Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's your favorite "happy cry" scene?

The scenes that make you cry, but because of something good happening, or just anything that's not a death or tragedy

Shirobako Episode 23

Gdi, EVEN NOW, I can't help but tear up a bit just remembering that scene

The ending of Tsuki ga Kirei

Oh Christ the credits for that last episode is just perfection.

≫Tsuki ga Kirei

What is this anime about and how good it is?

Gorgeous show about a realistic first love.

Unbelievably good. An authentic must watch.

Is there an anime you can compare it to?

It’s similar to Just Because. It doesn’t match up to most other romance anime because of just how realistic the young love seems (no outrageous tsuns like toradora or clannad). Just an accurate depiction of first love.

A silent voice, actually talking things out with each other.

The final scene was an overload

Angel Beats Pewtty much all the moving on scenes

This shit hit me so hard because I was graduating HS when I watched it.

Violet Evergarden

^ This. Or as I now like to call it, Violet Everfeels

I made this thread because I finished Shirobako yesterday and I can't stop rewatching the "one step closer to my dream" scene despite the fact that I'm left a gibbering wreck every single time

Nearly the entirety of Aria the Origination 😭

Kimi no na Wa When the news report at the end showed that everyone in Itomori survived.And I am pretty sure I was not the only one in the theater who was crying.

For me it was that final meeting on the stairs. It somehow felt so personal and familiar, it was insane. And of course, that fucking song before and after.

i cried several times during that movie and absolutely fucking lost it at that ending. I didn't know whether to be sad they forgot, or happy they found each other. Ultimately I was happy and choose to believe that their connection will forever live on in their spiritual unconscious.

Made in Abyss When Rico cooks food for Nanachi. Probably the only good tasting food Nanachi has ever eaten.

Sakurasou graduation.

Many Boku no Hero scenes.

Particularly All Might telling Deku he could be a hero.

Ochaco’s conversation with her parents over the pone.

≫Boku no Hero

Damn right, the anime does a fantastic job with that!

I remember that in season one every episode had a seen that made me feel emotional and gave me goosebumps.

Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions S1 "Sayonara Papa"

And like a dozen moments from Yorimoi

Your Name.

Just thinking about makes me tear up.

One of em in Hibike S2

When all the friends come to help at the end of Kemono Friends.

Also I guess the ending of Your Name.

Several moments from the second season of March Comes in Like a Lion

{Clannad After Story} is the best for me. Crying on 2 scene and 1 on {Clannad}

So many different ones in FMA:B--if I had to pick just one as my favorite, it would be the photo montage at the end of the show.

Nichijou episode 25 - the voucher

A Place Further Than the Universe did it for me.

Definitely a couple of scenes from Angel Beats.

Also several scenes in the Fate Stay Night visual novel.


Probably something from Ano Hana.

I cried during probably every episode at some point. Just seeing the different ways every character was suffering and their misguided attempts at coping, they were all so very human.

Almost every episode from Rainbow, it is depressing but has many of those happy tear jerking moments.

A lot of Naruto moments

Seeing Zuko and Iroh's reunion at the end of avatar didn't quite make me cry, but it got pretty close. (Avatar is anime, fight me)


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