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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Eclipse of Orbital Ordering: The Orbital Eclipse"

What a cliffhanger... This episode left a lot of suspicious shots of different characters (Mr Braun, Moeka and Reyes).

I cant take anymore Okabe suffering

Jeez, imagine living knowing that at any time your entire reality could change to something else. Talk about anxiety. His existence is misery.

"Hey, Okabe, we heard you were starting to accept Kurisu's death. So here's a new dose of trauma."

I hope no one will die. At least we already know Mayuri (and Daru) can't get killed now. I don't remember if any of the other were mentioned in the future...

As we know from the original series Braun is affiliated with these guys, he looked worried after the two girls were leaving for the store, obviously concerned about his daughter still upstairs.

Maybe he'll come and stop them himself.

That's what I'm thinking. That Mr. Braun will have split loyalties between the Rounders and his daughter, and will want things to end nonviolently. Either he'll outright help Okabe and the lab, or he's with the Rounders now and will make sure they achieve their objective without injury. Likely kidnapping Maho or Kagari.

When the Amadeus stopped we all knew what was going to happen. But we also wanted to believe it wouldn't. Then it happened. DAAAAMN, how did people handle having to wait for Steins;Gate weekly? This is going to be rough.

There were hints throughout the episodes with Moeka and Mr. B too.. but ugh. :(

I don't think Braun has anything to do with this. I'm banking on Braun being a good guy in this timeline (or at least helpful). He seems to be rather friendly towards Okabe and friends, and since Okabe hasn't built a time machine there's no reason for SERN to go after the lab. Plus, Nae is with them, and Braun made it clear in the original series that he would never involve Nae with this.

And it's only episode 6. If Okabe ends up on some loop again, I can't imagine how many we'll be getting.

But this time we don't have a time leap machine.

The stakes are higher than ever before, because of this. Whoever dies will stay dead, and Suzu's time machine is saving fuel for her mission to stop WW3.

Okabe knows how to make the time leap machine more or less and Maho is smart enough to fill in the gaps. I would guess that if it really comes down to them needing one, they will get one.

It takes a while to build, and you can't leap backward more than two days at a time, so if they build one, it needs to be ASAP to make a difference.

Oh shit, what if it is Suzuha's mom? She was the only one not there because she had to leave under what I thought was suspicious circumstances. That would make how her and Daru get together in the future really weird.

I think it's obviously... erm, the girl who talks through SMS. Her reaction when she learns they found her is telling. And the 'group' is likely this one.

Think again, remember the original Steins Gate, moeka works for SERN as a Rounder, the leader of the Rounders is Nae's father, why would he let them raid a party armed to the teeh with her daughter on it?...

Yeah, but time machines aren't in the picture here, SERN doesn't care... unless, they somehow know Makise Kurisu is instrumental in creating a time machine and have monitoring Amadeus through Echelon... Hmmm.

The time machines are in the picture, Kurisu's father is in Russia right now developing one, that's what starts WW3 in this timeline, right? Plus they have interest in Kagari, which is probably why she was stalked by the professors wife? and the other groups. The thing I don't understand is that Mr. Brown would never put Nae in danger, so either Mr. Brown isn't in Cern or Cern doesn't have anything to do with that attack

Leskinen was doing something suspicious a few episodes ago.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't trusted Leskinen from the moment I saw him. Every time I see him on screen I just feel like he's hiding something.

He just wants some Japanese Shaman girls man.

Same with the visiting professor. She gave a really weird look as she was leaving the shrine.

When the whole episode was so utterly devoid of conflict and agony and suffering, the tingling sensation of shit about to go down got stronger and stronger.

Only question now is, how will okabe go back in time once shit goes down. Or willl they pull something new out of the hat and go down the route of Okabe being unable to alter anything. Next episode will be dope :D

Im gonna bet this is the "Okabe cant do shit about anything" route for max suffering, leading him to figure a way to save this worldline 20 years later by messaging himself in the past as seen in the ep23 of S;G.

Well we know he eventually understands time travel enough to know how to advise past Okabe to "trick" it, so I presume eventually he's going to have to help Daru fix the one up stairs and use it. But it's not like they'll just let everyone go and only take what they came for, so I'm super curious how they escape the situation. Suzuha is here, so that's not an option this time either.

One thing is for sure. This is a turning point in the series. Not any more happy SOL episodes for a while at least. My guess is that Mr Braun saves the day but someone will be hurt in the process.

It's funny you say that because I actually have found the entire series mildly depressing so far, so that the thought the series is REALLY goin to get sad now makes me sad...

I definitely see Mr Braun intervening as well. I am not expecting anyone to die now but I agree someone probably gets shot.

Shrine Maidens
Famous Shamans

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Wait... It all makes sense! I understand now why they did this!

They wanted us to feel the same pain as Leskinen did!

He didn't get Japanese Shaman Girls, and neither did we!

I swear half of the issues could be avoided if only she had a digital watch!

"Oh no, my battery ran out, i just bought you..."

"My watch isn't working" is the Steins Gate equivalent of "I don't feel so good". Goddamn it I'm not prepared for this.

Never thought of it that way, but damn is it accurate

"I just wound you! Don't tell me you're broken" PTSD!
It's too bad there's not a save point for Okabe to go back to for this one.

Okabe is definitely wound up and yes, he is broken, too.

It is that time of the week bois!

"Where are shrine maidens?!" You had one job!!


Back to back cliffhangers... Great, now I have to avoid death for another week...


So it looks like someone shut down Amadeus concurrently with the attack on the lab.

Also, why is the lab even being attacked, no one knows about Okabe and Daru's connection to timetravel as far as i know. Is it because of Kagari? It was emphasized that Reyes saw her, but Okabe also told Moeka. But then again, if Moeka was behind the attack she would have probably taken part in it like last time.

I am so excited about next episode, it is not like Okabe can just go back in time as usual. At least not immediately.


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