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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 6 impressions

Episode 6
"Autumn Skies and Horse Girls"



I was worried there for a second when Suzuka faced El Condor Pasa but, damn, my girl is fast.

Those scenes with Hana and Trainer were both funny. I like how dynamic this show is. Reminds me of Sora Yori in this aspect.

Where can I buy that spe-chan? I need it.

I totally want a Gold Ship one

Touch the fluffy tail:)

Nice catch.

I'm not sure if I'd rather touch the tail or have a horse girl pat my head, both look pretty great.

There's so much fun background stuff happening in almost all of the shots. I feel like an anituber will cover this show just because of that alone. On top of that, this show is just so much better than it has any real right to be and that's incredibly amusing.

"I just wanted to eat some donuts."
I now officially love this show.

Casually eating some more in the background.

The amount of great stuff you can find in the backgrounds of this show never ceases to please me.

The multiple threads for the news were all taken down, so if you missed it the real life inspiration for Special Week passed away this week.
He had a great career, now it's time to rest.

Rest in Peace, Special Week. He 23 years old and had already retired and hopefully enjoyed retirement and carrots a bit. Too bad he didn't get to see his anime equivalent succeed.

F for Special Week.

It's really sad news, especially after the highs of the derby episode from last week. The news initially said that that he passed away from old age, but now the Japanese news sites are reporting that it could have been complications from a fall he had on the 23rd that broke his left hip.

He's probably running across the skies with Suzuka and El Condor Pasa as we speak. The OP is going to make me cry from now on.

The first thing I thought when I heard the news was part of the opening. It's taken on a whole new tone, in a tragic yet beautiful way. Silence Suzuka and Special Week, racing together in the sky...

Suzuka and Spe-chan are made for each other, such a nice moment they had sitting at the riverside enjoying the fireworks and each others company.
Horsegirls in butler outfits are wonderful.
I want all of those Spica plushes that guy had.
Suzuka is a beast of a racer.

≫such a nice moment they had sitting at the riverside enjoying the fireworks and each others company.
Half expected Suzuka to lean over and whisper "I love..." in Spe-chan's ear.

And Spe-chan to reply "I also love fireworks."

Is the sound getting worse? I used to not mind in the first episodes when people were complaining but now it really affects my enjoyment of the series...

Did they just skip over the beach episode???

Even more tummies!

Audio engineer here! This is definitely 5.1 mix was mixed down poorly to a stereo mix. Nothing wrong with your system, probably nothing wrong at the studio. The most likely culprit is a playback device after-the-fact that has the surround delay enabled, thus creating a doubling of audio both in power and time.

I've seen this issue before and it's actually quite common. Just make sure you use the appropriate mix for the playback system you are listening on. Otherwise, you may get weird artifacts like you hear here.

No dedicated beach episode makes me sad.
≫Even more tummies!
tbh they all look pregnant to me.

Yep, they sure do, isn't it great?

finding the men of culture sure was easy this week :D

Science babies horse girls.
My life will never be complete until I get this.

Gold Ship is the fucking best. How does that horse still have eyes left? Are they made out of steel?

And so many names displayed this week, it's like watching a very horsey episode of Legend of the Equine Heroes. The visual comedy was pretty good today. Ogurin is like the unholy child of Speck-chan and Gold Ship. Random and hungry. I love that you can eat her after the scene in the background eating even more, that little glutton. The festival was short, but tons of fun.

Seeing El Condor Passa suddenly faced with losing for the first time was very compelling to see. It was even close, no matter how hard she tried, she was all out of options.

≫Gold Ship is the fucking best. How does that horse still have eyes left? Are they made out of steel?

She straight up took a skewer to the eye... And then moments later is fine. Confirmed Gold Ship's eyes are the strongest material known to man.

≫Seeing El Condor Passa suddenly faced with losing for the first time was very compelling to see.

Agreed. It brought her, and us, back down to earth. A good reminder of just how fast the competition they're striving to beat are.

Looks like Hana x Trainer is a thing.
Now we just need a scene of the Spica girls coming into the locker room to find the two trainers adjusting their clothes and looking a little sheepish.

That shot of her reminds me of Utako from Hinamatsuri

when i saw the bartender shaking the drink all i could think of was the bartender loli

Gold Ship and McQueen make a great comedy duo.

Love the addition of McQueen <3

Fun fact: the Kentucky Derby, the biggest race in the world, is set for next weekend!

Time to stock up on bourbon, should make next weeks episode even more entertaining. Although, I suppose it's probably not possible for this anime to be any more entertaining than it already is, but it certainly can't hurt to try.

Wow that last race was intense! I was worried about Grass getting hurt or hurting others and then El Condor had a good chance to catch up near the end.

But Suzuka comes out on top <3

This show is really nailing the mix between CGDCT and sports quite nice.

≫This show is really nailing the mix between CGDCT and sports quite nice.

Sits right alongside Scorching Hot Ping Pong Girls as the shining lights of the CGDS(porty)T genre. Probably hasn't surpassed it yet, not in my opinion at least, but we're only half way through and the anime really has nowhere to go but up. Hopefully we can get more anime like them in the future.

It's kinda funny how they're basically ignoring the idol part. Which is probably good because CGDCT and sports and idols might be too much. I guess they have to at least mention it since it's in the game but the idol part really seems tacked on.

Never change, Gold Ship-san.
[edit] Watch the beach scene again for another eye-poke gag.

This show is such a fantastic balance of funny, sweet, and exciting. Definitely one of my top three of the season.

I just binged all 6 episodes today and it was SO cute. I really enjoyed watching the show - it's was super lighthearted and sweet. :) 
Looking forward to the next half of the show and seeing Spe-chan get the success she wants!

As usual, the sports part is by far the superior part of the anime, intensity is off the charts.

I really felt for Grass Wonder coming back from an injury and wanting to close up again. Good on her coach to comfort her after that painful reminder that she isn't 100 percent yet.

Suzuka was untouchable there.

I'm really surprised how many horse girls there are and they are all unique. hard to pick a favorite.


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