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Which old anime doesn't need any remake at all?

There's always posts about anime that we want to see a remake of. Usually these anime have some kind of flaws that could be avoided in a remake, like an outdated animation, weird pacing, or no ending.

But what are some anime that when you try to imagine a remake of it, you can only think that it would be unnecessary or even bad?

Samurai Champloo

I agree with this choice. It aired in 2005 and marks the transition to the modern art style. This show has so much character which makes it amazing.

haha waht this isnt that old is it? its pretty new!
>13 years ago
where does the time go?

Samurai Champloo is kind of like Stairway to Heaven. Don’t fucking touch it, it’s perfect the way it is.

most of the ghiblis to be honest

Nausicaa is one I see often because the movie only covers the first 2 volumes of a long (like a decade long of Miyazaki drawing it) 7-volume series that expands a ton on the world and has some really cool moments.

However It’s incredibly dense and political and even as a TV series it probably wouldn’t fit into 24 episodes.

The themes in the last part of the manga also are near identical to the movie’s themes with maybe a more satisfying ending overall and a much clearer picture/story.

Adding onto it or remaking it would be a disservice to the movie, just read the manga instead if you’re curious but I don’t think it really is necessary for the story the movie told.

Cowboy Bebop. I really can't think of one aspect that needs to be improved on. I don't mean that it's perfect, but I don't think current anime will make it any better.

A wide screen aspect ratio would be nice.

Such a great answer, imo. It's aesthetic perfectly fits well in its time. It's hard to recapture the space western feel of Cowboy Bebop in the modern age of anime.

≫Usually these anime have some kind of flaws that could be avoided in a remake, like an outdated animation, weird pacing, or no ending.

It's funny that some people seem to think that the current anime environment doesn't have these issues as well when this is all relevant to new anime, especially the no ending problem.

My pick is Yu Yu Hakusho. I've seen some claims that updated animation would make the fight scenes more enjoyable but there was a lot of interesting experimental animation and art design directed by Shinbo back before he started running SHAFT and it gave the fight scenes a really interesting aesthetic. I also think YYH perfectly captures 90s delinquent culture so to see it be modernized would ruin a lot of the charm that made it special.

Trigun. Watched it again recently, still a work of art.

As amazing as Trigun is, it could use a bit of polish in the art department and there is definitely more that could be done with it. Maybe not even a remake, but I think an anime that more closely follows Trigun Maximum would be stellar.

Personally I just love the art style of it, I really feel like it still holds its own even now. I must be a bad fan though as I've never even heard of maximum, just looked it up and now I have to go get on that lol.

It is my favorite but I gotta disagree just because the manga is so vastly different and I'd love to see that all animated.

Eureka Seven. Made a decade and a half ago, still holds up today with no need of a remake.

Serial Experiments Lain, one of the main charms of that show was the time it came out, a remake would ruin most of the predictive nature to it. The limited animation was also a perfect fit for it, it made the show really creepy.

Kara no Kyoukai, it is a bit more recent but I don't think anyone can better the original because of the animation and music, it is better looking than 99.94% of the anime that are coming out now and the music is more than just a perfect fit, it adds to the narrative and is pure eargasm.

Kara no Kyoukai was one of the best looking anime out there when it released - why even mention it in this thread? That's like saying Fate/Zero or K-On! don't need remakes. I mean - they don't, but it feels a bit pointless mentioning them.

Eva of course

Yeah, who would ever think of something as silly as an Evangelion remake.

Well I enjoy the new visual of the Rebuild movies, especially the new Ramiel. The story ? not so much

Laputa castle in the sky

Akira as a remake? No.
Akira as a closer adaptation would be cool though.

This is a good point. Akira has some of the best production values in all of anime history, but there's a lot of story in the manga that has never been animated....

Legend of the Galactic Heroes...

Are you watching / will you watch the remake?

I am watching it...I may drop it if it continues the way it is going as it will be superfluous.

Berserk ;-:

AFAIK the original Berserk anime only covered a small part of the story, so Berserk would need a remake. Just not what they've done with the 2016 and 2017 anime.

To be honest I think that Rouroni Kenshin and Slam Dunk hold up well.

My only issue is that they didn't cover the whole manga otherwise they would have been perfect.
RK animation and OST are still great and amaizng. Slam Dunk is well done and mainly focused on the story however the animation compared to the many sport anime lately is not that great but it still does a great job.

I would even say that SD is superior to the manga since some changes were for the best and well established. Made some scenes intense.

I'd say more or less none of them "need" a remake. There are some that were interesting concepts but had a nonexistant budget, those are rare cases where a remake might be ok. As a rule however, I can't remember many remakes that were even half as good as the original. I don't really understand the idea that shows "age poorly" and can't be enjoyed today just because they're older. Perhaps the only argument I can understand there is that the picture quality might not be up to modern standards.


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