Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"No Matter How Many Times I Lose"

I've missed the previous discussion threads so forgive me if this has already been answered, but what is the appropriate way to refer to Gold Ship? She's a horse so is it 'best horse' or 'best horsegirl' or just 'best girl?

You clearly have refined taste. I'll follow your lead.


For y'all Goldship fans

Best Girl is the way to go friend

Hang in there, Spe.



I never thought I'd get emotional over a race between horse girls, but they built it up really well.

She has kind of big feet doesn't she..?

This is the power of two moms.

Spe-chan all tied up and pouting.

God, I wish I was that rope

Family ties, they find a way to get to ya.

When Uma Musume's blush game is so strong even the knees have bluses

Friction from running has worn the material thin.

I can't help but giggle every time I see carrots in this show. Just look at these fancy carrots and this is definitely a carrot juice in that wine glass.

I was surprised when Spe-chan lost so easily in the intro but the I got excited all over again when she made a new record. That part with her Mom was heartwarming. This is hands down one of the best sport series I've ever seen.

Don't forget this one. Now I'm hungry. Uma Musume is a cooking anime.

This show made me want to drink carrot juice even though I hate carrots. Everything there just looks so tasty.

Never go in hungry. I learned that lesson last season when I gained 20 pounds watching Koizumi-san.

Oguri Cap always in the cafeteria. How do you get her out of there?

She was outside this episode, probably smelled Speck-chan's giant Onigiri:

"Why do I only have one?"

Onigiri envy

Training Montages all day everyday, we Shounen now bois. Gold Ship offering Spe-chan some takoyaki was adorable

Well, it's a sports series. Training montages are quite natural.

Based on 10 episodes.. is King Halo just there to get shit on? She always seems to be up front and then fall back during the last 50-100 meters

Probably because the anime focuses on Special Week. Looking at King Halo's wikipedia entry, he loses to either Special Week, Seiun Sky, and Grass Wonder in every race they are in despite being usually one of the top favorites in various races (Yellow = Special Week, Blue = Seiun Sky, Green = Grass Wonder).

I like her design and she seems like a really nice girl, but they really do shit on her. I mean i understand that she isn't a hall of famer like most of Spica and Rigil.

Get in the fucking robot box Shinji Seiun Sky


Seiun Sky really hated to get in the starting gates and this particular race especially, Seiun Sky resisted the gates for more than 5 minutes.

I really like how they add all these details in the anime you can really see that the creators are big horse racing fans


It would have been really great to see Spe-chan's idol performance after the race. I thought there was a chance we would see it, since she had mentioned the glow sticks earlier in the episode. But now I think she did that just so we wouldn't forget they exist, and then realize that we have to get the game if we ever want to see them. Oh well, I hope we get one in the last episode at least...

I’ve recently caught up with this show, this is top 5 material in a very strong season, really really good stuff, hidden gem, underrated, amazing production, yada yada yada, if you are in this thread, you know where I’m coming from.

It is structured like an idol show (and idol shows are structured like sports shows, so the circle is completed), very similar to something like Love Live in this sense, but it is much more consistent than both seasons of both Love Live versions. Kei Oikawa is amazing for directing two superb shows in the same season, I don’t know how this is even possible.

Best girl? El Condor Pasa, with Silence Suzuka a distant second.

These races never stop being super intense and I think the OST really adds to it, the music this week was really hype.

Though where in the hell did they find that tire, must be off one of those massive dump trucks. I didn't know these girls were draft horses too.


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