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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 5 everone's impressions

Episode 5
 "PresS: Night of Scattering"

I'm digging Uries arc right now, I wonder if and when he's going to get a hard reality check.
Urie starts competing for kills with Juuzou Oh boy, here he goes killing again

"I won't let you surpass me, Kuroiwa!!"
Kuroiwa's current status: choked out giant ghoul like a beast
Urie's current status: getting deepthroated by Suzuya's parent
It's Sunny theme plays

Wait, the Madam is Suzuya's parent? I'm so confused

Mhm; it's less clear in the anime since, well, we all know how they skip a lot of stuff, but there is a brief backstory shown in Root A where we see Suzuya's past.

Big Madam was the person who bought Suzuya (and named him "Rei" at the time rather than Juuzou, which was the name Shinohara gave him later on; not sure if the anime skipped this part too) as a child to "raise." Big Madam would force Suzuya to learn to kill humans in illegally held dark carnival spectacles for ghouls to watch for entertainment. Big Madam would also torture Suzuya every single day, as well as dress Suzuya up as a girl because that is Madam's preference.

The anime also skipped the part of the flashback where, shortly after dressing Suzuya up as a girl, Madam decided to castrate Suzuya so he could be "one more step closer to a true girl."

Tl;dr Big Madam is the reason why Suzuya's life got fucked up...Q~Q

No wonder Suzuya wants to kill the Madam so bad. Also, Pierrot left something this important out of the plot. Wtf.

it wasn't left out of the plot though, Root A has a fairly thorough flashback of Suzuya participating in the fighting pits(the one that Kaneki gets lured to by Tsukiyama early in Season 1)-> Getting dragged through a dungeon to being chained down and tortured by Big Madam while calling her Mama->Chasing a ghoul down in the pits and killing him just before the pits get raided and Shinohara's squad finds him

I believe it's in episode 6 of Root A and I would have linked to a video but couldn't find a good one

The nutcracking scenes kill me inside. pop

that's literally the worst way to die

Getting eaten alive by Madam is up there too

Guide for anime-only viewers to help remember characters from previous seasons

Takizawa is great, it's just a shame that the animation has been so lackluster. It really takes away from the intensity of the situation.

Having read the manga, I never really cared much for Takizawa after he turned Owl, but man his VA is killing it. Definitely the best part of the anime so far.

I reread the manga recently, and he's one of my favorite characters. He's like the anti-Kaneki, the one regular dude who got thrown into such chaos and got actually broken, who gave in. I've heard that he's like a copy of Kaneki, but he's so different emotionally and mentally. I love his backstory and past too.

"You need to pay attention during lectures"
cracked me up
Storywise I still dont get anything. It also feels like nobody here actually has a plan, all of them are just strolling around and looking for enemies.

Read the manga. I'm sorry but tokyo ghoul is just a bad anime

No, Im not doing what pierrot wants me to do!

Ah, of course, that was Ishida sensei's master plan all along. Make the adaptation too good and people won't bother with the manga; make it terrible, though, and fans will start shilling the source material earnestly..

If it continues like this, :re will end up in the list of worst manga adaptations ever along with Root A and Berserk (2017)

Takizawa was the best part of this episode.

The layering of different fight scenes probably intended to convey that real-time, so many things were happening simultaneously, and it makes the sense of chaos more realistic. Sadly, it did prove to be more messy than meaningful in achieving that realism.

Some details that were glossed over: 1. Takeomi strangling the clown to death is not explained- this scene here is important as it features him having superhuman strength, which is why Urie is so caught up with trying to surpass Takeomi in strength (and in rank). 2. Uta vs Hirako - for those who saw when Uta unmasked; do not be mistaken that Uta = Arima. It is just Uta's way of toying with people's emotions with him being a Clown. 3. Takizawa on fear in the toilet scene: I thought this scene would have been perfect if they did a flashback: but guess they didn't want to use a scene in Root A. (Takizawa as a budding Inspector was overwhelmed by fear when he was cornered by a ghoul during the Anteiku Raid Arc, so that's why he says fear is overcomed when you become them)

Overall, I would say it was not as well executed as I imagined, but it did have its moments. The scene where Takizawa destroyed his ex-student for talking in lectures... "YOU SHOULD KEEP QUIET AND PAY ATTENTION DURING LECTURES"

about the details:

Takeomi's doing that can be interpreted as an immediate instinct, turning on the sloppy off-guard Clown and latching onto the neck. With quotes on his super strengths are more verbally alluded later on, so it could be followed up in the later episode. In the manga, he did that because his quinqe broke off I guess but still counts since it pretty much cracked here.

I think people would be more confused to find who Uta took form off, I myself was confused in reading the manga before knowing it was Arima. Not helping Uta being less specific about who he's referring to. Anime viewers can easily feel the same.

The Takizawa scene in the toilet was spot on from the manga. Nothing amiss I think. What you said could've been added as filler if they only had extra episodes.

Does anyone else feel that this episode's animation is terrible? It's like every scene with a person in it was terribly drawn. I'm very disappointed with this episode, and am very scared for the future episodes.

Yeah it was pretty terrible. The action scenes don't pack a punch and feel very weak.

Animation has been bad all episodes. I believe you are right to be very sacred. Sad really. With quality animation, this could have been an awesome anime.

Probably my least favourite episode of the series so far sadly. They jumped from scene to scene so fast it just felt like I was all over the place and just overall felt really rushed. Lack of animation during all the fighting scenes really sucks as well, as most of the time the actual fighting is just a shaky still frame. They adapted 4 chapters this episode (22-25) and changed the order of some events which i didn’t mind at all.

So overall pretty disappointed with this episode especially after the last 2 were looking more promising. Next weeks episode covers some of my favourite chapters for this arc (assuming they cover 4 chapters again) so regardless I’m really looking forward to it!

Wait that's Takizawa!? I can't remember. Was he captured at the Assault of Anteiku? I'd like to see how Akira would react when they face off. While they never exactly got along they were still close rivals during their academy days. Now I'm all excited, I really want to see them meet each other now.

he was captured by aogiri in the anteiku raid last season.
remember? he told mado he'd go and help amon, who was fighting centi-kaneki.
then tatara came and fucked them both up, ripping seidou's shoulder off
pretty sure root A covered this, but in less graphic detail.

wow I was really excited to see Takeomi fighting the Clown barehanded animated and they didn't even show it. At least we got to see MatsuBAE

I love Mutsuki >< he is too cute!

Takizawa made this episode. I'm kind of sad that they self-censored quite a lot of the kills since his over the top killing is part of the fun with his character, but hopefully the blu-rays are a bit better on that front.

I definitely need to start reading the adapted chapters every week. I think :re's been pretty good so far but I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of stuff.


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