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[Toji no Miko] Episode 18 everyone's impressions

Episode 18
"Aradama Domination"

With that kiss... admittedly being functional, I can safely say that Toji no Miko is a yuri series!

I was thinking the past few episodes - this one included, with that MaiSaya ship food and literal shipfood between SuzuMaki and even some more KanaHiyo moments, that the yuri was being upped. I didn't realise we've already approached Symphogear levels though!

Also, this episode was awesome. The SuzuMaki vs Yomi fight was underwhelming as it was literally not shown, but all the others were great. Takiri-hime learning Nene's past was a real series highlight, and her learning to fight for humans - including with Kanami - was a great scene.

And then the big battle at the end was fucking hype, man.

Tagitsu-hime is evil, but she's so good at owning the screen.
Poor Ayumu just wants to beat Kanami but Kanami's busy yo'.

Aww just when i started to like Princess Takiri

I know, right? Maybe she can be reborn. I think they can still wring a few good boob jokes out of her as well.

I doubt they will be split again, rather, Tagitsu will probably be assimilated by Ichikishima unless some unexpected new option appears.

And I'm not denying Takiri's death as long as I did with Yume.

"What are we going to do with the princess?"
Kanami: "I challenge the princess to a duel!" *duel disk sounds*
Poor princess and poor Nene. Nene's adorableness will bring peace between humans and aradama!

They managed to cram a lot of stuff in one episode, huh.

Seeing Takiri change her outlook on humans thanks to both Kanami and Nene was quite satisfying. And then she died. I also wasn't expecting to see a flashback to Nene's past of all things and it was really heartwarming. I really hope that Kaoru's family past and the way they managed to exist with aradamas for so long will play a role in the plot.
  • I love these two idiots
  • Nene just casually jumping into the rack of an aradama princess
  • Nene is beyond adorable

≫Nene is beyond adorable
I was tempted to buy the Nene plush but it's quite expensive.

Expense!? Don't be silly...a Nene plush is so fucking worth it!

≫two idiots
I got such a good laugh at how Eren said that.

Hmm... This episode was good, but worrying in some aspects. I mean, there was an unusual amount of derpyness in almost every shot. I hope that they went with this in order to maintain the quality in the final episodes, which should be epic, since it is understandable if they can't make it look good here, then things should be done with priorities in mind... and not because they are cutting it close and all episodes until the end will look like this until the end. Please, don't let Toji no Miko end in a low note.

Story-wise, the execution was still lukewarm for me. Takiri learning Nene's past was the best, but I find myself wishing that most of that monologue should have been taken out. The scene would have worked even better that way.

Takiri dying, that I didn't expect. If they cutted down the sequence of Nene's past a bit, they could've gave Takiri's fight scene vs Tagitsu more time to breathe, and I feel that would've gave Takiri's death a more heavy feeling.

Fight scenes wise, this time it went down for me. It wasn't good, not to the quality the show has showed before. I don't have issues with the fights being in 2D, if they were going to be around the quality of the first ones we saw in this second cour, but I honestly think the CG fight scenes of the first cour are better done. I hope that this was, like I said at the beginning of this post, a choice of sacrificing the quality in this episode in order to maintain it in the last episodes, and not a quality issue that will cascade into the finale.

And again, we didn't met the white hooded figure! c'mon show! you know that's Yume! show it to us already! and please give her a badass entry like she deserves.

Other than that, there's this little thing that took my attention, and that is tha I honestly didn't expect to Tagitsu to apply the high speed movement of Yume while beating the whole cast like that... and why she didn't finished them right there at that moment, although that could be passed as Takiri's influence that Tagitsu just took in. But seriously, much like how Yume did in the first cour with her high speed utsushi, she even took down Kanami...

The power levels are a bit confusing right now honestly, but it is nothing that can't be passed as something of the moment, especially since we are talking about martial arts, in how one day you're the best of the world and the next you're not, so I will not complain about it much, it can be understood.

From what I've gathered, the BDs which came out recently have had some quality increases. It might be that doing that was what slightly reduced the quality in this episode sadly.

Hmm... so they decided to focus on the BDs? and the BDs came out even when the show hasn't finished?

I'm feeling a bit more worried. I hope that it is only this episode that suffered, and not all the other episodes that are left in this cour.

It's pretty normal in the industry (at least that's what I think). Usually the quality drops in later episode as they have to meet airing date. Which they will have time to fix it in BDs release.
Also, most anime studios start selling BDs before anime completed 1-cour, so it's not weird for Toji no Miko to have some BDs released.

No wonder Nene is attracted to girls with big boobs. That first Toji that he fought had a huge pair on her. Seriously though I'm just happy that Nene was able to survive that fight.

Looks like Yomi isn't just acting under anyone's orders anymore. Whatever Yomi is doing she's doing it for herself and some order sort of goal. I don't see her being redeemed at all.

Goddamn what an exciting episode. I was already impressed by how much development each of the characters got so far and they even got Nene some screentime? Gee, that was so cool I was giggling the whole time. Another smile to protect.

This show just keeps on giving.

So, why does Princess Tagitsu need an army when she's pretty much invincible?

The last Princess may be the strongest one. Yukari had 6 katanas. And now we have only see 3 katanas. If the numbers of katanas represent the power that Princess has, that’s why she need an army.

Though it seemed that way, the struggled to fight Takiri. I presume she just wanted an army to let her get a 1v1.

And she was repelled the last time she attacked. There are decent Mikos and keeping them busy or even defeating them is a big load off the princess' back.

So Maki and Suzuka will settle things with Yomi at some later point. As I expected, they were surprised to see the Yomi's newfound sense of self-awareness and that it was... well, bad.

Also, I like Maki, but damn I wish she did that sooner.

Tagitsu-hime is OP, how are they going to defeat her? Will Hiyori fuse with Ichikishima-hime to fight her like the opening suggests? Or maybe Kanami will summon her mom again.

This was a so-so episode for me. The animation and fight scenes clearly went down, and I feel like Takiri's death is too sudden. Nene's backstory was neat though and thankfully he's still alive >.>

But man seeing brainwashed Ayumu is disheartening. D:

I like the concept of this episode. But I think we could've been spared more of Nene's back story. They've pretty much established how it came to be free of impurities. I would've enjoyed more of Kanami and Takiri.

RIP Princess Takiri...that kiss of death ack At least we did get to see her before she disappeared. Tagitsu was based af.

Oh so Nene was truly a beast woah!! who knew the power of oppai can tame this savage aradama? lol

I wonder what Yomi's true deal is? I never really got her shtick among the elite guard. Hopefully they flesh out her backstory too.


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