Wednesday, May 9, 2018

what do you think is the next breakout anime?

The promised neverland.

The manga is god tier, if properly adapted this anime will be legendary

Tokyo Ghoul says hello

properly adapted

Honestly, reading tokyo ghoul & re:, it's super hard to adapt it without making it 100-200 episodes. There is so many things in the background, small details between characters, the massive locations and characters, it's honestly crazy how things are connected with each other. If anything, i find re: anime right now is pretty good on adapting the main themes but loses out on the smaller details that make tokyo ghoul so god teir.

If it weren't Studio Pierrot then any other studio would be able to do that better.

God DAMN I need to start this manga

Yes! Started it a couple weeks ago, knew nothing going in, and I've loved every second of it.

God yes, anime needs more stuff like The Promised Neverland, first arc is gonna blow some minds here.

Agree. The first arc is perfection. I don't think the series has been as good since but that's not a knock on it at all. It just starts off as a 10/10 arc

I’m hoping Grand Blue will be the next Konosuba. It’s more hilarious imo

Just look at MAL, comedy manga are rarely rated as high as adventure or drama manga but this one is top 10.
MAL scores are not exactly perfect but I still think it says something.

Problem is it could be heavily censored. Lots of underage drinking and other elements that could steal away it's comedy

They are college students so its fine.

The drinking age in Japan is 20. Most of the cast are uni first years. Pretty sure there are broadcast laws where underage drinking can't be shown. Which is why some anime do the alcoholic chocolate thing

I think Vinland Saga could be big in the West when adapting the prologue if its adapted well by WIT. Don't know if it would be big in Japan though.

Genre shift will make a lot of people hate it

But that comes after the climax of an absolutely incredible arc, so you'd hope it would have earned some leeway from the anime-only audience. Besides, we don't even know how far the anime's going to adapt.

Dr. Stone if it gets an anime and it is adapted correctly.

I'm kind of a fan of HINAMATSURI. It's like "Chromartie High School: After Graduation."

The best part of hinamatsuri is that it perfectly captures the manga and enhances the overall experience. What a great show; it definitely surprised me; I was expecting a shoddy adaption, not a 1:1 perfect transition.

The animation is astounding. It's on par with Kyoani as far as I can tell.

Megalobox is flying under the radar, but if they can have a "tipping point" and get some attention it's got a style that could attract a lot of Western attention.

I've been meaning to watch it. There's definitely a style to it that I like, but I'm also not a fan of mechas or sports anime. The story and other factors would have to override for me. That being said, it does seem like something that could really take off in terms of followers.

IF it gets hyped up enough, then I'd say Mirai no Mirai has a good chance to be the next big shot movie. I mean it's Mamoru Hosoda, the man behind Wolf's Children, Summer Wars and The Boy and the Beast.

Back Street Girls.
You heard it here first.

I legit have super high hopes for the show. That premise, goddamn.

As I keep saying, with that premise it'll either be glorious or a complete trainwreck. There will be no middle ground.

Please Japan we.need Kaguya anime

Yeah, that needs to happen. I don't see it breaking out beyond the animu crowd though. Done right, people like us will adore it though.


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