relatable the cast are

The OP for this series just feels so damn good.

Seriously, you come for the hand gestures and stay because damn that song is catchy.

Hiro bro best bro. So kind and caring for his older brother.
And Kabakura is definitely the friend you want to have, what a good guy.
Lol at Hanako, the only way to stun Kabakura is to kiss him

To be honest, i wish i shouldn't have read the manga first. I am not satisfied with the pacing and the delivery of the funny lines seems off for me. Like how Nao and Hiro was revealed as brothers. Maybe because of the bgm or lack of sound effects? I dunno. And still no improvement with the animation, ugh. Just my opinion though. Anyhow, I will still love it because it's Wotakoi.

P.S. The moment they added Nao-chan on the OP. Kawaiii!!

That after credit scene is hilarious as hell LOL. I got a good laugh out of that

Today is the day Kabakura settled for best character in the show for me.

I thought they were going to show the reason why he got his ears pierced. Maybe next ep...

Awesome episode. We get to meet Hirotaka's brother and so funny how Koyonagi thinking about him being Narumi's ex xD. Kabakura is a really best friend of Hirotaka that has his back protected.


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