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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 8 everyone's imppressions

Episode 8
"TAKe: One Who Writhes"

Kanae running scene is quite..... unique

Honestly though, I wonder if it was meant to look intentionally comical like that.

Probably since all the Tsukiyamas act over the top lol

Reminds me of the Furuta run, which probably won't be shown in this season...

It is two cours iirc, so it will be adapted son

Time for some depresso!

Hinami's Cochlea diary


In her diary, she doesn't mention missing Ayato. Being Ayato is suffering

I've only seen anime and some parts of manga, but Hinami will be alright?... right?..

Im glad to see Yoko Taro is enjoying his work. He's a good boy.

hahaha that reminds me that i want and hope NieR gets an anime adaptation someday

I wouldn't want the main game to get an adaptation. That would never work. The game is one of the few that take advantage of the game medium to tell the story. I would love to see one of the prequel dramas get an adaptation though! That would make it accessible to a lot more people.

Haise's interactions with Kaneki's friends are always so heartwarming, yet heartbreaking. Poor Hinami-chan's trying her best to remind him of his past (even calling him onii-chan), while Uta's trying not to give him any blatant hints in order to respect Touka's wishes. Also, Haise's hair keeps getting darker and darker since he stopped pushing Kaneki away.

Speaking of Hinami-chan, the short flashback of her first interaction with Ayato when she joined Aogiri explained why he cares so much about her and that she's the reason he's gotten so mild-mannered. Not sure if this is going in a romantic or sibling-esque direction relationship-wise but still, I'm glad he's changed from the way he used to be.

Tsukiyama is such a fascinating character, always has been. Despite his unhealthy obsession with Kaneki, I feel really bad for him and want him to get better. It was also nice to see how much Hori genuinely cares about him when she told Kanae to respect his wishes before giving him the photos. However, I can't help but think that Kanae is trouble.

On a sidenote, Hairu is so perfect, it's scary. There's something creepy about her.

Hinami can thaw anyone's heart.

Yeah, Haise's interactions with the old cast really make me smile. I hope they can reunite some day.

I feel like this arc is the one which really brings out Tsukiyama’s character. Didn’t quite respect his character, thought of him as a bit of a gag character, but this arc changed my mind about that.

I thought his hair was getting darker, I can't tell what it means though

Is kaneki fading away? Is it just acceptance?

While there is some symbolic meaning to it, his hair was originally black, and since it's turning back when it grows more of it is black.

Guide to remembering characters from previous seasons for anime-only viewers - note this was made to be seen before episode 5 of :re, just posting it for people who missed it.

Animation improved this episode, during the Hairu vs Matsumae fight.

Kijima and Furuta were great, looking forward to seeing more of them in the anime.

For those who didn't recognize her, the girl at bakery is Yoriko Kosaka, Touka's best friend from school. Her hair color seems different this time around.

≫For those who didn't recognize her, the girl at bakery is Yoriko Kosaka, Touka's best friend from school. Her hair color seems different this time around.

Holy shit, no way. She does look completely different.

they gotta update this guide cause a few more characters like Tatara and Yoriko has appeared.

I didn't think it was necessary at first since it's just to help people remember (figured the names would help for those that appear later since they mention their names), but I'll update it for next episode since it might be necessary after all. Yoriko doesn't just look older, they even changed her hair color, so it's really easy to not recognize her even with her name being mentioned on the list.

yeah that's my point. Yoriko isn't really the most memorable or important character in Tokyo Ghoul, but she's gonna be a really critical character in :Re, so its better to remind people of who she is.

It would be nice if someone could updating this list. There are so many characters in this anime/manga that I can't even recognize old ones. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even notice Kosaka's was Touka's best friend from highschool!

I'll update it for the next episode I think. Didn't think it would be necessary since they mention the characters names, but since the designs are also really different I'm starting to think otherwise.

Exactly what I thought. This guide helped me recognize so many characters so far that I would never remember even. Thank you!

That scream-out-the-window scene was really odd.

That caught me off-guard lmao.

Gotta love the Tsukiama's

He got like 20 years younger during that scream.

I can't get enough of Hairu <3

Same! My main reason to watch this adaptation. They should include this. Idk, it looks cute.

Can't wait for this

Her voice is great too.

Actually best girl.

The Tsukiyama family are quite the dramatic lot, aren't they?

screams out the window

I really like Kijima and Furuta. Not quite what i expected him to sound like, but it is still good. I think Furutas voice is perfect actually to be honest.

Tokyo Ghoul never gets bad music. It felt really bittersweet when Haise went to Uta with his mask. The background music was great.

It feels like the Hairu's fight scene has been the most well animated so far. Ridiculous.

Also imo, somethings missing from the design, I guess her eyes aren't droopy enough. But well, she is awfully cute anyways

Lol funny how this episode has one of the worst animation so far but also has one of the best animation so far. When Kanae was running in the beginning of the episode it was SO BAD lol. When Hairu Ihei was dodging the attacks it was SO GOOD XD Finally some season 1-levels of animation there. I have such mixed feelings with Pierrot's animation right now lol at least they're doing a pretty darn good job adaptation wise

Tsukiyama time is always good. And it helps use understand his home life more- poor Kanae, trying so hard to serve him for the kindness shown to him, and he has to deal with his master being malnourished.

Shirazu is starting to feel nervous about his quinque, and we get a bit of him traveling with Kuroiwa and Saiko to which we find Toka's friend from high school in the bakery they visit.

The parts with Haise visiting Hiname in Cochlea and Uta in his shop are really great for building on how Haise starts to view the person Kaneki was.

Does anyone know how many chapters they adapted this week?


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