Thursday, May 10, 2018

Which anime opening has the most beautiful Animation/Visuals?

For me it would be this 3-gatsu no lion op 3.

The OP for Mob Psycho 100 is seriously something else

Yep I never saw something like that after I watched it. Its just so unique.

I love the very very first part where it's like a crazy neon nighttime roller coaster.

I really really love the 13th Bleach Opening
The colours and transitions are so well done.

I feel like the 9th opening was in a league of it's own though. It was so artistic and colorful, punchy but still showed a lot of seriousness and gravity. Truely a work of art

the 12th was amazing too - esp the contrast between ulquiorra and ichigo
and orihime + ulquiorra's hands the feels

My vote goes to Spice and Wolf season 1 if only because I love the landscape shots, which remind me of family road trips through the Appalachians when I was a kid.

All of the openings to Jojo, especially the first 4, are fucking incredible.
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Agreed. The first season's OP is easily my favorite.

The type of opening that makes your chest hair grow chest hair.

animation gotta be nichijou
Visualfx: for it's time serial experiments lain is great. Love steins;gates style too.

Man, that OP is sick. They also added hilarious subtle changes as the show would go on and things would change along the way (example: the mohawk guy whose name I forget would have different hair length depending on the episode of the OP).

In general, the animation for Nichijou is absolutely goddamn top notch.

I don't think I'll ever see a slice of life with that incredible animation work again.

I was sad that Mitsuboshi was clearly on a budget. Still great but did make me a little sad. Nichijou really does have good animation. Nishiya Futoshi practically led it all.

The second OP is awesome too

At first I was a bit disappointed with OP2, but after like 2 runs it grew on me and now I can't decide on which I like more.
I do wish the EDs in the second half were as good as ED1, Zzz, though.

The part where Mio is synced to the manly voice was always really hilarious to me.
And I liked the second ed's visuals. It reminds me of these childrens books from my childhood. The music clashed with the tone of the show though.

Kiznaiver. The show itself was just above average (for me), but the opening song and animation were godly as fuck. Still get chills thinking about it.

I love it so much, it's so trippy but really expresses emotion so well.

would have to put a mention in for Flip Flappers OP

yes! The Hype of the start and the visual rollercoaster. I loved it.

Any of the Fate series.

it's been awhile but I know I never skipped the intro for Sword Art Online

The only isekai OP which actually feels like an isekai

Maria x Holic 1. OP

Charlotte OP is the most beautiful I've seen

Nisemonogatari OP

It's Studio Shaft saying "Look at all the money we made with Bakemonogatari and Madoka! We're gonna turn like half of it into this OP!"

For me that was Tokyo Ghoul season 1 opening, together with music it gave me so much hype, and it was first anime where i never skipped an op.

I made a point to never skip Watamote's opening.

GTO has one of the most cool-looking OPs I've ever seen.

Many great ones have already been posted so i'll add Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo Opening. It's pretty simple in terms of details but i still like the artstyle and the look and feel of the opening, it's been some time since i watched the anime but the the opening is still memorable to me, and the song is great of course.

Either Your Lie in April op 1 or Bakemonogatari Sugura Monkey in my opinion

Hikaru Nara - Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso
nothing comes close

visuals are nothing more than mediocre imo but god i love goose house


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