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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"turn: In the End"

Why is no one talking about the ultimate bros - Juuzou's Squad??? The way they weren't gonna stand around idly while Big Madame shat all over Juuzou's innocence and ripped her apart while the biggest bro of them all Hanbee covered Juuzou's ears from hearing any more was adorable! bless their hearts. Its this scene where you realise Juuzou's squad dont just respect him as their senior, but that they love and adore him while so many at the CCG still see him as a freak.

It's one of the most heartwarming scenes in the manga. This scene perfectly establishes the bond between juuzou and her squad.

However the terrible animation makes it hard to take it seriously when everything is newgrounds flash quality...

His squad all slid across the scene motionlessly at the exact same time when killing Big Madam. Felt like I was watching some TMNT quality shit.

≫juuzou and her squad.
Wait, isn't Juuzou a dude?

Yes. People don't wanna admit they're gay for Juuzou /s

You added a /s for some reason

Once again we’re reminded that this anime adaption is worth it just for Unravel.

I haven't read the manga yet but I'm really liking this season. Do manga readers dislike it, like they disliked root A?

The animation quality is a bit rough at times and they’ve skipped some semi important details here and there but the general consensus is that this is at least better than Root A.

Basically, it’s ok but could be much better.

Considering pierrot have yet to go anime original like with root A or make my ears bleed like they did with black clover, I’m enjoying re.


Pierrott could just throw up a clip of Ishida taking a shit and throw Unravel on top and it would instantly become a favorite scene of mine.

The average TG fan in a nutshell ^

That's what I'm noticing, despite the rather poor quality of this season the die hard manga fans seem to be more open to this than they were RootA because it adheres to the source material. Even if it's not a great production.

My reaction of the episode:
This is a great episode
(Oshiete Oshiete yo sono shikumi wo (starts in the background)


I honestly didn't expect them to play Unravel.But damn that song makes everything more Hype.


Always great to see another man of such refined taste.

Eto is love

Esto best girl forever


"It's over Kanekin, I have the high ground."
"You underestimate my glowing tentacle sticks."

Kaneki still had the higher ground tho.


It's great to see how much Hinami-chan has grown and that Haise vaguely remembers her (at least that's what I got when he told her he isn't the person she knew back then). I'm glad he's coming to terms with the fact that he can't win against Kaneki and that he's finally embracing that side of his.

Next episode's gonna be interesting.

As a manga reader, Haise doesn't actually directly remember Hinami. His comment about his past self is from her defending him and the conversation she had with Takizawa; he basically just understood that she was someone he knew before, and that he must have been important to her if she was defending him.

The animation in this episode was miles better than the last, and was really good. The fights were great and were animated well too.

Unravel appeared, but imo it shouldn't have appeared in this fight. It wasn't an amazing fight and it feels like Unravel was used to make it seem better. They also left out a mind blowing bit about Big Madam in the episode that was in the manga.

Still the best episode of re so far. If the rest ends up like this, I would be pretty glad with this adaption.

If you look at the lyrics, I think that Unravel fits very well in the context of Haise Sasaki as a character.

"Tell me, please tell me, what this plot is all about.. Exactly, who resides within me? I'm broken, so broken - amidst this world."

The rest of the lyrics perfectly capture Haise Sasaki and his struggles, namely against this unknown consciousness deep inside, in an attempt to assert his very own existence and prevent it from being erased.

Chan Hina best imouto. Fite me.
Kaneki screaming almost had me crying, definitely works better than in the manga.
Fight scenes still leave a lot to be desired though :/

≫Fight scenes still leave a lot to be desired though

I hear that. I haven't really felt invested in any of them like I did in the first season of TG. They feel like... there's no weight behind them. When somebody got impaled or kicked in the first season it felt like they've been hit. Now people are just getting impaled and thrown through walls willy-nilly without it having any impact. They just feel like they're going through the motions of animating it.

I think it's amplified by the art change in the manga too. Where Re: has a more sketchy feel than original Tokyo Ghoul, so the manga's action feels, I don't know, grittier and kind of chunky, maybe kind of messy and more kinetic. The anime hasn't really been able to replicate that so the fights, especially Takizawa, feel like they're doing no damage compared to the original.

The animation was better this episode. I figured because it's a climax it sort of has to be. My biggest complaint is how much Studio Pierrot is dodging every gender issue like the plague. That's already 2 characters who's gender identities have been cut out. And I'm guessing they'll probably find a way to cut out the next one.

As much as I really have grown tired of Unravel, it makes sense to put the song here and it definitely is a highlight of the episode but they could have fit the song better with the visuals like season 1 did. The climax of the song hits but the scene doesnt fit with the climax. Maybe it's personal preference but I would have much preferred the beginning of the intense moment of the fight to begin with the chorus of the song.

I've always loved kanekid and his interaction with Haise. He's so adorable. Good episode. Next episode looks really interesting with that specific preview.

pierrot really need to got their shit together,because all the previous episodes really have mediocre animation...

Seems pretty unavoidable since it's been very outsource heavy ( and with that I mean fully outsourced episodes ) since the start. Obviously they can't tackle the production with the means they have available right now and so went for this option. So yeah I wouldn't really bet my money on any overall increase in quality aside from some occasional spikes due to guest appearances.

EDIT: Additional info. The upcoming 4 episodes are storyboarded by one person who also has to direct 2 of them while also 2 of them are outsourced entirely to Korea. It's one hell of a messy production.

urie ;___;
i really love how the lyrics of unravel fit so well with that ending scene and how the episode ended with the line "tell me, who resides inside of me?" with a shot of shironeki appearing after~
probably the best ep so far tbh

Holy shit the lyrics of Unravel make so much sense now

Why was the Nutcracker fight animated so well but the Haise vs. Takizawa fight animated so poorly ;_;

The ending of the fight was so is the point of Unravel if it's going to be a bunch of still frames

I love saiko. More saiko please.

I'm really happy that they seemed to adapt the scene with Urie and Mutsuki well

Really good episode. I wish they left some of the dialogue between Hinami and Haise when Haise decides to fight but it doesn't matter too much.


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