Monday, May 14, 2018

[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 5.5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5.5

The bonus clips at the end were gold

Whole recap episode was worth it thanks to them :'D

They also kind of strongly suggest that M is the author (Or has close ties)

It's a recap, y'all. There's bloopers at the end though.

The sound effects replacement one was unexpected.

The sound effect one was the best blooper of them all.

The bloopers are worth watching, for those who are intending to skip the whole episode xd

If you just want the bloopers, skip to 20:20.

Sigh... There's no need to recap 5 episodes, why on earth do they do this...

Most recaps aren’t made because they want to refresh people’s minds but because they had production problems and couldn’t get the episode on time. They have the tv spot and can’t air nothing so this is the alternative

This was planned, though. AFAIK this was planned since a few episodes ago, so either production problems are disasterous or they just wanted to stagger the production a bit.

2 cour shows often schedule recaps like this between cours.

The production is indeed disastrous, they have had a remarkably short amount of time to get this show of the ground (because Aniplex wanted this out before SAO s3) and 3hz isn't exactly known for their production prowess and have had troubles in all their shows even with adequate time. So planning a recap in advance is the logical thing to do given how the adaptation is structured.

Still watch it since Pito and M narrate the recap. And it's quite funny.
M: I also like Kanzaki Elsa
Pito: What do you see in that prim and proper girl
M: Maybe how beautiful she looks from behind
Pito: Ew! I'll be sure to tell her that next time I see her. I'll say "My young friend wants to lick your butt"
M: Please do
Holy shit. M got no chill.

And this is just a guess, Pito is talking like Kanzaki Elsa is someone she knows or close with. But I'm still going to go with Pito is Kanzaki Elsa herself. And she's just pretending. And how M says that he likes Kanzaki Elsa ass, and Pito has a nice ass....... this can only mean one thing right?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

≫Pito is Kanzaki Elsa.

Another supporting element to this is at 18:24, she says she'll sponsor the next Squad Jam so she can get in on the action.

This implies that she either a.) has a lot of money b.) has a lot of influence or c.) both.

They made it very clear that LLENN connected her real and in character name together in the letter to Kanzaki as well, which is probably going to be relevent. Either Pito is Kanzaki or has a very close connection to her and gets the details of the letter

Smart move M, avoid the part where you almost kill LLENN to resign, i wish Pito saw that part, would have been fun.

We don't have that pesky drone camera in squad jam, don't we.

M adopting the Italian tactic I see!

It was worth it for the M snark and the post-credits.
108 times, eh?

I personally loved M just turning traitor in the post-credits. "Oh......well, they look stronger, and I don't want to die, so catch ya later, LLENN! I'm joining their team!". Lol.

Also, Pito's incessant praising of LLENN even when she didn't do much was amazing. Like, M wipes out an entire team with his mad sniping skills, and LLENN just unloads like 3 clips into a guy M already put on the ground, and Pito's all "Pfft, who the fuck cares about YOU, M? BUT GO MY BABY LLENN! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! SLAY! SLAY!". God, I love Pito. ;)

Though, I must admit, M's snark was on-point.


M: "............................she's not YOUR LLENN.............just saying..............."

And I thought this would never happen

20:10, for the record :3

As long as it's listed as Epsiode 5.5 and not 6, I'm fine with this week being a recap episode.

It's listed as episode 6 on AnimeLab. I felt so betrayed.

This episode is listed separately on MyAnimeList as SAO: GGO Refrain Episode 5.5 (Special); meaning this episode doesn't count as one of the 12 that are going to air. It's seperate entirely.

Think of this episode as nothing more than a special extra recap episode. :)

The credits also explicitly show 5.5 if anyone wants further affirmation.

Really enjoying all the Kanzaki Elsa songs.

The insert song when during LLENN's 1v6 desert storm is pretty fucking food. I'm down to buying a Kanzaki Elsa character CD if it's ever released.

They've got something like that in the works.

Thank god for a recap, Its really hard to remember what has happened in 4 episodes....

The funnier thing is, this only recapped the three episodes that were in the Squad Jam tournament. There was no footage from episodes 2 & 3 in this.

That was great. I was gonna skip it because, well recap episode 5 episodes in, but like, that was hilarious. Way to go.


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