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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 4 everyone's impressions [Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii]

Episode 4
 "Is Mature Love as Difficult?"

Where did her nose go!?

Edit: Also, did you know? Sugita and Sawashiro were in the same seiyuu school, they were practically childhood friends.

That explains why this was so natural for her.

The cool mature Miyuki voice right before makes it even better

≫practically childhood friends.
oh god, my weeaboo heart XD

They were cast so perfectly for these roles <3

Protect this smile

This part made me smile too.

The original page is just as good. I've waited so long to see that smile animated.

A bit too honest Kabakura lol
Hirotaka taking photos right after too

I may be socially illiterate, but I just don't understand why she got mad at him when he said that. Was it because she was already upset and he was rude ?

If your girlfriend is feeling insecure about how you view your relationship with her, answering with "I like your huge boobs" is either extremely diminutive (basically it's the only thing I like about her) or a joke answer, which is not appropriate in this situation.

She was hoping for a compliment on her personality and who she is, not her figure.

Thanks :) Now I know what to never do if I date someone in the distant future

Setup -> Conflict -> Drama -> Resolution -> Cute moments.
In. One. Episode.
I love this show

Oooh, so this is what good writing feels like?! It's almost like I'm watching not-anime.

Its as if they were functional adults and not hormone fueled teenagers.

The fact that Kabakura went and solved the problem almost the instant it appeared shows that they are acting like adults. If it was a highschool romance anime it would have taken Kabakura at least one episode JUST to man up.

Fuck, I'll catch type2 diabetes from this show.

You're too tough, I got it from episode 1.

Try Tsuki ga Kirei to increase your diabetes even more

For anyone curious who Ranka and Sheryl are, they're both love interests of the MC in one of the entries in the Macross franchise.

The implication here is that Ranka is small and cutesy while Sheryl is older and more mature, so Koyanagi is upset that she can't be like Ranka (which is the type of girl that Kabakura typically likes).

Glad that the translators of the manga provided this information, really wish the subs gave this kind of context. I can only imagine watching Gintama without some of the translator notes.

Also doesn’t help that Harmony Gold has taken the Macross franchise hostage so there isn’t a legal way to watch Macross F, which is where those two are from.

It's not really an obscure reference (especially given the audience this targets) and you know that they're referring to some sort of anime character. It wouldn't be hard to just google Ranka and Sheryl, rather than having a long translator note explaining it to you. It looks worse on screen than on a static page.

They said his type is someone small and cute like Ranka and then followed up by pointing out Narumi is closer to his type. It shouldn't be hard to put together even if you don't know where the reference comes from.

I don't really agree with the first part. I had watched thousands of hours of anime before I read this in the manga and I still didn't understand it until I read the translator's notes.

I think having context to understand these kind of references is important to fully enjoying translated content, and I think it's possible to present translator notes without ruining the visual experience.

I will agree the scene is still comprehensible even without understanding this reference, it just makes the scene better and fits in with the themes of the show if you have that context.

I just love Narumi's voice actor

Dude she’s the best. She’s fairly new and I hope we get to hear a lot more from her. Her performance is pretty much my favorite part of the show.

On the first episode I don't like her because I don't feel Narumi being an 'adult' because of her voice. But as more episodes come along, i'm liking her more and more and i now understand because of her dynamic voice she really does portray Narumi's personality pretty well.

Fights and misunderstandings getting resolved in one episode is so nice to watch ^_^

Are the subs up?

No sorry but I took 4 years of Japanese, and read the manga. Even without that, if you manage to sit through the episode it's definitely possible to get the gist of things.

I love Hirotaka. He’s definitely my favorite character here.


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