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[Toji no Miko] Episode 19 everyone's impressions

Episode 19
"Call of the Evil God"

Just felt like doing this

It took me until seeing this that the princesses' are "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
I am not a clever man.

I just realised now that you've mentioned it... look who's really not a clever man here..

Awesome. Hey, look, happy Ayumu. And sad Yomi. And alive Takiri. Things sure have changed since the beginning of this cour...

Can Takatsu just like accidentally stab herself with a katana multiple times?

I brought the katana.

Naa.. She's probably gonna get Julius Caesar-ed, by the Ayanokouji Drones after Tagitsuhime gets sick of her making her wear funny clothes.

And here I thought she was unlikeable before. This episode was really meant so the audience will hate her more.

Yeah. I wonder though, what is the reason that she is doing all these things she is doing? They should address her motive for going all in to be this kind of antagonist.

Funny thing would be that, later on, in episode 22, we get her motives, and suddenly, like what happened with Yume, we all end saying that Takatsu is best girl xD

Yume and best girl? Good joke...

Just saying, and yes, Yume is best girl, objectively speaking of course.

I like how Maki is twirling her hair in almost every scene.

The bad guys did a number on everyone with that broadcast. This shit will be hard to make right. At least Yukari and the remaining princess managed to escape. This show is solid.

We're going full politics now. It is unsettling to see Yukina actually being competent at backstabbing everyone. I guess she finally found her calling in life.
  • Hurt Nene ;_;

  • Grumpy Nene >=(

Disgusted Nene

If i had to pick one person to live from this show, i would pick Nene in a heartbeat. At least he got through the death flags from these past 2 weeks.

≫backstabbing everyone.
What goes around comes around.

I'm really finding it hard to hate Tagitsu-hime. I guess I'll just blame everything on Takatsu.

I was watching Last Period right before this episode came out and I just realized the three princesses are also based on the 3 wise monkeys like the Wiseman. It's so obvious in hindsight, looking at the designs of Takiri-hime and Ichikishima-hime. Maybe people already pointed it out and I just missed it.

≫I'm really finding it hard to hate Tagitsu-hime.

Its the little fang isn't? also, she looked that she was suffering quite a lot in that dress. I can't blame her now for wanting to kill all humans. :P

The art was much more solid this episode than last which got... quite bad, though there were a few hiccups.

Also We Politics Now

Yukina's playing the government like a fiddle. She has no shame, though I imagine Yukari's gonna stab slap some sense into her.

Judging by the next episode's title, some shit's gonna down as we'll be left with the final Aradama Goddess. My hunch, based on what others have said about the OP, is that Hiyonon will be tragically forced to incorporate Ichikishima.

≫is that Hiyonon will be tragically forced to incorporate Ichikishima.

That surely would be an interesting development for Hiyoyon, and it is a great guess. It would throw a wrench into Tagitsu's plan too, so that would be perfect.

Well well well, the quality went back up, thank god. It was something only relegated to last epsode, and I hope it stays that way.

Regarding the episode, I actually didn't expected to see actual politics in this show. I was pretty surprised, and it wasn't just an afterthought, it was well thought out. Now, it didn't went all the way, but for what we got, it was well thought out and well executed.

I'm still hoping for the white hooded figure that appears in the OP to appear in the show. It is the only character that is a mystery still now, and I will still gave the flag that this character is Yume, or her aradama, or both at the same time, until the show says otherwise. C'mon show! don't forget to give her a badass entrance too!

And talking about badass, if the preview is anything go by, next episode we are going to see Yukari vs the Tagitsu's Imperial Guard, and maybe Ichikishima will help too. Now that is something interesting to be looking forward to, especially since we are going to see Yukari fight as herself, without Tagitsu's control.

This episode overall in all fronts went up in quality, and in the one that it didn't went up, because there wasn't any of this in the episode, and that is fighting, I take that gladly too, since this can only mean that the fight scenes in future episodes are going to be more well thought out and will have more quality to them. Although in all honesty, I'll never get why they dropped the CG fights. I mean, they worked from well to amazingly well in a couple of fight scenes, but oh well, here I'll hope for the 2D fights to be as good as the fights we got in episode 11 and episode 12.

I'm pleased with this episode. The inclusion of politics in that dirty sneaky move from Takatsu was truly a bet, and for me, it paid off. My hype has come back to this being the show I look forward the most each week. Last episode did a little number on me, and this episode fixed the mess last episode did.

Also, I must point out and compliment that they actually gave a good reason to why Tagitsu could be more powerful now, that being that Yukari isn't holding her back anymore. It makes sense to me, and so I'll buy it, and that would also explain why she is suddenly able to beat the whole gang like if she were Yume.

Damn. Politics heavy episode. They're really doing everything they can to make Takatsu as unlikeable as possible. Just like Yomi, I can't see anymore room for redemption for Takatsu. I really hope she gets her comeuppance.

I didn't expect it to be this painful to see the MCs paralyzed by their superiors. I hoped for a counterstatement to be made, but I guess the Yukari faction wants to avoid a fight between toji, which is exactly what the Tagitsu is looking for...

Seeing the toji from Ayanokouji leaving to go and get brainwashed was painful. Isn't there an option for transferring schools ? Also, the president from Ayanokouji was the only one who could have made a faction war viable by isolating Yukina, too bad she didn't try to take any initiative.

I don't like how happy Ayumu is from getting brainwashed. That's bad. And yet, after seeing that, I feel less angry with Yomi almost killing them, because I can see why she thinks that she's doing the right things.

All in all, this episode left a very unpleasant feeling. I hope things will become better son.

I know I'll be cheering when I eventually see Takatsu get her ass handed to her. Can she get any more unlikeable? Also, I can't wait to see Yukari back in action again next episode.

19 episodes in I still don't understand Yukina at all, being an antagonist for the sake of having one is interesting but very one dimensional

I hope we get her motives at some point.

I mean, she is pretty one dimensional yes, but in the first cour we also had another one dimensional character in Yume, and once those three minutes at the end of episode 11 ended, she gained so much characterization that it was honestly blaffing, and I hope they can pull something similar with Takatsu... although I doubt it will strike me as hard as it did with Yume.

Despite being sinister, Tagitsu's appearance is still so adorable.

Takatsu is my Goddess! Love you!


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