Monday, May 28, 2018

[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] episode 7 Everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"Second Squad Jam"

Do we have another explosion loli on our hands?
I now expect this: "LLEEENN! I'm outta 'nades! Just gonna sit here and watch you the rest of the game, don't mind me~"
How many grenades did you bring?
There's easily hundreds of players here.
And I destroyed 50 of them. You're welcome.
Oh no, it's another D A N G E R L O L I. The brass knuckles/knife hairpin is amazing. Fuka is a fun character, but an even bigger bro for just dropping everything and transferring her character to help LLENN out. "Friendship between women doesn't need words."
Looking for your waifu?
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
It's a trench knife. Was big during World War I.
I learned something, thank you. People in WWI had interesting taste in hairpins.
LLEN and Fukaziroh make a very fun team. A cute, but deadly team
"I'm wiping my butt now"
"Oh no, the toilet paper ripped!"
lol Fuka seems like a blast, I like her already
I like how she started calling M her sugar daddy after receiving money from him.
She’s almost like a guy, telling her best friend about her poops and mishaps while pooping
Bro, girls are even worse than guys about that stuff.
From experience they are even more gross then boys when they are not around
They should have call themself "The Munchkin Team"
Oh god! Now there are two of them!
I guess in SJ3 they will have recruited another munchkin. If not I'll be severly disappointed...
If that is real money M just gave Fuka the equivalent of $91,400 dollars......... No wonder she was worried about him trying to sell her organs or working on a tuna boat.
Credits to yen is 100 to 1 so it's more like $914.
Damn. How are people supposed to get started with only 1000 credits?
"Thanks for playing our game. Here's a dime. Don't spend it all in one place!"
Karen's friend is great: goes out with her cute avatar to count how many people flirt with her, talks about the possibility of a reverse harem, dual weilds grenade launchers and almost misses SJ2 because she ate too much ice cream. Also she named the grenade launchers literally if they are on her right (in japanese "migi") or on her left (in japanese "hidari") hence Migita and Hidariko!
Rightony and Leftania in the subs, hilarious shit.
Hahahahaha, great translation! I was watching Spanish subs which left them as is so if you don't know a little bit of Japanese you won't catch that.
Needs to try 36 games before she gets a cute, non-tall avatar.
Her best friend logs into GGO on a whim and gets a similar avatar.

Karen is truly unlucky.
I wonder who is Pitohui really.
  • Chekhov's gun principle says you don't add an element to the story without it being relevant later. In other words, if it's not important don't mention it! So Pito has to be Elsa, otherwise the whole "kill me and i tell you my identity" would be pointless.
  • The only person Karen revealed to be LLENN is Elsa, and M was somehow able to get away with not explaining how he knew her real appearance.
  • On 5.5 when Pito asked M why he was a fan of Elsa, he said she looked beautiful from behind, to what Pitou mentioned "i should tell her next time my young friend..." which kind of invalidates her being Elsa, but confirms she is close to Elsa.
It will be interesting how that goes.
≫Karen is truly unlucky.

Miyu has also spent years playing VRMMOs so her transferred account got a rare high-level and cute avatar just like Kirito did.
Canonically speaking, your character is generated randomly (and you have to pay to re-roll aspect), being a seasoned player means nothing.

It was just a Gary-stu moment that Kirito got an uncommon design normal people wouldn't get.

Fukaziroh got lucky.
The original series ln's implied that amount of playtime on your account affects your chances of getting a rare avatar.
I now want a sugar daddy.
I love how she went out of her way to announce that multiple times, and as loudly as possible. She seems so proud that a guy bought her stuff. Definitely a gamer.
LLENN and Fuka are like the dream team.

Loli tag-team best team
Fuka is surprisingly like Sacchan from Mitsuboshi Colours
I kinda expected the match to start this episode and end with Fuka somehow managing to die immediately x)
Yeah I half expected that too lol but I doubt they'd do that...right?
I doubt it. She seems pretty legit with VRMMO games and adjusted to this one quick. Plus with the pacing of this show, which I absolutely love, it would throw the entire thing off.
Not gonna lie, the more I see the girl gymnastics team, the more I want to see them in their own spin-off.
Inb4 the male team is actually the male gymnastics team or something.
I first thought something like that, but at least their leader seems to be a bit older since he is talking about the past with Pitohui.
Best girl contest is getting heated! Will LLENN's speedy maneuvers and one liners keep her in first? Or will Pito be crazy kawaii (and just crazy) all the way to the top? Could Fuka give them the runs for their money by being the most relatable of the bunch?

What am I even saying, P-chan is best girl. All hail kawaii gun!
These episodes zoom by ridiculously fast. I swear it has only been 2 minutes since I started, but the episode's already over. I also don't really know why, but even though there wasn't much "action" or "hype" or anything like that, I was absolutely enthralled, stuck to the screen. I like that, this is fun. I also really like Miyu/Fuka; she's an absolute blast.

I'm actually really looking forward to future episodes, and to be perfectly honest, this is not what I thought I'd feel coming into this series.


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