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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
 "For You"

Gold Ship and her Rubik's Cube are the light of my life.
"I pray that Suzuka heals up. Also that orange juice starts coming out of faucets."
Oh, shit. I'm dying.

I know this anime is basically about Suzuka and Spe but i really wanna see Gold Ship beat the ever loving crap out of her rivals too for once. She is arguably the best character in the show and it's sad that she's wasted on comedic relief.

Goldship IS the comedy relief horse in real life.

He just did wathever he wanted, won we he wanted with his tongue sticking out all race, did random stuff in the winners circle and is infamous for giving his riders a world of trouble.

Right now Goldship is retired, still as random as ever rolling on the Grass, doing random circles, stealing their caretakers stuff and impregnating mares on a regular basis.

As unreliable as this horse was when he won he won really fucking hard, Suzuka tier hard with 5 to 6 bodies of difference, but when it decided to do something random you could hear the gamblers rage in the crowd as the horse decides to start on two legs or gets distracted despite wearing focus gear.

Goldship history is legendary.

Well i certainly didn't think about his irl history but still I want at least one episode dedicated to Gold Ship.

Also TIL that irl Gold Ship is related directly to Meijiro McQueen making her 'andvances' in the show rather... peculiar.

Gold Ship actually has her own virtual youtube channel that might be worth checking out. No subs though.

As the overall tone of the show is getting a bit serious, I'm glad there are at least some moments with Spe-chan happily wagging her tail.

Don't forget her ears as well.

That was actually my first favorite moment! 
I was thinking about making the loop, but unfortunately, the ears are cropped and the background zooms independently so it would require more advanced edits (significantly more time to make).

Golshi... Uh... well, just run however you want.

Some best girls are bester than others.

She needs to have an episode all to herself, I need to figure out what makes her tick.

Dammit, Spe-chan you were so focused on Suzuka that you didn't even race for yourself.
I like that Grass Wonder wants a bit of the Spe-chan action too. She's pretty cool in serious mode!
Horse belly.

Oguri Cap and her eating is my favorite background joke.

She's my favorite one ever since I saw the ads for the game.

≫Horse belly
Nice catch. I was afraid we didn't get a horse belly this week.

≫She's pretty cool in serious mode!
Yeah she moved up on my list after this one, she was pretty badass!

All I could see was Grass Wonder achieving Ultra Instinct with that aura of focus there.

Grass Wonder is someone who wants a fight to the fullest so she can see where she is standing after her injury.

Spe-chan had only Suzuka on her mind, Grass Wonder noticed throughout the episode. She couldn't even be fully happy about her win cause she didn't get a fight and possibly also cause she is prideful (feeling she was underestimated).

Yeah, it was pretty clear that Special Week didn't focus on herself. I can understand that she was worried about Suzuka, but that was clearly going to come back at her. I was actually surprised that her spring season went well (off-screen), because she was spending even more time with Suzuka then (I guess it was based on what real events the show wanted to reference ?).

Grass Wonder noticed it as well, but unfortunately, she didn't say it clearly enough to Spe-chan. Well, since she hates losing, I'm sure she got the message now.

We even got spoiled on the fact that she will, indeed, get back on track !

I just realized real Spe-chan is no longer among us...

Wait what, is this real?

Yes. Happened just a couple weeks ago. There was some discussion of it in the episode thread.

Thanks, yeah it surprised me when I saw those tributes comments.

Yeah I wasn't really happy with Special week's obsession with Suzuka this episode. It may be unintentional but it wasn't really nice of her to just suddenly brush aside Grass Wonder so it was really satisfying to see Grass pull up waaay ahead of Special Week during the race.

I hope Spe-chan learns from this and gets her head back on track. Also she really needs to apologize to Grass Wonder the next time they meet.

TIL today is Daiwa Scarlet's Birthday


Best girl's birthday

Will Suzuka push herself too much? I hope not.

I hope not either, but they can kinda do with it what they want, they've been following the real races for the most part. The real Suzuka was immediately put down after the injury, so there's no race records after that.

Me too Goldship, me too

Despite that Suzuka is out of the woods, it's hard not to notice a downer vibe on both Suzuka & Special Week regarding the slow recovery.

If this was any other show, Grass Wonder jealousy would have had a more negative outburst towards Spe-chan. It's nice that all the girls aim for the Best Girl Title.

Speaking of all girls, it's so unfair that we hadn't heard of Urara in quite a while, and all she gets in this episode is a very short cutscene of 5 seconds.

  • Looks like we're not running out of carrot jokes for a while.

Seems like Urara was at some like, training camp or whatever. We might see her again and she might end up being a competent racer this time.

Most likely not if they're going to keep with the original race outcomes. Urara basically holds the record for losing every race she's ever been in, but her owners wouldn't give up on her.

9 months! It's nice that they took their time with rehabilitation and didn't just make it a matter of like two weeks. It also doubles as skipped time to have Special Week grow a bit in ability with off-screen training. Though she was blown out by Grass Wonder's battle aura and her own distraction with Suzuka.

And I gotta say, I love Grass Wonders racing clothes and the gardians they were wearing during the party. Realy nice, really nice.

Spe-chan, ya obsess too much over Suzuka-chan...That was kind of painful to see. Started off cute, ended being quite worrisome. She truly lost her way. I could really empathize with Grass Wonder.

This show is such a delightful surprise. Glad it widely avoids the "MC always wins" and have the show actually feel like a racing/sports show with genuine drama that interweaves with the character development.

Looked like Grass Wonder was ready to throw a rasengan at spe-chan. Lol some chakra aura for sure-

Well poor Grass wonder do, she wanted a fight and she did not really get one.

Overall the episode felt like watching the start of a yandere girl that luckily in the end remember her original goal of not just wanting to run and be with suzuka-san but that Special week goal is to be the best horse in japan!

AND dam, they send away El Condor Pasa to French one of the best horse girls!!!!!! god dammit.


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