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[Toji no Miko] Episode 17 everone's impressions

Episode 17
"The Goddesses' Madness"

Well... nothing good was gonna happen to them but didn't expect that was how they were gonna get the aradama...
Yeah, this is probably the first time someone just got cut down in the show.
I didnt expect this dark element in this show but after yume's death i changed my mind
I was relieved when Sagara rejected their applications for that Guard position and then Yomi showed up.
That was just so fast. For about 12 minutes I actually thought that they would end up taking other students for the guard, or only one or two after Tagitsu got too impatient.
Then in just 10 seconds, the director's smile disappeared and all the girls were lying on the ground, dying, and there was blood for what is, if I'm not mistaken, the first time...
At least they all survived and the show was kind enough to tell us that an aradama cure is well under way, otherwise I don't know how I would have reacted at that scene. It still hurt a lot and I'm not going to forget that image of Ayumu.
Actual swords cutting people rather then stabbing a force field and getting knocked out? Count me in
I had a feeling she was /is gonna end up fighting Kanami and the gang at some point since she kept showing up in different scenes
I love the way this show handles the antagonists. Not only did we learn more about the new threat and why the Princesses fighting each other, but we also spent almost an entire episode with characters who were former villains. Seeing how much Maki and Suzuka care about each other, seeing how much they still respect Yukari, and seeing Yukari apologize to both Kanami and Hiyori was great!
I was also thinking about Ichikishima's motivation and I kinda agree with her? At least so far in this show the only one who was directly controlled by Aradama was Yukari. Maki, Suzuka, and Yume were all serving Yukari and I don't remember any instances where Aradama would overpower them. Yomi is a bit of a weird case though.
  • That was cute

  • Yukari still looks amazing
≫I was also thinking about Ichikishima's motivation and I kinda agree with her?
Disagree. I'm with Akane, Ichi has the most dangerous idea. She is subversive whereas the other two are overt. It's a good thing she appears to be demoralized and unmotivated to fight.
≫At least so far in this show the only one who was directly controlled by Aradama was Yukari. Maki, Suzuka, and Yume were all serving Yukari and I don't remember any instances where Aradama would overpower them. Yomi is a bit of a weird case though.
The aradama taking control appears to be a matter of power and choice (and I don't mean on the human's part) It's unacceptable to allow the aradama to be able to take over like that. That the possibility even exists should not be tolerated.
≫It's a good thing she appears to be demoralized and unmotivated to fight.
She's attempting to wield the most dangerous katana of all, moe.
Still sad that this show is so underrated/underwatched it deserves more than currently.
Ep1 and the synopsis killed it. I dropped this after Ep1. I can't tell is it about Mahou Shujo, school battle, general Yuri, etc. Only picked it back up after watching ep14 and watched in reverse.
Even for those that follow that 3 ep rule, dropped it too. Since for me at least, the turning point is at ep 5.
If they did some scene from Ep8, into Ep1, it might helped with the story telling, make it a bit clear about the direction it is going.
Jesus Yomi calm down
I'm pretty sure Suzuka may have just implied she likes likes Maki, which is great because I ship those two like Fedex. Glad they're reunited!
Most shows go into these slow, explanationy parts and suffer, but Toji no Miko really relies on the strong writing and makes them work just as well (if not better) than action heavy episodes. Moments like the toothpaste gag from last episode returning but from Kanami, or Hiyori being unexpectedly short and the others perceiving it as rude.
I don't know why Yukari has to be remaining 17 other than Waifu Things, but I'll roll with it.
So the 2nd cour's plot's basically been nailed down now, we just need to see what this army of aradama Toji are gonna be doing.
The contrast between Yomi and Yume is staggering. I know for sure that around the sixth episode, Yomi was my favorite one and Yume my least favorite one.
Then it turned out that Yume actually didn't want to hurt people more than what is fair in battle, while Yomi being quasi mind-controlled is apparently the only thing that prevents her from going on a rampage.
I wonder if Yomi will face Maki and / or Suzuka in a later episode and how they will react to her "development".
Good thing the chocomint gag arrived before the end of the episode. It was very cute and a nice way to show that Kaoru is not the only one taking advantage of how easy it is to tease Hiyori. On the other hand, Kanami's "I forgot to ask for a duel" joke almost felt like a failed attempt to raise the mood.
≫I don't know why Yukari has to be remaining 17 other than Waifu Things, but I'll roll with it.
Wouldn't that affect her current abilities as a Toji ?
≫Kanami's "I forgot to ask for a duel" joke almost felt like a failed attempt to raise the mood.
Eh, for what is worth, I think that was the best, and it was fitting for Kanami too :P
≫Wouldn't that affect her current abilities as a Toji ?
IF she is still a Toji, that is. I mean, the only reason she was still a Toji in the first place was thanks to Tagitsu, because she actually is in her 30's, and all girls that leave their teens that are Tojis have their powers being diminished more and more until they are no more.
Maybe the fact that she is stuck being 17 means that she still has her Toji powers, but we will have to see.
Yukari the most developed 37 year old in a 17 year old body i've ever seen
Enjoy how the show is taking time to develop the plot and even the motivations of the antagonist.
Also, this show is most likely my sleeper anime of the year.
I'm not a fan of the direction they are taking with slaughtering younger toji to make gaurds out of it, but their execution on how that Princess is ruthless and willing to do just about anything fits.
I love the character interactions. Also shit got real fast at the end, I didn't expect that from Yomi.
This information is very important.

