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[Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai] Episode 8 everyone's impressions [Tada Never Falls in Love]

Episode 8
"Did You Say You Were a Rain-bringer?"

Teresa! My heart can't take how good this moment was It was such a nice scene, when she gave him that look and the music started kicking in. Love is in the air and even Tada can't help it

That last scene with Teresa and Alec has me a bit worried though.

find yourself a girl who looks at you the way Teresa looks at Tada

And preferably who's not going to marry someone else.

Absolutely great scene. It feels rare, but it's wonderful to see scenes where you can see the exact moment the character really falls for another.

They spent half the episode's budget on that eye scene.

A lot of development this time. So Teresa has finally fallen in love with Mitsuyoshi and it is more than apparent now that Alec has romantic feelings for Charles, but she priotizes Teresa's duty and engagement over everything. The tone shift we were so afraid is also creeping up on us and a happy go lucky ending is not a given at this point. What interests me the most is, how the writers will use the fortunes everyone has drawn. Will they really give away everyones future so easily?

- Teresa: excellent fortune and will meet the person she's waiting for but not necessarily as significant other. (oh boy...)

- Charles: very good luck in love. (doesn't really seem that way so far)

- Mitsuyoshi: plain bad luck, but doesn't give a shit

"And honestly the writers could also get away with obliterating all the ships and say that Tada and Teresa were destined to meet each other just NOT to be together but to grow as people after their bittersweet firstlove." I really hope that I'm wrong with this possible route from last week. Tada doesn't care about the bad luck he has drawn at all and he leaves a deep impression on Teresa with his mental strength to accept and learn from regret, not to repeat past mistakes and to forge his own future.

This new focus on the theme of "paving one's own road" could also be interpreted in favor of our Teresa x Mitsuyoshi ship. One of Mitsuyoshi's regrets is that he didn't send his parents off on best terms. He was sulking and wasn't able to let them know, what they meant to him before they left this world. So if he doesn't want to repeat his mistakes, he'll have to let Teresa know before she leaves.

And if Teresa was so deeply moved by Tada's words she might develop the urge to decide her own future, too. But the talk she'll have with Alec next week (be it on or off screen), will be pretty important for that. Since Alec will absolutely be against it.

Whether the fortunes will come true and what context the ending of the anime will give them, I can't wait to find out. At this point it is undeniable that Teresa and Mitsuyoshi have a special relationship that is only at its beginning. But whether they will be able to overcome the obstacles that are drawing the line between a "fateful, life changing encounter" and "love story that came out of unlikely circumstances"... well I have speculated about this enough (for anyone who has maybe read a past comment of mine). But when I cry at the end of episode 12, it better be out of joy...

I somehow ended up writing a super long mess again, sorry

Edit: A few words about Charles. I don't think he has a hidden mischievous side. I think he meant it when he said, he loves Teresa the way she is, meaning he loves the Teresa that is in love with Mitsuyoshi. He could actually end up being one of the best MVPs and wingman of the century, because his word has weight when it comes to deciding Teresa's future. He wouldn't want to see her sad, would he?

I'm calling it now. they are red herringing us with this guy. In that last scene at first glance it could be interpreted as him saying he loves teresa the way she is. but the last he talked too before saying "I love you just the way you are" was Alec.

they are trying to make it seem like he likes teresa, but the one-sided love with someone he's unable to make like him just feels like he's not aware Alec likes him because she is so stoic and always fulfilling her duty to teresa.

Or he is aware, and maybe they even agreed it was for the best to try and ignore their feelings or something, which Alec visibly has a harder time doing. I don't know, I really want to hate Charles but they have given us no reason to, so if he is in love with Teresa there really is no completely happy ending.

I am so terrified of the "We aren't together but I still look at the North Star all the time to feel together" ending.

If you notice Tada's viewfinder HUD and body display, you can tell that he doesn't take a picture of the stars. Before the stars were visible, the 'shots left' counter was at 342. Then, before he took a picture of Teresa, the counter was still at 342.

This seems to be intentional and not an oversight in animation since the viewfinder HUD earlier when he took a picture of the Temple and the Koi read 370 and 361, respectively.

Those're some keen observations! How on earth did you notice that???

If anything, I'm a fan of how much detail is put into the cameras.

The abundance of cameras back in the second episode made me very happy. Nikon gets the most love, but there were models from Panasonic, Canon, and Sony.

