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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"A Promise"


I'm already folding origami cranes wishing for Suzuka's quick recovery...

Do horses:

A gift of 1000 cranes is said to grant a wish from the gods, and it also has associations with life long luck and good health. Ideal for Suzuka's situation.

Furthermore, horses don't exist in the world of Uma Musume. A gift of an oragami horse would mean nothing to them.

≫horses don’t exist
Wouldn’t the world of Uma Musume at least have anime about horses?

They might have an anime about the souls of horse girls being sent to another world were they are incarnated as four-legged animals that can be ridden and used for racing... mind explodes

Spe-chan gut has returned!

I just call he belly version Speck-chan. In Germany "Speck anlegen" (putting on bacon) is a term for getting fat.

Speck also means fat in English and is the name of an Italian ham

I can't believe Silence Suzuka is fucking dead.

"I'm thinking of going to America after the Japan Cup"
Oh, so you're just going to casually break my heart.

I had a bad feeling, when she had to redo her strap that something would go wrong, still really sad to see one of these cuties injured. Spe-chan running onto the track and catching Suzuka and her leg made my heart hurt the most. It was a really nice scene for Spe-chan though.

At this point we just gotta be grateful for the guy in the staff of this anime with the tummy fetish.

I like Oguri Cap. I hope she appears more.

They’re eating like horses.

I've already watched Spc save a few times and will probably watch it more it was so good.

Ever had that feeling when you know something is gonna go down because of Real-Life history, but you just desperately want to see them win?


Because Suzuka is hella likable even if she's mostly a quiet stereotype moe girl.

Ah shit, there it is, the injury. The moment it happened was directed wonderfully impactful the way silence fell and everyone was shot shocked. This was also a pretty good use of still pictures - literally everything stopped frozen except Suzuka who stumbled forward.

Glad she wasn't shot. Now it's time for her to see new stars to rise.

Interesting how this ep was so carefully structured to minimize viewer trauma – it goes straight from Suzuka’s slowdown to the hospital room, where it pumps us up with lots of hope and sisterhood, and only then returns to the primal trauma of Suzuka on the ground, with the ambulance arriving. The writers were clearly bending over backwards to not be exploitative.

Well, Suzuka was one of the most beloved racing horses in Japan. It's to be expected the staff would try to portray things in a sensible manner.

≫everyone was shot
I know they sometimes euthanize injured racehorses, but I didn't know they did the same thing to the crowd...

The fall was so ugly that everyone died. The end.

I knew it was coming, but still seeing that scene where Suzuka breaks her leg still makes me sad.
I still get tears in my eyes whenever I see the video of that race.

Suzuka was in perfect condition according to the trainers and TV shows said that with no real opponents racing against him (El Condor Pasa could not be in this race as foreign horses were not allowed at the time) only a injury could prevent him from winning. Another thing was that this race took place on the 1st of November, Suzuka was in the number one gate, and was the number one favorite. The chances for all these ones was rare so naturally everyone was certain Suzuka was the lucky horse.

The jockey for Suzuka, Yutaka Take said in a interview once that usually it would not be unlikely for a horse to fall down after breaking its leg while running, but Suzuka did not because he did not want Take to get hurt. Suzuka was known for being a gentle and friendly horse. He also seemed to know what the jockey riding him wanted and would follow orders well.
The Autumn Tennosho wass known for its curse where the most popular horse cant win. In previous races before this:
  • Oguri Cap was the number one favorite 3 times yet could never win once.
  • Mejiro Mcqueen came in first but due to being penalized for blocking the lane came last
  • Toukai Teio who could not keep up with the high pace in the last corner.
and there is many more. Nowadays however, ever since the curse was broken by TM Opera O in 2000, the number one favorite has had a high percentage of winning the race.
I was wondering how they would do this race but I think they handled did it well. The real Suzuka would never run again after this race, but in the anime with the help of her teammates she can.

≫The real Suzuka would never run again after this race
Well yeah, because he was killed.

Question. Did Suzuka die because of the injury or did he have to get euthanized?

Euthanized, because of the injury. That's what's usually happens to racehorses. They're expensive to maintain and if they get hurt so bad that they probably can't compete anymore, they are worthless to their owners.
Also, once a horse break it's leg, it's usually something pretty serious:
"The problem is, because their bones have become lighter," Hall told me. "They're very strong, to carry their weight, yet they're light, for them to be able to go fast. So, unfortunately, sometimes, when they break, they just shatter."
When that happens, it is not possible to repair the bone, and not just because it is now in lots of little pieces that won't heal together. Another issue is what Hall called "plastic deformation", meaning that the bone bends before it breaks and it is the bent shape that is preserved in the pieces. Even if it were possible to put the pieces back together, you would end up with a madly bent bone.

Oh, man that shot of Team Rigil visiting Suzuka in the end credits. And I thought I was done crying.

I feel bad for El she looked so sad and dejected on the winning platform knowing she only won because the injury.

Not just El. That was one of the saddest victory scenes I've seen. It's like victory doesn't matter at all, for both the horses and the viewers, and the silence really makes the scene heavy.

UGHHHHH! Knew it was going to happen with all that hype on Suzuka but UGHHHHHH hate seeing moments like that. Poor Suzuka :(
A side note, she looked amazing in this shot

Not gonna lie, i gasped in shock when it happened, even with all the "deathflags" poor silence suzuka, did this happen to the real horse

Yes but in real life he was killed because of it.

Juat watched the irl race video, crying over a horse that died 20 years ago

THis show is a rollercoaster. I feel it's one of those shows most people will never watch because "it's stupid" but it's one of the best put together shows of the season, especially when it comes to the directing.
I hope Suzuka keeps showing up in the anime.
Also, I want a van full of horsegirls.

dammit Uma Musume here I am almost CRYING, you are supposed to b a funny moe anime with cute stuff. Not this devastating scenes, especially that scene when we see spec-chans eye and her complete emotional wreck of seeing the girl she admires /idolizes / loves? Getting injured.
And than its like, you probably can never run as fast again....
It was great to that El Condor Pasa was like meeeeh I did not wanna win like this standing on the podium just looking sad.

Wow they actually did it. So glad they rewrite how it turned out compared to what happened in real life. Great job Spe on the save.
I ended up tearing up a bit. Was not expecting that with this anime

I knew Suzuka getting hurt was coming both form the heavy flags and history, but it still hurts. That said, subbing out the ED for Silence Suzuka's solo song was an amazing touch.

Emotions 10/10
Yes, this was an good emotion episode.


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