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What's a bad scene from a good anime, that you can't think of a way to do better?

For example, I really like Assassination Classroom. But every exams scene is just so stupid.

And I get it. It's really hard to make taking midterms seem interesting, so they hyper-exaggerate the difficulty of questions, and represent them as monsters. Representing tough exam questions as targets that need to be killed in a show about assassination makes sense. I really don't know how it could be done better.

It's just inherently silly when, during the exam, the students are banding together to take down one giant monster, and then the guiding tentacle of Koro-sensei comes to them in their darkest hour to tell them that the monster is actually a fish, and the A class teacher is reacting all flustered-like to them succeeding in solving a math problem, as if he's a spectator actually seeing them knifing a giant monster to death, when in reality all they're doing is writing words on paper while sitting silently in a classroom.

Fine speaking English in Symphogear season 1
It has to be seen to be believed

Holy shit. I was not prepared.

I honestly couldn't understand what they were saying when I was first watching Symphogear. Especially since the subs had different words.

The subs had to use different words because the actual words they used didn't make any goddamn sense.

Maybe they should have hired a decent VA like Sawashiro or someone who can probably speak English.

Okabe confirming that Ruka is a girl.
If not for that scene, I'd be more likely to push the show at my American Friends.

Sssshhhhhhh that scene is responsible of a plethora of Doujinshi

It seems so out of character too.

I just rewatched that episode. It's as stupid as I remembered it.

The point is, it would have been easy as heck to get the scene right, simply by having Okabe not behave like a sexual assaulter.

For an example, after saying that Luka is a guy in full Kyouma fashion, he should have simply noticed that everyone was behaving as if he had said something really offensive. At that point, he should have realised the D-mail had worked and, after reverting his personality to a more polite Okabe and having apologised, everything would have kept flowing all the same.

Table-Kun getting raped.

It seemed out of place, but it actually helped build her unstable character for me at least.

yep, hence why I think it's bad scene, but I can't think of a way to do it better.

Well actually I disagree that it's a bad scene.

It's a weird scene, but because that's exactly what it's supposed to be.

The scene in Attack on Titan where Mikasa, Eren, and Armin furiously eat the bread on top of the Wall

We are talking about the madman Tetsurou Araki who is the mastermind behind the potato chip scene from Death Note. I find both hilarious.

As funny as potato chip is to look at after the fact, I have to admit as I was watching it I was enthralled. He was smugly gloating at how he'd outsmarted some dumb feds with their surveillance and instead of drinking a celebratory glass of wine or something he was eating a potato chip. It was awesome. Out of that context, the scene is so dumb and hilarious

Really just any scene where a native Japanese speaker speaks English.

There's nothing wrong with that, but if they're meant to speak English and be a native English speaker (or at the very least, just meant to be able to speak English) then it usually comes out as exactly how you expect.

I don't blame the actors. Either they have no prior knowledge of the language and read Katakana, which is a confusing mess for even me, someone who's suplosed to already know what the words say (like Coohe being Coffee) or they only learned the English for their lines and rather than read it off a piece of paper, they memorized it.

Maybe they also learned to read English, but not so much pronounce it, and maybe they were just told what to say and are trying to parrot it, but it's hard because they've never spoken English in their life.

Blend S TRIED. I'll give them that much. They tried to make Manager seem like a foreign man, without having him speaking English directly. It's always a side conversation, or very low in the mix so it was hard to hear. They tried and I give them credit there.

Tada doesn't fall in love just avoids English altogether. Teresa is supposed to be an English (I believe) girl that moved to Japan and learned the language from a TV show.

Alright. I can suspend my disbelief enough. If she doesn't speak English, I'll be okay. It's hard to believe someone so fluent in Japanese (again like the Manager) that's so awkward doesn't somehow accidentally switch over to her native tongue (like the Manager) every once it a while. But fine, it's alright.

Then we have Black Lagoon, where Revy only says a couple lines. Yes, the actor TRIED, and they did fantastic. It sounds like someone learning the language for the first time, that's great, I haven't seen Black Lagoon, but you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Apparently she was born in New York (according to the Wiki), which then makes that accent. . . You know. . . Noooooooot greeeeeat.

And lastly, the Psycho Pass movie.

Where there was no real good way to fix the problems, other that what the fans did.

I mean, there are plenty of English speakers in Japan. Finding ones that also speak Japanese narrows that down, has a flexible schedule narrows it down even more, is available for call backs or re recordings, AND are voice actors?

There's no real good way to do any of this unless they outsourced those couple of lines to America, which even then could be impossible for all we know.

There's just no good way to do English in Anime, unless your actors are FLUENT in both, because otherwise it'll sound awkward, synthetic, or overall just broken.

Nothing against the actors. I'm fine with English in Anime.

I just think that these scenes can't really be done in a better way, despite them being so awkward.

