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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"play: Departed Spirit"

Tsukiyama wants to make Sasaki remember that he is Kaneki. He and Kanae find him on the street, along with the Quinx Squad, and Tsukiyama runs towards him but fells down. Sasaki hears him saying "Kaneki" but he doesn't recognise him. Sasaki goes to Uta's shop and orders masks for the entire Quinx Squad, in order to impersonate ghouls for the upcoming Rose Investigation. Kori Ui rejects the plan, knowing that Sasaki is a ghoul. In the meantime, Kijima's video of him torturing Yuuma brutally and provoking Rose gang to kill him has gone viral. Tsukiyama plans to release him and to use Kaneki/Sasaki as a key person by restoring his memories. Tsukiyama makes many failed attempts to speak to Sasaki, so Kanae bribes some Aogiri members to attack the Squad in order to isolate Sasaki. However, Yamori's old gang attacks Sasaki by accident and Mutsuki battles with Torso but he is attacked by the ghoul Grave Robber. Sasaki kills his attackers with his kagune. Saiko is almost killed but she is saved by Amon Kotaru who is revealed to be alive. Eto watches the entire scene. 

Hey? Hey why? Be cool Boku
...god I love Tsukiyama

Shuu will always be best boi and loyal boi

The rosenwalds/tsukiyamas are just too hilarious. That scream last episode and the first scene this one, also Kanaes pronunciation of the german word 'Gebot' made me chuckle. My god, butchered german is just too great to listen to.

≫My god, butchered german is just too great to listen to

Seriously, it's even better than engrish haha

Mamoru Miyano is a blessing, I love Tsukiyama. His roles as Pandora's actor (Overlord) and Okabe (S;G) are among my favorites.

I loved his voice acting from the moment I heard him speak as Dazai in Bungou Stray Dogs

He is amazing! I think one of his first roles I remember was Tamaki in Ouran Host Club, who is actually pretty similar to Tsukiyama lol.

I refused to pick up the TG manga till :RE aired, I'm all caught up now and SO glad I decided to read it.
You know those apps that can turn your TV screen into a fireplace? So you basically get the fireplace aesthetic without the warmth and depth of the real one.
The anime is the fireplace app, except pierrot can't even make it look pretty.
If you are interested in world building and character depth and development, read the manga of both TG and :RE, I just hope one day I can enjoy watching TG properly animated and adopted.

Guide to remembering characters from previous seasons for anime-only viewers - Updated for up to episode 8 of :re

Episode was solid overall. Shikorae isn't as hilarious without the emoji, but I guess that's to be expected with the anime médium.

There are lots of characters (expecially in :Re) who has their own unique dialogue types in speech bubbles (Urie being the most prominent). Its one of the things I like about :Re. Also thanks for listening to my request and updating the guide, appreciate your work.

wait, that girl in the bakery was Yoriko?

Damn where'd her orange hair go?

Just noticed Akira's eye color has completely changed.

The one change they got right. It was actually always supposed to be a pinkish-red colour, even in the first 2 seasons.

Can't ever get tired of Miyano Mamoru's engrish. Nice to have our man Tsukiyama back to get Kaneki-kun. The twist with his old methods failing with Haise got a chuckle out of me.

I don't know what Kanae expected to happen with the attack on the Quinx, if they had actually managed to kill a member it would only make the survivors more distrustful and antagonistic towards ghouls.(Granted Haise isn't like that, but i doubt Kanae knows this)

Interesting to see ghouls using quinques as well, wonder why we haven't seen more of this. Don't know who they expected to surprise with Haise solo-ing the fodder white suits.

The show likes telling us how strong Haise is but when the time comes to show it, it's either underwhelming(vs Takizawa, Nishiki) or offscreen. Can't say I'm not dissapointed with the fights.

Shirazu's character is getting really interesting, he's starting to feel conflicted towards how ghouls are treated and his PTSD is keeping him from using his quinque. Looking forward to see where this development gets him.

This was an okay episode until the fight. Mostly thanks to Tsukiyama. He's so desperate to get Kaneki back, it's kind of adorable in a anime stalker kinda way.

I don't know what it is, but they cannot animate combat scenes to save their lives. It still feels like there's no force behind anything. Just animate a SWISH and claim it's an impact because characters are screaming. It's not as frustrating as it was with the auction, because there wasn't combat going on everywhere. In the future though...

And did they ever tell Saiko to go hide? I hope I just missed it because if I wasn't a manga reader, I'd be super confused.

Yeah, Toru told her to find a place to hide.

I figured. I got distracted by Torso being repeatedly "stabbed" and looking like nothing was happening to him. =P

I like how Haise‘ hair keeps on getting darker. It shows that kaneki will one day come back.

Tsukiyama is a national treasure. His shenanigans are always a highlight in this series.

Whenever Uta is in shopkeeper mode I always find the scenes of him trying to make masks for people relaxing.

Shirazu still has ptsd and it's crippling his combat effectiveness, while Urie is just trying to get used to his new frame.

Torso going into full stalker mode whenever Mutsuki's there. And we must protecc Saiko at all costs.

Overall this was a pretty good episode and was paced pretty well. I look forward to next week's.

Tsukiyama is back in all his glory. That madlad didn't waste any time either lol

I wonder who saved Saiko-chan. Maybe it was Uta since he saw her before.

Dark haired, crazy strength, wielding a two handed's gotta be Amon

Anyone else prefer seeing the current Kaneki or Haise more than before, for me it seems kinda cool to see him on the side of the humans.

believe me haise is my favorite version of Kaneki.. Not in the anime however, he just feels... empty.. He seems way more expressive in the manga.

Kaneki was never against the side of the humans though, just fought to protect his friends from CCG and Aogiri. He was kind of a neutral party that believed in the good of both sides.

If anything, Haise is against the side of the ghouls because he's duty bound to fight for the CCG even against ghouls who may not be harming humans. I think he's supposed to be in Amon's shoes as Haise where he doesn't completely believing in the system, but follows it anyway.

When did they start calling Haise "maman"? It sounds like mama.

"maman" is the french way of saying "mama"

It's just what Saiko calls him. Like how Shirazu calls him Sassan.

I just noticed, every member of the Quinx has a different way of calling Haise:

This one was okay. Man, Tokyo Ghoul deserves better anime though.

It's starting to get to the point that I'm even liking Route A more then this. It just doesn't feel like the people behind this care at all about it. Nothing has any depth, and it just feels weak. I've read the manga, I know whats up, but man I keep finding myself going "wow this just feels lazy." Hell even the OST which Tokyo Ghoul is known for, feels lazy. I keep noticing it just is variation of old songs, which while cool at first, is starting to also feel lazy, like they are trying to simply play off of feelings the old ones originally created. Like the SoL scenes are fine, but just all in all, I feel so sad watching this because it feels like it has no heart in it, where even shows like Black Clover which have been very hit or miss still feel like they have some heart in them.

Basically, I need another studio to pick up Tokyo Ghoul a few years down the line. It needs to have justice served.

This series feels like it is both moving at a snail's pace and rushing through plot points at the same time.

I am just glad another 20 characters weren't introduced this episode.

At this point, I am confused on why they are taking the pace of the anime so slowly considering it's not a 24 episode anime but rather a 13 ep one.

This is not slow.

Everything felt fast forwarded, no impact on literally any scene.


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