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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"mind: Days of Recollections"

sasaki too lost in his thoughts to notice s-rate ghoul serpent sleeping
Also Uta sitting within his line of site, his eyes would at least warrant questioning by a ghoul investigator.
You'd question Uta anyway, let alone him potentially being a ghoul
I like to imagine that he's like the cop who can smell the weed, but the other persons not bothering anyone so he lets it slide.
For anyone that didn't notice, Haise's hair seems to have gotten blacker and is less fluffy, now it looks more similar to Kaneki's.
Amazing. I didn't even notice it. So this means Sasaki is turning into Ken now?
Saiko just loves eating her food lul
The scene with Touka though...she seems more prettier this season.
She's older, more womanly
In short, she's ripe.
Oh man just a single scene with Eto makes the episode worth it.
Three best girls in the same episode, Saiko, Touka and Eto.
no mention of Hinami?
she is best daughter
This show is at its best when there's minimal action involved. The hospital scene with Urie, Shirazu and Suzuya and the cafe scene from earlier were much better than when it tries to make fights look good.
Interesting to see that Mutsuki is trying to learn from a different sensei.
New ED visuals too, the one with Akira looks wallpaper worthy.
Edit: Was Juuzo's paper plane scene a callback to √A?
don't remember that being in the manga.
Suzuya threw a paper plane in TG and in :re manga.
However, the scene is misplaced because Juuzo only throws paper planes before a huge battle.
I like a nice balance. In a dark series like this, you definitely need build up.. and that requires touching moments that lead to dramatic/climactic fights and crazy results. Fighting 24/7 is just battle shonen shit. However, it wouldn’t be Tokyo Ghoul without at least some action as well. The action just needs to mean something.
Yeah, i love fights and action when it's well done in terms of thematic meaning, choreography, animation,etc. Kaneki vs Jason holds a special place in my heart because it was truly the culmination of Ken's arc in that season and had great animation, music (the OP!).
It's just that :re and √A haven't had the benefits of the first season's production quality and thus haven't been able to do the fights justice. These quieter moments are the best they can do for now, it seems.
I hope it improves for the remainder of the cour or perhaps for the next one.
ED stitch: long-haired Akira a cute
Akira looked beautiful with her hair down and seeing Akira and Arima join the celebrations, turned up the the comfy family vibe to 11.
This episode was such a tease of whats to come, but i love the excitement building for all the different characters plot lines. Plus actually having so many characters all play an important part in the narrative is what makes it such a good show.
≫Akira looked beautiful with her hair down
Agreed. She's really beautiful with her hair down like this and this too
It's super sad that Sasaki made all of that food, tried so hard and he can't eat it, not one bit. ;_; I know that feeling all too well.
So... what does he eat then? I thought he was kinda "fixed" and could now properly eat. Dx
His rc cell count is out of this world, still. He can't be "fixed" because he is a "true" one eyed ghoul, unlike the quinx. The only thing he can eat is coffee, ghoul and human meat. CCG provides him with meals. So you can figure it out yourself from the context...
koori ui put on lipstick and pads to join shimoguchi squad
Part of me truly hopes that when Haise gets his memories back there's a full on sequence/set of episodes showing his last few days as Kaneki ending with "the thing" that wipes his memories bringing him back to the present.

Imagine that all the confusion for anime-onlies was intentional as part of getting into the headspace of Haise only for it to be violently torn away as he flashes back to his lost memories in full. (I can dream)
I was surprised to see Hinami-chan get captured but I'm glad Haise was able to get custody of her. I wonder how their interactions are going to be since he's vaguely aware that she must've been close to Kaneki but doesn't remember any of it. Him trying to find out more about Kaneki/his past is highly intriguing and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next. When he remembers what the mask and eyepatch stood for, it's gonna hit him like a truck.

Also, both the dinner scene and the Anteiku reunion were too bittersweet that I could consider them feel-good moments. The make-believe family at the CCG won't last long and it was sad how Haise sat in :re, drinking coffee, while Touka and the others had to pretend like they didn't know him. I can only imagine how Touka must be feeling.

On a sidenote, I'm currently catching up on the manga, so I can read the adapted chapters after the new episodes (which has definitely made me understand :re a lot better) but I'm not sure what I'm gonna do after this cour's over. The next cour will start in Autumn and I like to watch anime without spoilers but at the same time, I do want to get to that chapter sooner rather than later. Decisions ...
Was in the same boat as you and chose to read the manga. I don’t regret it at all, what a ride the manga is and you get to experience TG through Ishida. Even though im up to date with the manga I still thoroughly enjoy the anime every week.
best girl touka and eto this episode, wonderful.
HEY! Akira is part of the best girl group too!
And Hinami and Saiko as well...
TG in general has a large roster of best girls.
Koori Ui's anime design looks great and Best Girl next episode HYPE
It really seems like Kaneki or his different side/ghoul side is taking the mind and body back bit by bit. If it's going to come down to Haise vs Kaneki with a permanent physical existence on a pole match Book it Vince, I might just be rooting for Sasaki at this point. Despite how unbelieveable Kaneki's death was, it really feels like death retroactively and erasing the "home" and "family" Sasaki found would be too cruel, even if I know TG is fairly capable of cruelty. I do think there has to be proper send-off/final wish kind of scenario to occur though.

Speaking of home, I think there was some interesting direction there with how Haise treats his base (or what's that house again?) as the place where he belongs, surrounded by the people he believes to be the closest to him; and then comes to the cafe, where he's surrounded by unfamiliar people, who believe it to be the place where he should belong.
Man, this was a nice cooldown episode. Glad the party scene was done but a bit sad that it was mostly still frames.

That subtle Urie development is good, and it allows us to know more about Shirazu too.
It's pretty great that they altered the ending to include Arima and Akira in there too.


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