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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"Leave the Last Battle to Me"


 Edit: RIP P-chan. F for P-chan's heroic sacrifice.
And that huge lady is a loli irl. How surprising.

I wonder if that's common. I'm a tall fuck who plays a chibi in FFXIV.

Meanwhile I'm a tall fuck who plays a tall fuck in FFXIV.

No one give Lenn a talking motorcycle. Actually do.

Lenn no Tabi: The Beautiful World

She would simply murder everyone in her path. Even more than Kino.


They went full Russian

"I'm the captain of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club... which is actually the cover for the underage vodka drinking club."

I can't wait to find out that M is a loli irl too

It has to be a male though.

It even makes sense too. What better way to stop randoms from hitting on you than playing as a big beefy women. You'd look pretty badass playing as well.

Avatars are automatically generated. It feels more like GGO's avatar generator knows what the user wants to be like.

Therefore, Kirito secretly wants to be a cute girl.

What an adorable badass.
That little "No way"
I'm super happy they met each other in real life! Karen looks good in short hair.

P-chan is sentient so that means that P-chan can be nominated for best girl!!!!!

But sadly P-chan is kill now.

I'm honestly hoping that Karen gets into a bad situation IRL and then suddenly her P-chan keychain starts talking to her the same way P-chan did, I think it'd be hilarious.

LLENN's "Uso" when Boss caught the magazine in her gun was perfect. This episode made me laugh, had some good action, and ended on a feel-good moment. This is what a good video game anime looks like! Reki should take some notes.

I need a clip for that scene.

Ask and you shall receive

Awesome, thanks

That was the best Usooooo I have seen.

My reactions:
Top 10 anime twists: P-Chan is a real girl
Top 10 anime deaths: P-Chan is a dead girl.

Top 10 anime girls : P-Chan


The fight was so much fun. I dislike fights where one or both sides are basically all knowing. Both sides here had little information and worked their tactics from there and reacted to new developments instead of following a fixed perfect plan. LLENN is shown to be far from perfect in tactics, but that made her fight even more thrilling. Lots of exciting moments like when she went Berserk for P-Chan or when she used the grenade to aid her escape.

And it was nice that the very dangerous team was actually a bunch of children. The way they showed each other respect in the end and didn't just leave it hanging was great.
This series is so much fun.

≫And it was nice that the very dangerous team was actually a bunch of children.

They aren't kids though. Boss said she was the captain of the gymnastics team (which explains why they are all short) and that she's a second year high school student, which puts her at 16 years old.

Teenagers are still covered under children for me.

LLENN vs. Eve was cool, but also kiiiinda cheap. There are only so many times you can make someone dodge point-blank shots before it starts feeling just dumb.

Karen talking to Eve IRL though was great! It was quite satisfying seeing Karen get over her complex, even if at least a tiny bit, and meeting and befriending new people.

I wonder if she invited them shortly after into her house, given that they watch the replay of the first part of the match in episode 1.

LN illustration of the scene, matching the girls to their avatars.

What the heck? I totally thought the blond girl had the blond avatar.

I also though of this scene. It will probably happen in the next episodes once their friendship is stronger.

So, what are the opinions on M's reasons?
Personally I find it rather lame way to raise the stakes. That said, fight was pretty awesome :)

If it wouldn't have been resolved at the end of last episode and played for the laughs, it would have been cheap. Instead, it's simply a hilarious moment. Which fits to his character.

P-chan is LLENN's Krillin, when P-chan dies LLENN goes Super Saiyan.

So far, this spin-off is better than the real SAO.
Especially with the after-credits scene it actually feels like they are not only playing just a game, but actually do have fun doing so. Unlike SAO which always tries to create some sort of life-threatening scenario.

Well, SAO is more a isekai. This is much more a sports anime. And the differences between the 2 genres are very obvious.

Yeah! This was an intense episode! Epic action untill the end! Also we finally see an actual, interesting plot!


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