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[Toji no Miko] Epuisode 20 everyone's impressions

Episode 20
"The Last Goddess"


Lightning Toji is so cool!!
Thanks for gifing this!

All that scene was pretty awesome. The lighting effects were just great :)!

Yukari proves why she wasn't the head of the Sword Administration for nothing. It's so damn awesome to see her fight with the good guys.

Taking on all those Toji without even using Utsushi. Badass.

I think the fact that she's the only Toji who dual-wields (well, maybe her and Tagitsu) is a testament to her badassery.

And it hearkens back to Miyamoto Musashi, who was known for being pretty badass and founding the Niten-Ichi school of swordsmanship.

I didn't expect to see Yukari bond with Ichikishima-hime. And it was such a nice sentiment as well coming from Yukari. "Those two other bitches were fucking cray cray, but you were super chill in my head, so thanks for that"

・I guess this shot from OP was a bit on the nose

・Kaoru still being Kaoru

≫I guess this shot from OP was a bit on the nose

yeah. some were talking about the fusion since last ep discussion already.

Great episode once again, every week im glad I stuck with the show from the beginning.

Even more so that MAL score hurts to look at, can't even take that seriously.

To all those who saw the plot twist coming since this cour began!

Well, it's not really a twist since it was shown in the op.

Did the fusion happen with a kiss though?

≫Well, it's not really a twist since it was shown in the op.

Yeah that's what I mean - it was certainly hinted at and that's why people predicted it. So congratulations to all those that read into that!

≫Did the fusion happen with a kiss though?

No, and thank god 'cause Hiyori's waifu, Kanami, would have gotten mad.

Toji fights in old time are dangerous.

Kanami's sword is Chidori aka Raikiri (Lightning Cutter), the name seriously worries me now.

Also RIP Yomi.

Gotta be hardcore to fight back in those days without S Equipment and stuff. Probably even worse hundreds of years back, without modern medicine, a simple Aradama slash, even not fatal, you will die weeks later.

Yea the Hiyori vs Kanami match that we waited on since ep1 is going to be freaking amazing.

It is in fact now ever higher on my anticipated list than Minato vs Etou.

Well, this episode was surprisingly touching, at least for me. Not that it was a feels train, but didn't expect this level of honest human emotion on display, even if the dialogue could've been tweaked a litte further, since it felt that at times a bit on the nose. It was a pretty good episode.

Loved Yukari and Ichikishima, and Hiyori looked pretty great fused with Ichikishima, it was honestly pretty badass :D

Also, we had for some moments the use of CG for fights! in all honesty, I'm hoping that they come back. I mean, the 2D fights were pretty good, but the CG ones are better, at least by now. Although, if they go full 2D for these last 4 episodes, as long as they are as good as the CG fights, I'll not complaint.

And now we have a little more backstory for Yomi too! it is still a bit unclear, but I feel that she is following someone by some reason that, I guess, went full aradama... maybe? like I said, it is still not clear.

And now I'll do a public service announcement: We still don't have any signs of the white hooded figure that appears in the OP! c'mon show! you know that is Yume or her aradama using her body!, show her to us already! :)... At least that is what I hope :'(

Joking aside, it was pretty good, and a perfect follow up for last week's episode.

Lightning Hiyoririn is so cool! That entrance was pure badass!

Kanami showing Ayumu how big the skill gap between them was so cool too! I love that she didn't hold back on that last strike.

And finally Yomi is out of the picture. Good riddance. Hopefully no Aradama magic can bring her back.

I felt kinda sad for Yomi. She followed a path that is likely a dead end, but does it anyway. The way Suzuka cut her down, really politically correct way of saying "Nothing personal Kid."

Her little speech to Yuzuki was better good too.

Kinda sad only the Mobage players know her relationship with the other Elite Guards. Guess after Yume died, everything went to hell for the rest of them.

I'm glad the CG fights are back!

Wow! Hiyori looks badass in that form..But, I know it..!! That part in the op where half is Hiyori's face and half is Princess Ichikishima symbolizes something..😆😆 Also when Hiyori saw Ichikishima looking at her at Episode 17..

I can't believe how good this show actually is currently. All characters are used well, the conflicts are interesting and the dialogue is pretty good.

Shame the start wasn't so good and not enough people are watching this.

Second cour had been pretty slow so far but no more, Hiyori thunder-hime-god mode activated! Also the CG fights are back and the original Yukari-sama is proving to be the badass we thought she'd be. The final episodes promise to be thrilling, I can't wait to watch them, this is slowly turning into my anime of the season.

This show is still living up to my own hype. Every episode has so much going on. SoL episodes are fun. Drama episodes put me on the edge of my seat. Action episodes keep me entertained. I really don't have much complaints at all.

The public opinion of our heroes might be really bad now - riding in on an Aradama Nene, then protecting a princess and used-to-be traitor Yukari just gives people all the wrong ideas. And Hiyori scares me now. I'm glad that princess decided to help, which leads me to think she's now one of the "good guys." However this transformation is ominous. Now the OP makes sense, where it shows Hiyori split with the princess. This might not end well.. Even the other princess fled when confronted with this super power.


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