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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Dual of Antinomy: Antinomic Dual"

Rintaro soon comes to realise that he has once again ended up in the alpha world line where Mayuri is dead, as the Rintaro of this world line couldn't go through with sacrificing Kurisu in order to save her. Realising that this Rintaro came from another world line, Kurisu reveals she has rebuilt the Phone Microwave, asking him to use it to return to his world line. As Rintaro struggles with his decision, Kurisu takes him to Mayuri's grave, urging him to wake up from his dream. After advising Rintaro not to interact so much with Amadeus, Kurisu kisses Rintaro before sending a D-Mail, returning him to the beta world line. 

Seeing Okabe depressed like this is hard.

Edit: And that kiss .... And that ending ... So good and depressing at the same time.

Part where he put his hand up in to the sky made me fucking sad.

That was really sad but what really fucking kill me is runing scene at the end where we see Kurisu perspective parallel to original anime scene

knowing that she won't make in time is hurt enough but knowing now that she also the one that stop herself (and she still go in anyway!!) just fucking kill me dude

yeah that new perspective was heart breaking and mind blowing at the same time

Ugh... It's been a while since I've seen the original. What happened and what did Kurisu change? I don't remember a confession or whatever the sorts. I'm still trying to figure out how she knew where to send Okabe back.

In episode 22 of the original, Okabe and Kurisu part, and he and Daru go to erase CERN's data of the D-mail in order to change the worldline, but right as he does it, Kurisu comes in and (tries) to tell him that she also loves him, but is cut short since he had just pressed the button.

Well it turns out the reason she didn't make it in time in the original Steins;Gate was because she herself sent that D-mail telling herself to not come in, which was enough time for Okabe to make up his mind and press the button.

I think this is when Okabe begins to figure out how to reach the Steins;Gate World Line where both Kurisu and Mayuri live.

When Kurisu brings up their "first" meeting, Okabe remembers the time she means, but he also recalls their actual first meeting, thinking:
I see... From her perspective, is that how we first met? I... Wait...
He seems to be realizing that the solution has to do with perspective, which will lead to deceiving his past self by making it appear that Kurisu died. Christina continues to be the best lab assistant!

I see... From her perspective, is that how we first met? I... Wait...

Did I really have to scroll all the way down here before somebody brought this up? I was like oh shit, now he knows about the difference between his perception of their first meeting and Kurisu's. Things are about to get spicy!

I think people are too blinded by the feels to recognize this obvious major event that will most certainly come up later.

And that is how, in one episode, Kurisu reaffirmed her position of best girl.

Dammit, even dead she still manages to outshine every other character.

Kurisu is ALWAYS the best girl, no matter what state she may be in.

This episode went above and beyond what I expected. Wow. The amount of expanded story they put into this "dream", and the last scene, and the music, the ED...just...

When Lyra came on I was both ecstatic and sad at the same time, all the while cheerfully singing along, that was definitely the best moment in the series so far.

Edit: Needed to crack out my upatunes for this, too much feels.

It was mostly anime original too! I can't believe how much they added and expanded on this part of the VN. Absolutely amazing in every way

Yeah, now I'm really hopeful about how they'll handle the ending.

I absolutely trust White Fox now after seeing this episode. They managed to not only make that scene even better but also connect it with the original series.

The overall directing in this episode was 10/10 absolutely amazing! I think this episode is my highlight of the season alongside Darling in the Franxx episode 13. Really stellar choices.

Everything today was really good. Didnt answer many questions but it blew me away by once again making Okabe's moral dilemma and state of mind the primary focus. This series touches on these themes in a way few other shows can and it delivers on all fronts. Couldn't be happier!

That pinky promise is cute as fuck.

RIP Mayuri in the Alpha world line. When the sun shined on them, it's almost if it was Mayuri herself smiling at everyone.

My face during that scene

just noticed after re-watching the ending scene of ep 22 of first season that when okabe undo the first d-mail and enter the beta time line the divergence number were "1.130205" but at the end of this episode we see the same scene of him undoing the first d-mail to save mayuri but the divergence number this time were "1.097302" indicating that this is a different beta line then the one we are seeing at the start of this season

Well shit so he's in a middle point where Mayuri probably dies earlier on and Kurisu still confesses.

The suffering has no end.

i dont think im ready for this.

edit: i was not ready for it. i was losing it during the credits. perhaps this will be the motivation Okabe needs to become Kyouma again

So much emotional load on this ep. Fuck, I love Kurisu

Remember to drink plenty of water so you don't dehydrate from all the crying!
I'm not sure I completely understand the scene at the end; when did that happen? All I know is that it made me sad. We need more Leskinen to brighten up this PTSD filled nightmare.

I think it was Kurisu's perspective for Episode 22 of S;G. She gets a text that makes her hesitate before going in, and that moment was necessary for Okabe to go through with sending the message.

Which means that if she had made it into the lab in time, her admitting she loved him would have been enough for Okabe to refuse to let her die, and sacrifice Mayuri instead.

Heavy shit.

Man, this episode really had to remind you how he went from mad scientist to sad scientist. Not a single "Christina". It was nice to see Kurisu again, but that quick reminder of what is inevitable for the alpha worldline hurt.

These moments made the episode worth it though. Tons of feels.

So sad Okabe admitting he was putting up a front for Mayuri. :( We have to rewatch the original series after this to be happy again.

I WASN'T FUCKING READY FOR THIS. 5 minutes in and I started tearing up in my office.
Of course she took Okabe to Mayuri's grave. Harsh as fuck, but exactly what he needed.

That ending scene :'( We're already seeing how events from S;G0 affect the original story. That moments hesitation was what allowed Okabe to let Kurisu go way back in Episode 22 of S;G.

And we're out of Alpha. Goodbye Kurisu, we miss you already. No really, can Okabe visit Alpha again just to get some very necessary Kurisu advice on WTF is happening?

Holy shit, what an episode! Kurisu is literally perfect.

Now excuse me while i go bawl my eyes out.

Man, seeing Kurisu again in the flesh was so bittersweet. And finding out that Mayuri is dead in this world line, even though she is alive in our beta timeline, was just really sad to see. That whole ending moment with that amazing kiss and the great song playing in the background....literal perfection. Can't wait to see where the story goes on from here next week. And this episode also gave us a timely reminder, that Kurisu is indeed best girl!


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