Thursday, May 17, 2018

What anime exceeds your expectation?


As the title says, what anime exceeds your expectation.
For me, one of the anime that does that is Assassination Classroom. I started watching it expecting some humor mix action because the synopsis sound ridiculous. But what I got after finishing the series is an anime that full of feels and emotions.
Haikyuu. I did not expect a volleyball anime to become a favorite since I only really played in gym.
Agreed. Basically the only other sports anime I'd really liked before then was Hajime no Ippo and Ping Pong the Animation. Haikyuu totally blew me away and reinvigorated my interest in a genre that I never paid much attention to in the past.
Since then I've learned to appreciate a couple more sports series like Baby Steps and Ashita no Joe, but Haikyuu still holds a special place in my heart and remains one of my favorite series of all-time.
I played baseball my whole life and in college so. I love ace of the diamond and wasn't expecting to put haikyu at the same level at all. But now I do. I recommend haikyu more because I know that I am biased towards baseball but wasn't biased at all about loving haikyuu!
Madoka Magica. I went into the show not knowing what to expect, having done no research on it. I just wanted to watch a show about witches, really, and saw some good backgrounds for my PC.
I was not ready.
Same. The benefit of living under a rock for all that is anime is that I get to be completely blindsided by shows like Madoka.
Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous): From all the memes about the CGI Berserk anime and whatnot, I was skeptical if a CGI anime could do well, but the combination of 2D facial animation with 3D camerawork was just perfectly executed IMO. I also adored Phos throughout the show, in no small part due to her seiyuu that also did Kumiko from Sound! Euphonium!
Yes! I was very skeptical about CGI anime too but it turned out great!
Now, I cannot wait for the season 2
・Gintama. I thought it would just be a parody anime that just did random parodies every episode. Little did I know all of the "random" episodes were all building up the characters for the serious arcs in which blew me away. For a gag anime, Gintama has some really amazing fight scenes and emotional moments
・Shokugeki no soma. I thought it was just a cooking anime with lewd in it. However, it has a really great plot
・Re:Zero. From Gigguks parody of it, I didn't think much of it but it was amazing. When they say Re:Zero is a dark anime, it really is a dark anime. Some episodes really made me think afterwards while lingering in my head, kind of like what a stephen king novel does. Petelguese especially was brilliant in how he was portrayed thanks to his incredible VA.
・Darling in the Franxx. From anime memes and short clips I thought it was just your average battle mech anime with romance but it really gets emotional and good at points
Yeah, Gintama serious arcs is like the ultimate payoff for the many random episodes. No wonder Gintama is one of the top anime.
What I like about the post point-of-no-return Gintama is that instead of just becoming serious, the series combines the comedy with the actual plot, while previously episodes were more or less designated comedy or serious.
Oh Gigguk was my return ticket into anime (I watched OPM and Mob before really knowing anything about anime at all). His parodies are hilarious but at the same time he makes awesome review and feel videos.
I stumbled upon him randomly watching anime clips. And I was laughing so hard I decided to actualy watch Re: Zero about 6 month ago. The NGNL then some best anime of 2016 and 2017. Mostly mainstream things that were praised as good.
And then I could not stop. My anime count is now in double digits and counting. Now I have a little notepad file that I already have 12 titles in that I want to watch. And it keeps expanding.
I love Shokugeki no soma!
Monogatari series - I mostly watched some typical action shounens at that time, saw some ridiculous clips from Kizu fights and decided to check the series out despite hearing that it's mostly dialogues. Everything about it felt really refreshing to me - from the clean artstyle and unique directing, new catchy openings every few episodes to lovable characters or even the fact the MCs became a couple after only few episodes instead of the end of the series. I think I ended up watching every season in just 1 month.
Not gonna lie I got into Monogatari because of the exceptional OP and EP soundtrack. I was pretty shocked by the sheer amount of conversation and text flashing on the screen, and the first few episodes of Bake was really hard to swallow.
Then episode 12 happened. That's the first time I see a character in an anime speaks out his/her mind so forwardly, without any cheesy pretentious line, but genuine feeling. I was hooked.
Now Second Seasons is ranking top on my best anime seasons ever.
Madoka Magica. even knowing the twists ahead time didn't lessen their impact
Re:Zero. i had heard that it was nothing like normal isekai anime. that is an understatement, it doesn't even feel like an isekai anime. the plot buildup and character development is amazing. Subaru is also one of the best protagonists i have ever seen
Girls und Panzer Der Film. Girls und Panzer refining it's tropes to perfection, it's amazing how good this film is, even in the school focused sections
Subaru goes through the biggest character development that I have ever seen.
He literally transforms from someone that I wanted to punch during episodes 12-13 (wanting for him to finnaly reset and leave the mess he made during the royal selection behind), to a guy I actually wanted to root and was sad when he died and his plans failed.
Subaru has so much development that the only consistent character trait he has is his love for Emilia and even that has changed somewhat.
Shamanic Princess. Expected some morally grey mahou shoujo drama, got a genuinely interesting heartwarming mindfuck.
Tsuki Ga Kirei. Expected your run of the mill anime love story with a confession at the last episode, got some totally adorable wholesomeness spiced with the right amount of drama.
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Expected your usual anime “horror” + a few bad ecchi jokes. Got excellent cinematography, nice character chemistry and a great insert song.
Monster Musume. Came for a trashy meme factory, found legitimally funny jokes and sympathetic characters.
Agree. I enjoyed it much more than I expected. The “boob box” it came in was icing on the
Love Live.
I went into it without expecting much, I wasn't into idols to begin with. If you had told me it would become one of my favorite anime, I probably would have laughed.
All I knew was Snow Halation because, well, i’m sure any Love Live fan knows the dude
Dude fuckin same i went for the nico nico memes and now i fuckin love it

Kokoro Connect, I went in expecting somewhat light hearted and also crazy stuff with body switching but was blown away at how deep it got and how well the body switching thing was done.
True also yamada and the seven witches has this theme and is also better than expected. But kokoro connect is a bit more serious and for adults.
Yea, I started yamada and the seven witches but haven’t finished it. I’ve been putting it off for awhile. I agree as well that kokoro connect is definitely more for someone older. I started watching it and really enjoying it, as it went on I sat there thinking well this got pretty dark rather quickly
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, went in expecting some cool action and came out of it with a show that immediately tied with FMA:B as my favorite anime.

Free. This sub made it sound like it was nothing more than some yaoi show with no other value but I gave it a shot and found a genuinely excellent sports anime grounded in realistic characterisation of male high school friendships, the fear of the future and all your other typical sports show shenanigans. Seriously underrated and definitely underwatched.
Hyouka. Thought it was a boring slice of life. Turned into the most tranquil, joyous romance I've ever seen, with honest to goodness love of life.

Shinsekai Yori. Coming into it I was told it was 15/10 and better than Shakespeare. Still wasn't prepared for the finale. Holy Crap
Most of my picks have been taken already, so I'm putting forward Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Don't get me wrong. I expected this show to be good and funny. But I got what was arguably the funniest show I've ever watched, by a very wide margin. At some point it actually got stressful because I was trying not to die from laughing too hard.
Mitsuboshi Colors.

The way it was summarized, led me to believe it would be a very dull show.
Immediately blew me away with the comedy and I loved every moment of it.

Non non biyori comes to mind. It was probably my first purely SoL show. I was not expecting it to be so damn therapuetic, like holy shit I felt good after every episode
Without any doubt... Pop Team Epic. It's excessive in any way posible.


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