However when it comes to Jojo, I have to give a pass on it. The broken Engrish makes any scene better here

To be fair, most of the time that Engrish is used in JoJo it’s intended as comedic relief, it’s never used in a serious moment except for Stand names; and in those cases they’ve become iconic. I can’t imagine ZA WARUDO being as ubiquitous if it was just said in Japanese.

Can I say basically the entirety of episode 4 of Gurren Lagann? It's without a doubt my favourite anime, but the animation of episode 4 is so bad, I wish that it had been redone by the shows main artists. If I had to pick a specific part of the episode though, the scene with Kamina hurling rocks at Simon is awful.

That episode famously got someone fired it was so bad.

Come on, everyone knows this is bullshit. What actually happened was, Takami Akai, one of the board members and founders of Gainax, was reading comments on 2chan criticising the episode and made a response saying that reading the criticism was comparable to "putting your face next to an anus and breathing deeply." Obviously this was pretty bad for the company's PR, and after some backlash Akai voluntarily stepped down from his position.
Voluntarily. Not fired. And not as a direct result of the episode's quality either.

Bruh the exam arcs of AssClass are like my favorite arcs of the show. The juxtaposition between the blandness of taking finals and the high-stakes game they're really playing is so well delivered, and it maintains the hilarious, over-the-top nature of AssClass while making the arc interesting. Plus, the exam arcs usually showcase Asano and the principal, some of my favorite characters in the show.

That's good! I'm glad it worked for someone. To me though, that juxtaposition is exactly what made it come off as too silly and over-dramatic.

In Kobayashi's Dragon maid Pretty much every scene with Kanna's friend and the ones with the little purple haired kid suffocating in Lucoa's boobs I don't think anyone aside lolicons and weirdos actually liked those scenes, they don't add absolutely anything to the show

Dont read the manga then.

I've heard that the manga is worse in that sense, how much worse is it?

I havent read it myself so dont really know much. But the waterfall scene has nude kanna that doesnt leave much to the imagination

I thought most of the scenes with Kannas friend were cute though... I agree with the Lucoa scenes though.

some were cute when they were acting like normal friends, but her going ahegao when she touched kanna or stuff like the twister scene were just gross

Every scene where Sawa-chan tries to dress up the K-Ons in sexy costumes. A major reason that K-On season one isn't a 10 like it's second season is because of that.

The original manga was a seinen manga that more or less used the premise to make a few musical references and then show the girls in different outfits. Sawako's Season 1 character is more or less a manifestation of that.

This might be an unpopular opinion but I thought the love confession scene in Steins;Gate felt out of place. I loved the scene itself, and there was literally nowhere else it could have been, but watching Okabe go almost insane trying to save Mayuri, and then say something along the lines of "you're the most important person to me" to Kurisu felt very strange and a bit out of character for him.

From my point of view, I think Okabe saw Mayuri as a sister, and Kurisu(tina) as a love interest. Just because you'd do a lot to save someone doesn't mean they are the most important person to you.

Yes, Mayuri and Okabe have a completely platonic relationship, that's one of my favorite things about the show, but watching Okabe being so consumed with a single person, and then discovering the only way to save her is to let someone else die, and then telling that person that they are still more important to him then Mayuri is kind of far-fetched. I wouldn't say unbelievable but when he said it just took me a couple of second of thinking, "wait, what?" to actually comprehend it.

Pain vs. Naruto. I know it was technically "good animation" but I can't get over how comedic it looks in what should have been the highest stakes fight in the series thus far. It's strange because there were other scenes that arc and the arc before which were beauitful (the few episodes leading up to it, Naruto finding out about Jiraiya, everything to do with Itachi etc.)

Naruto vs pain fight itself was nice too when he was fighting different paths of pain. IIRC only the last episode in the naruto vs pain fight was animated in such a way. I was so very shocked when I saw that.

All the creepy loli fetish bondage porn shit in Made in Abyss. Why the fuck would you ruin a charming show set in an interesting fantasy world that has the substance to easily stand on its own merits by lacing it with that toxic filth?

After reading the manga, I am almost entirely convinced that the mangaka gets off on it and is deliberately trying to insert their fantasies into their work in ways they think they'll get away with. It's why I personally feel very conflicted about continuing to follow the series. It's a shame, because it's easily one of the best series I've encountered in the last decade.

The beginning of Fate/Zero. Not the first scene but the countless scenes of exposition that's in episode 1 specifically the one where two characters circle Kotomine Kirei and spout exposition. It makes it really hard to rewatch Fate/Zero but I understand entirely why it's there and why it's necessary but I can't think of a better way to do it beyond a literal plot dump.

According to a few of my friends, the very ending of Clannad After Story. They said that it pretty much just nullified the very best parts of the show. I disagree with them but that's how they felt.

See I actually thought they did exams was a pretty creative way to make high school exams interesting. I enjoyed it every time, but I can see why some people might find it kind of bad.


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