≫This information is very important.
This probably means that she still has her Toji powers, which means that we will see her fight a some point.
Also, I thought that the double wielding style came from Tagitsuhime controlling her. This may very well confirm that a Toji can resonate with more than one Okatana at a time, even if the reason is that maybe the two Okatana Yukari has are sisters, somehow.
≫Toji can resonate with more than one Okatana at a time
It's possible, Kofuki is using Chutan Nakiri and Niou Kiyotsuna. Also Yukari's normal swords are Doujigiri Yasutsuna (one of the Tenka-Goken) and Okanehira .
It looks like Yomi's arc has finally come to a head after a lengthy buildup. She is so pitiful it's almost painful to watch. She is what Sayaka probably would have become if Kanami hadn't opened her heart.
However strong a connection the other elite guard think they have with Yomi, it's clear she is only interested in pleasing Yukina. Despite Yukina constantly treating her as inferior to Sayaka; and being both physically and emotionally abusive. Yomi probably thinks taking the initiative in threatening Ayanokouji's president will please Yukina; but I have little doubt that Yukina will not be pleased. It's a codependent relationship from Hell. :(
Still, I expect Yomi will be redeemed by the end. Suzuka mentioning her, and both Suzuka and Maki still carrying aradama themselves subtly telegraphs that.
It also looks like that Maki x Suzuka ship was propelled by a gale force this week. I expected it after seeing an image from last week's preview posted here, but the dialogue made it so painfully obvious. Suzuka even called Maki dense. May as well hold up a neon sign flashing "I did it because I wanted to be with you!" >.<
All things considered a fairly interesting episode despite the criminal lack of Kaoru and Ellen. At least Kaoru was there in spirit with Kanami recycling her jab at Hiyori. :)
≫it's clear she is only interested in pleasing Yukina.
That... I would say that it is still a bit of a stretch and early to tell. She may very well have her own reasons that just happens to, in order to get what she wants, she needs Tagitsu and her army in the very same spot that Takatsu was trying to get them to.
Now, what the heck Yomi wants? that we will have to wait and see.
The only other reason I can see Yomi accepting that level of abuse is if she's working as a double agent for one of the Princesses. While she nominally followed Yukari before as an elite guard, I don't see her attacking Toji students to within an inch of their lives on present day Yukari's orders. So working as a covert agent for one of the Princesses is more likely. It would certainly fit Takiri's style.
It would also make sense for Yomi to turn on Yukina in that fashion if she's finally been pushed to the brink.
The reason why I'm not quick to believe that, however, is that Yomi hasn't shown a shred of growth in seventeen episodes. She has been been docile from the start. To the degree she pumped herself so full of aradama at one point, that it threatened her life. All to avoid failing her mission. Those aren't the actions of someone clever and independent enough to act as a double agent, or to serve their own interests.
I agree it's too early to tell with absolute certainty, but that's where I see it going with what we have so far. I can't even conceive of Yomi pursuing a personal agenda with the total lack of agency she has displayed to date. That is, a tangible personal agenda and not aiming to attain a nebulous ideal like Maki or Yume.
Edit: Unless it's no longer Yomi calling the shots. Someone else in this thread suggested she may no longer be in control. In a case like that, I would find her acting independently more believable.
Even outside this series, these two sure are pretty close
But that is Ruki, not Tsu-chan...
In case you missed the joke, Kanami and Hiyonyon share VAs with Koyume and Ruki respectively.
Well, I will come out and say that the character writing this episode still improved a bit, but the way the plot was revealed... it could've done better. Still, since most of it was character driven, I'll roll with it, since it wasn't bad, it was just... functional and easy to understand, also, the plot itself is more interesting and complex than in the first cour too, so they have that going for them. The characters are still the strong point of the show, so I'll not hold them back for its plot right now.