The viewfinder in the show is the same as the actual viewfinder on the camera. (I have the Nikon D7100 while Tada has the D7200)

All sorts of ships are gonna crash and burn in a spectacular fashion. This has disaster written all over it in capital letters, and we're all going to be witnessing it come together.

Teresa seems to have fallen for Tada-kun. Has he fallen, too? If he has, that makes everything even more tragic. Charles is quite obviously just a great man, his only crime was not being the MC. He and Teresa will get together, but despite loving Teresa from the bottom of his heart, he'll have to feel bad about taking Teresa away from the one she loves. Teresa and Tada obviously lose out because they can't be together despite their feelings. This whole dynamic is also bad new for Alec, who simply wants the best for Teresa and, probably by extension, Charles.

Speaking of Alec, will she fall for Ijuin like Teresa fell for Tada? If she does, it'll hurt when they have to go back.

The final major ship, Hinako and Pin-senpai, is the one that's most likely to sail. Pin-senpai is going to Kyoto though, and surely that can't be good news for their ship.

TL;DR: Our three ships are headed for disaster. It's a fucking tragedy. God help us all.

I'm not confident Charles last line was for Theresa. I think it was for Alec. And Alec has been giving Charles lovey eyes from the beginning. There's definitely something there.

Yeah, I was going to say - Alec is 100% head over heels for Charles. I'm almost certain Teresa knows it, too.

Teresa's and Alec's relationship is ever so slightly dysfunctional as a result of Teresa's traumatic experience, I think - she's grown up following Alec's lead in all things, because she doesn't want to upset her again. Except Alec - in all her unwavering sense of duty - is steering both of their respective ships straight towards Pearl Heartbreak.

The cliffhanger sets up a watershed moment - Alec is aware of Teresa's feelings for Tada and is going to give her the "duty trumps love" speech, maybe even try to get her to go home to Larsenburg right away, before it gets even harder to say goodbye - and I wonder if Teresa is still going to just smile and go along with whatever she's saying, or if Tada's opened her eyes a bit on the topic of regret and atonement.

I found it quite endearing to see Karou, the guy who is infatuated with himself, take a picture with Alec. That's gotta mean quite a bit right?

Of course the biggest take away from this episode was Teresa getting some glares at Tada, man that's adorable. Too bad there are so many obstacles going against the Tada x Teresa ship that even if it were to sail, it would likely break apart because of outside circumstances.

That ping pong scene though... Tada-kun is a rom-com anime.

Ijuin is hilarious as always. Can't get enough of his antics.

Tada x Teresa got 10x cuter in one episode. How is that even possible?

≫That ping pong scene though...

I had Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume flashbacks

Wow that's identical, no wonder

He loves her, but he doesn't know. She loves him, but she's royalty. Fucking ship is still gonna sail i don't care.

This ship

Jokes aside wow that lake scene was great. Teresa is falling hard and it's adorable to watch. Tada saving her, both of them stealing looks and just this shot...GAH I love this show!!

They looked at each other for more than 8 seconds. Love confirmed!
Edit: you can even hear the clock sound here

I timed it. Around 14 seconds of eye contact for the first time and around 9 seconds for the second time, where the clock actually starts ticking in the back.

That's almost 3 times the recommend dosage.

This.. Is it final? Will Alec x Charles and Yamashita x onee-chan never be real?

Imouto, not onee-chan. And Yamashita was in love with that older girl we saw last episode (Was it last episode? I've lost track of time), probably talking about that love. The Yamashita x Imouto ship can still leave the port.

When this show started i thought we would see all 5 ships sail off into the sunset. Now, 8 episodes in, im just hopeing for ANY ship to remain floating. Hell even the cats ship got sunk. Give me at least 1 happy ending. PLS!!

Damn, that last scene with Charles already made me tear up... The ending of this anime is not gonna be good for my eyes.

Teresa's caretaker looks similar to Yui

Yeah this show has had bittersweet written all over it for a long time but riiiiight about when Teresa clutched her chest was the time I knew this is going to be proper painful to watch.

I was really looking forward to Teresa's reveal about how she understood Tada's feelings so well. The reveal was disappointing on so many levels. It didn't teach us anything new about Teresa, since we already knew about it. Because we already knew about this, the emotional impact is much lessened the second time around. On top of that, it's nowhere near as significant as we were led to believe. This is her big backstory moment that helps us understand how she relates so well to Tada, but it's nowhere close to the same level as what Tada's going through. It doesn't make sense to me.

Everything will work out guys, you can see it from the "i'll show you next year" comments. This is a happy anime which will have a good ending for everyone, just watch


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