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[Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai] Episode 7 everyone's impressions [Tada Never Falls in Love]

Episode 7
"It's Better Than Crying"

You get a heartbreak
You get a heartbreak
Everyone gets a heartbreak!


It's more of a love triangle for everyone (except somehow the cats)
Though a few of them overlap into a hexagon.

And here last week I was complaining that Charles speaks Japanese. This week he speaks cat. Inb4 he starts conversing with vehicles.

Hopefully Charles can talk down the Truck-kun I keep seeing zooming around like he's on a mission to create foreshadowing.

Hey remember that he is a diplomat, how can his country had a treaty with the cat nation without people who can understand their language.

Should change the title of this series to Everyone Never Falls in Love

No you should change it to Everyone Falls in Love But With People Who Love Someone Else.

Except for Tada... So Tada-kun Never Falls in Love!

Nyanko Big, best love story 2018

That light novel. xD 
Nyanko Big is hitting up the town at night. 
His girlfriend is a cat toy xD so i guess its like a waifu pillow for cats. 
Sad Inori Minase is sad... 
Its a cat rescue party! Call everyone! 
Wait Class Pres and Class Rep were out together? Oh... he was almost arrested xD of course... 
Imouto is having a nice time with Dog. Thats good, help cheer her up. 
Theresa is getting distracted by festivities, rip. 
So Chuck saved him from the pond when he was trying to get his waifu back. 
Hes at that white cats place isnt he? xD Yep. 
Oh Cherry has a pretty nice owner. Oh its that girl Dog is in love with. rip imouto.. 
Yeah imouto isnt happy... rip... maybe someday she will pull the attention of Dog away from that Cherry girl. 
Chuck once again runs into Nyanko Big at night. Can he really talk to cats, or if he just crazy? Maybe its just a french thing, to talk to cats. I have a french friend who has a cat and he always talks to him.

Not sure why people are surprised at this becoming a bit darker in theme, the whole set of romances was complicated since the first episode. It's actually interesting how they're addressing the realism here of heartbreak and sense of duty etc

While I share the sentiment with everyone I do agree that it's interesting how they're addressing everything. Yui actually asking Dog-senpai if he liked that lady and him admitting were something I didn't expect to happen.

He had no reason to deny he liked her though. It isn't a case of him knowing she likes him and him trying not to make it awkward, he's a pretty simple guy who just told it like it is, he likes her but she only sees him as a kid brother

≫but she only sees him as a kid brother

and he treats Yui the same so this vicious cycle continues...

Seeing Charles and Nyanko Big talking about love at the end was something I was not expecting though I do wonder how Charles can talk to cats.

He is just a Really good diplomat i guess

Well this is getting complicated.

Yui is pretty funny

Say whatever you want Pin and Hina, we all know it's a date

"Stop buying things" Alec says with a mouth full of food

That's one snobby looking cat

I think there's some sort of heartbreak quota required of these shows. Poor Yui :( But if she has to be sacrificed in order for the others to get a happy ending then it's a trade off I'm willing to make.

I hope she doesn't give up though, he could still be swayed. That being said, the other girl seems pretty cool so maybe not.

I was hoping for Kotoha levels pay off for Yui solving the case, but alas, only heartbreak

I'm glad that the Fashion Police joke is still a thing. Damn, I'm so jealous. Hina-chan not only has the bran, the looks, but also the taste in clothes.

Yui would be a nice sidekick or even stand in for the Katry detective files.

Too bad for her that she's facing a roadblock on Yamashita-kun. At least she got some comfort from Teresa.

This show feels, for lack of a better term... weird. I mean, I'm still gonna watch it because it looks pretty af, but we're 7 episodes deep and the only one that has had actual character development is freaking bro-kun Ijuin. The actual plot has barely progressed, and the characters still feel bland to me. And by god, the supposed MC has spent half the series feeling like a side character. Why is it titled "Tada-kun Never Falls in Love" anyway?

But I'm still very much hopeful that all this "buildup" will lead to something really nice. I just wish that they tone down that otaku guy a bit.

Exactly my issue. At this point I’m almost convinced there’ll be a second cour or ova or something because Jesus Christ the titular character has barely any development and his ship barely does. We have 5 episodes left. FIVE. Now obviously that could equate to the length of a movie and movies have done unestablished romance before. I just don’t understand why they’re wasting so much time. Honestly this episode felt wasteful. I could give a fuck about yui’s crush and it could’ve been handled in half the episode. Maybe the next 5 (seriously 5) episodes will be enough but right now I’m confused because of the weird absence of development for the titular romance and also why the fuck is this show called Tada never falls in love? Honestly worried it’s gonna end with him never doing so which is just a kick in the balls.
And yeah as much as I like that romance Pin could really chill the fuck out a bit.

It doesn't really bode well if a show needs ovas to be satisfying, does it? ReLife had those ovas to finish the story, but the first cour that preceded it was fulfilling enough as it is. Afaik Tada-kun is an anime original, so that's even worse.

I'm still hopeful. The entire runtime of Galko-chan is less than 5 episodes worth of a 20 minute anime, and that was a satisfying watch.

Nyanko heavy episodes are ... not the best. But the lil' sis being heartbroken was moving.

Charles is a nice guy and I wouldn't mind him getting Theresa. He can even talk to those stupid cats.

Lol at Ijuin looking for the cat by showing girls a picture of him (with the cat barely in the bg). May he get them all.

Tada's character development is fairly slow. Hes starting to look stale.

Maybe that's why... Tada-kun Never falls in Love

Me after this episode. Poor Yui-chan... ;_;

I really liked the sunflower usage and Charles' bracelet story, good episode overall.

With the way the show is, I can't possibly even be happy for any of the main relationships especially Teresa and Tada who are exhibiting a terrible case of "MCs fall in love...just cuz".

And if the show's title breaks and THIS is the girl that Tada falls in love with, it will be entirely unsatisfying because her characterisation is also weak and can be almost entirely described by the generic blonde-hair blue-eyed foreigner who in this case likes Japan.

I'm hoping that the show does its best to stick to its title and not force a romance at this point because we're over half way, and nobody's romances, potential or not, are convincing at all.

My cat actually jumps on closed windows like that all the time LOL
That Yui pose though, that was like a JoJo pose

Felt like a filler tbh, especially after last week's episode. Of course they had to drop the ball and make another episode about the freaking cat. I personally did not enjoy it and that's too bad because I would have liked it if it was one of the early episodes of the show . I said last week that I wanted the show to surprise me, well it did but not in a positive way. Also we're already 7 episodes in and no ship is even close to sail, I'am starting to get bored. I honestly had hope that the Yui and Yamashita ship would sail today but no, the dude likes milf's.

I actually liked that Charles feels like a genuinely kind person and the scene at the end was good, the VA did a good job at portraying Yui's heartbreak but I honestly couldn't care less since the whole episode felt so pointless

Honestly i wish they would have more than 12 episode since the story is going slow and more focus on side pairing than the main one

I loved the Poirot references throughout the episode.

That was a very good episode! I love Yui now.

Also Charles is still great, hopefully I am not as alone in my Teresa x Charles ship as in the previous thread...


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