I did got the feeling that they have bended a bit the magic system of how everything works in this show, though it may be an issue with the subtitles more than anything. It is still understandable, but it felt that they were making it up as the episode was going on. Either way, it still fits, and also it may be a problem on the side of the dialogue this episode, which was a bit strange. Surely a bit more expository than normal.

A lot of mentions of Yume though! didn't expected that, but it makes me happy :) now show, you need to bring her back! you have Inori Minase as her VA and you are going to use her that little? especially when her delivery has been just fantastic? c'mon! there's still that white hooded figure in the OP that it hasn't appeared by now, and you know that's Yume! c'mon! give her a badass entry too!

Other than that, didn't expected to see Yomi go that wild. Just wow, and, unless i'm wrong, it seems it was on her own accord too, Takatsu didn't send her. I wonder what the heck does she wants that she almost went Anakin Skywalker in that scene to get it. Just wow. Also, I didn't expected to see actual blood being depicted on screen. While the show still has its upbeat tone, it surely went dark right there.

And now, Tagitsu has her little army. I guess that next episode we are going to see the start of her attack against Takiri hime that is held in the Ministry of Defense.

Lastly, must say, I though that Ichikishima hime would be that one that acts like a child, that barely speaks and was going to be playful. I'm a bit dissapointed honestly, but this Ichikishima hime also works.
By the way, when Hiyori saw Princess Ichikishima looking at her, does this has something to do with the op..?? Where half is Hiyori's face and half is one of the princess..??
That in OP probably is hinting that Ichikishima hime and Hiyori are going to be the most at odds with each other, hinting that the conflict between them. That is, probably, what started this episode and what is going to develop between them moving forward.
YOMI YOU BITCH! I was so relieved when Yuzuki rejected their application and then that shit happens!? I now have zero sympathy towards Yomi. I really fucking hope she gets what's coming to her. Also this is definitely the first time a Toji cut down a fellow Toji without their Utsushi. Fuck you Yomi! Fuck you Yukina! Both of you can go die in a fire.
I can understand how Hiyori feels about Yukari. Its true Yukari is freed but that doesn't resolve that she was the vessel of the same demon that took her mother's life. Hopefully, she can find her inner peace.

Its really heartbreaking that sweet young girls were nearly slaughtered and subjected to abuse all because of progress and greed. Its because of that the Aradama are here.


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