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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"Spica's Dream"

TM Opera O the Japanese racehorse who was the model for the Umamusume of the same name, passed away on the 17th of May. He beat Special Week's record of most race earnings in Japan and also hold the world record until Arrogate beat it in 2017. He also won 7 G1 titles matching Syboli Rudolf's record. I hope he rests in peace.

I guess they couldn't get the licensing for Montjeu

Broye is the name of the commune in France where the castle of Montjeu is located. Broye also means to crush much like how Montjeu crushed the dreams of the Japanese people.

As usual they recreated the actual 99' Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe very well matching even the announcer.


I was wondering why Special Week was using the speaker mode on the mobile phone but I then realized that mobile phones aren't long enough to reach her ears like the phone at the beginning of the episode.

So what you're saying is, that Uma Musume is not healthy for the horses. We're only 9 episodes in and two horses are already dead.

"I must live until I see my life adapted as a cute anime girl."

My best horse is dead.Rip. He lived a good life at least.

The poster from the first episode is finally starting to make sense.

Trainer moved up about a dozen places today. He's definitely more than a bumbling genius with his own stable of horse girls. He cares about his team more than anything, and knows how to help them get over their problems. Kudos to his VA, Okino Kouji, that rant of his calling out Spe-chan and Suzuka-san's moping made a huge impact.

That phone call at the end killed me. The way El kept talking about when she was leading the race was heartbreaking.

Trainer-san is actually a great and insightful character. I know a lot of people were turned off at how pervy he seemed at the beginning. But if you watched more, you found out he was just an eccentric guy who is well-intentioned that genuinely and deeply cares about his girls and the team.

I loved that he just yelled at them, they needed to be snapped out of the mood they were in, Trainer did good.

The contrast with her smiling picture when she started crying hurt. But it was fitting : I couldn't, and still can't picture El crying.

That's what worked so well. We've only ever seen El happy and cheery throughout the whole show so far. Just having the audio of her breaking down really made a big impact and i suspect it brought back the feeling that Spe has felt before.

Gold Ship and that helmet!

I don't know how this series does it but even though I was worried worried about Suzuka and Spe-chan I couldn't help but laugh at all of those subtle antics. That custom land phone, all of those girls talking about food in their sleep, playing cards where the stakes are actually carrots. That's hilarious. All that part on the beach was fantastic. And

Holy shit, Gold Ship with the biker helmet and trope awareness. Good Guy Trainer-San getting them ready and fired up. The tough love was nice too

≫biker helmet

Strange lapse in the Continuity department: that volleyed sugar cube seems to hit Gold Ship’s helmet dead center, which would normally take out her nose, not her eye.

Hits the nose breaks up and then sprays into both eyes.

A McQueen without Gold Ship is a McQueen unfulfilled.

Ah, she was fine even without Gold Ship, I liked that. I dislike characters that are entirely co-dependent on other characters. Special Weeks group being hyper competetive with each other already was funny.

I'm really impressed by the way the writers have kept El-chan a true rival and friend for Spe-chan throughout the show. She's not even there anymore, but she's still an important character to Spe-chan and all of the other girls.

Can this anime stop making me cry? That phone call at the end was too much

Great episode! Everything with Suzuka, Spe-chan and El Condor Pasa was very well done!

I love how they have normal phones but also giant ones for the horse girls x)


And I just learnt I have a thing for these type of swimsuits...

If you need a keyword, my brother: sport swimsuit.

Thank you. Tonight's me appreciates it.

Lost to the Horses of Versailles.

Training camp was funny, but I feel like it was a bit short. I expected more bouncing off between the characters in the different groups.

It was cute that El Condor Pasa cried herself out at Special Week.

10/10 Best Episode so far.

Dam this uma musume is just so dam good, this episode had everything great jokes all the way through, super freaking emotional scene when El Condor Pasa is crying over the phone almost got me crying as well, dam good speech from trainer-san, and even introducing 1 new major horse girl with a lot of other side horses.

The everyone Muuuuuri scream into we cannot stop so dam good, I want people to get how awesome this anime is even do its about horse girls, like how I am supposed to get people to watch this anime I am trying to get my coworkers and friends etc to watch this and they just look at me like I am some kind of furry hentai freak (ofc all true but regardless of that fact) when I try to explain this show to them.

Betting Carrots in the card games, Golden ship being prepared now with a helmet for her yes, the horse girls doing other sports then just running like swimming and biking. Superb episode.

Man I'm just happy that Suzuka is fully healed now. I was kinda scared during the first few minutes thinking that Suzuka might be hiding something about her leg but after seeing her run again at her full speed during the triathlon challenge I think I can stop worrying now.

Really like the speech from trainersan whos basically a stand in for the viewer. I really like how spe chan didn't suddenly become better after last weeks episode .Instead of suzuka inspiring her again, having el chan really made the message better since she got too attached to her best friend

More El Condor Pasa, and more dialogue from Team Rigil!

Quite the tearjerker of an episode, with Suzuka and Spe-chan overcoming themselves and with El-chan's race.

Suzuka is back! And Spe-chan is fired up again!

It's good to see Special Week and Suzuka back to their old selves. That ending part of the triathlon was pretty funny. I do feel bad for El Condor she was so close to winning.

This had to be one of the stupidest scenes I have ever seen. With that said, I LMAO at it. The way they all run into the water!!

Very good episode indeed, it was full of comedy stuff but mixed with a little bit of drama as well.

Well done for trainer-san, he finally succeeded to get into the girls' minds, especially Spe-chan and Suzuka, and it seems that all of them will be way better from now on, so he's not a complete useless as I expected and now we're getting closer to the long awaited race between Spe-chan and Suzuka.

Gold Ship and her helmet was really top tier, you could actually see her smugness through it, and the fact they use carrots as money to gamble was hilarious too.

I felt sorry for El-chan after she lost in France. At the beginning of the season I thought she was a greedy bitch but as the episodes went by I started to see her bright side, she's just a girl like Spe-chan who wants to be the best horse girl in the world, she's not that bad, she's sweet, all she has to do right now is go back to Japan to be with her friends and everything will be alright.

Nice, finally a real beach episode!

Really impressed with some of the voice performances this episode. Trainer's tirade against Spe-chan and Suzuka was terrific, making him feel like he really cared about the horse girls for the first time. El's breakdown over the phone also got me. A girl as happy as her should never be that sad.


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