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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"Solitude of the Astigmatism: Entangled Sheep"

I was so afraid that red-haired girl wouldn't meet Suzuha for god knows how many episodes. In turn, other characters wouldn't know who she is and it'd be frustrating to watch.

I was so relieved too. I was sure they were going to draw it out for god knows how many episodes. "Aw jeez, I wonder who this mystery girl could be? We have all these clues but how do they fit together? Hey Moeka, have you found that missing person yet?"

Ugh, it would've been awful.

This is steins gate, ain't got time for shit like that lol.

No kidding, I was so fucking happy when it got resolved quickly. When Moeka came back with a full report on the situation I was seeing this go on for a whole arc.

It was already frustrating to watch Okabe not even conjecturing that the red haired girl he had in front of him, could be the red haired girl he had been searching. Then came the oppa, and it didn't click. Then he noticed it was too worn out, as if it was years old, and it didn't click. Arghhh!! To extent it to more episodes,... it would have been so hard :|

Did Suzuha say that the girl they're looking for has red hair? To be honest, no one probably expected she'd show up at the lab out of the blue.

I totally understand Okabe, even if it is a different world line I definitely wouldn't trust Moeka right from the start.

The scene with Hyajo being followed by someone was eerie. I'm intrigued to know who was tagging her, because there is no way that it was just her imagination.

Also, Kagari having amnesia and having both Mayuri and Suzuha arrive when she is at the lab is a great cliffhanger. Probably Hyajo and Reyes will end up coming into play with this.

Yeah as he says she's probably still a rounder and therefore under the control of FB.

I dunno, I feel like it could have been her imagination. It's a bit out of character to be so paranoid though so you could be right.

Yes, and they also had that scene with Moeka and a darkened face walking in the opposite direction Mr. Braun was going with Nae. Not sure if exactly implying something or just a visual callback to the other world line

Yeah I think they were definitely hinting that Moeka and Mr B. are still involved somehow.

lol, completely forgot about Mayuris Oopas, imagine that being a clue to who you were.

How could you forget about them, they are so huge!
*EDIT I realized you mean toys..

To be fair, it's easy to confuse Mayuri's oppais err I mean oopas...

virtual Kurisu and clone of Kurisu!

Because just one "Kurisu" wasn't enough to send 0kabe spiraling into PTSD fits! /s

Just wait until Amadeus gets her upgrade!

Okabe was about to destroy the Senate with that lightsaber!
Reminds me of my favorite scene from Steins Gate where he used the toy gun to hold Moeka at gun point.

Trying to hug my legal loli? It's treason then.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Okabe Rintaro The Mad Scientist?

It's not a story SERN would tell you.

It’s a SERN legend. Okabe Rintaro was a Time Lord of the EPC, so powerful and so wise he could use the D-Mail to influence the Reading Steiner to alter life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.

10/10 timing on Mayuri's and Suzu's part.

When it starts playing "Messenger" 10/10

Suzuha fucked up really hard by saying Shiina
Now Mayuri is involved, now Mayuri is in danger and we want anything but that again

I feel like it was bound to happen. Seeing Mayuri would probably trigger Kagari's memories. Mayuri was her "mother" and Kagari was really attached to her.

"For this change of pace of yours, you're willing to go an hour away to Akihabara, where Linthalo just happens to be?"
The way Leskinen said it made me burst out laughing, god i love this guy.

Idk why I get the feeling he will end up as a bad guy

He's not standing with our established good guys at the end of the OP. I don't trust him, not one bit. Especially after the shit he pulled last episode.

Are you Mahou's boyfriend?
Lintahlo: Yes??! Lol

Oh my god, the tension that they build for Moeka and then someone's stalking to Mahou in the first-half.. Feels so good I don't have any idea to what will happen.

Afterthought: Things now are getting complicated. Will this creates time paradox since Kagari and Suzuha is too much involved with people in their past?

No time paradox in steins;gate. Just change of timeline entirely. However, Okabe would know if the timeline changed, and so would we.

Didn't Reading Steiner Activate last episode?

Thought he specifically said that it didn't feel like Reading Steiner iirc. I Might be mistaken though.

I love that I dont have to skip the opening song, I love it.

The song is great, probably my top two S;G OPs. I just wish the visuals are as good as Hacking to the Gate was.

She's like Kurisu only bigger with a different haircut. I dub thee KAGARIIIINA!!

Kagari has got to be related to Kurisu somehow, but whether it's a daughter, sister, niece, genetic or temporal clone, shell for Amadeus. I've no idea, but it'll be fun seeing what the show reveals.

Also, I've got to agree with Daru, Moeka definitely ticks the glasses chic box

≫Also, I've got to agree with Daru, Moeka definitely ticks the glasses chic box

Same here. I always found Moeka to be more attractive than the other girls in the anime and Daru summed up why pretty nicely


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