Thursday, May 3, 2018

What sports would make a good sport anime?

There are many anime around that depict a variety of sport like Volleyball, Boxing, Football, Rugby, etc. But not all sports have made the transition to an anime series, so what sport would you like to see as an anime? I'd love to see something like Dinghy sailing and Professional motorsport like F1 make the transition.

All sports can make a good sport anime. It simply comes down to how it's executed.

Like for example, ice skating doesn't sound like a particularly exciting sport to do an anime about. However, Yuri on ice was still one of the most popular anime in the year it was released.

Yep. I don't really care about volleyball, but that's not stopping me from really enjoying Haikyuu. Don't care about boxing, but I loved Hajime no Ippo. The sport itself matters a lot less than the characters.

I watched figure skating for the first time during the winter olympics this year because of it

The world needs a curling anime.



MC secretly does figure skating as a hobby, but only uses hockey skates because he's afraid people will make fun of him since he's kinda runty and gets bullied at school by Delinquent and his cronies. One day Rival (the best player on the school hockey team) catches MC skating. He goes up to verify and MC skates away at full speed to avoid being seen. Rival pursues, manages to catch a glimpse, but ultimately gets juked out. He's impressed at how fast and agile MC is on the ice and tries to get him to join the team. MC refuses of course but Rival doesn't want to give up.

Next day, Delinquent & company show up for some reason and starts hassling MC. Rival and Captain (who's also the goalie) appear in the nick of time to save MC. The conflict is to be resolved by a 3v3 match with Delinquent and friends on one side, and MC, Rival, and Captain on the other. As payment for the help, MC has to join the hockey team if they win. Naturally, MC's team ends up winning.

MC quickly raises up in skill and people on his school begin to respect him more, including Delinquent who thinks MC has gotten more manly/less of a wuss by playing hockey. It's revealed the Delinquent is only a delinquent because he was bullied in his childhood and decided to become strong. But MC's success also brings problems. The other teams start to target him with body checks, but he's not used to it like Rival is. Still, he manages to hang on by using his speed to avoid the worst of it.

One day they have a match is against Regional Champ school, known for playing dirty, and they even terrify the ref! However, they also have skilled players, not just physical power so MC's typical tactic of out-skilling the opponent will not work. Regional Champ school begins targeting MC from the start. Cue Captain saying, "I guess it's time to unleash our secret weapon." A huge dude skates out onto the ice. It's Delinquent, who joined up with the team in secret as an enforcer! After he makes it clear what's up, Regional Champ school has no choice but to leave MC alone. Naturally, MC's team ends up winning.

Holy shit! This is very sports shounen-like. You literally incorporated almost everything, from weak but with special skill MC, MC’s rival, a teammate who joins late (the delinquent eg: Mitsui hahaha), school that plays dirty and more hahahaha. Reading this makes me smile.

Iron Leaguer features various sports, and among those it has three detailed ice hockey arcs.


There's a golf sports manga in weekly shounen jump called Robot x Laserbeam! Personally I consider it unlikely to get an anime, but you never know! I'd recommend trying it out.

Is this as good as King Golf?

I haven't seen/read King Golf, but RxL is pretty ok. It's not super great and definitely has its issues, and the current arc isn't as fun as the beginning arc were. I still like it enough to read each week's new chapter, though. Overall it's a fairly standard shounen sports manga, with both the standard bullshit and the standard fun hype of its genre.

Pro Golfer Saru. It's not translated, but it exists.

Chess. It's almost begging for one.
And no, code Geass doesn't count, though it does serve as an example as to why it might be awesome.

Code Geass chess is terrible.
We need a good anime about it to make up for the mistakes of the past.

what about esport? Honestly would also make a great manga

There's King's Avatar, a chinese "anime". It's pretty good, but it's first season focuses a lot more on MMO aspects rather than eSports aspects, at most introducing other pro players and only showing short scenes of pro matches.. The upcoming OVA however(coming out sometimes this month) will be mostly focused on the eSport aspects.

How about an anime based on boat racing? Or whatever the term used for it. It should be a cool show to watch.

There is Monkey Turn.

I wish they made a fencing anime

I really want someone to adapt Real, which is about wheelchair basketball.
Other fun sports would be curling or hurling.

I REALLY want there to be a snowboarding anime. I'm biased because I'm a huge snowboarder myself, but from my view snowboarding seems pretty popular since there are a lot of Japanese professional snowboarders - even really young ones, like 13-14 year old female pros just absolutely ripping up the scene. They're cute irl and they could be even cuter in anime

Keijo would be a great sports anime...


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