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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 4 everone's impressions

Episode 4
"Solitude of the Mournful Flow: A Stray Sheep"

A lot going on this episode.

What the heck was that flashback in the beginning? (or flashforward). Okabe himself points out that it feels like Reading Steiner, but surely he cannot get flashbacks to a future he has not visited?

Also in the first scene where Okabe speaks with Kurisu, he seems disturbed to discover that he has no recollection of calling her back whatsoever.

Could it be that he has already visited the future of WW3, but does not remember that he travelled back? But then again, the shown situation did not really seem to allow for Okabe to escape his captors...

SO many goddamn questions in this episode. SO. MANY.

So... I'll try to list all the question that was in this episode. I'll arrange it in how it shows in this episode:
  • Is okabe jumping in another world line or is it just a dream?
  • Okabe didn't realize he immediate called amadeus back (or not?) after he hang up?
  • Maho looking at the red laptop in her room?
  • What is Dr.Leskinen do at Okabe's university?
  • Who is the "guest" that Rukako have at his home?
  • Why Kiryu moeka doing at the lab? (Well I guess this is answered immediately in this episode)
I'm guessing that's all? Let me know if I miss something.

≫Who is the "guest" that Rukako have at his home?

Judging by the glimpse we got from the hair of that person, she is probably Kagari.
This will be a short search, unless Okabe decides to not go there because we have a returning character from his nightmares.

I would add Why did Kagari freak out and aimed a gun at Suzuha?
And how does that IBN 5100 fit in the original story? Because iirc suhuza didnt have one when she arrived at 2010

It seemed to me like Kagari had PTSD from something or was maybe brainwashed somehow. I couldn't really make out the face that she saw

She said that she heard a voice, and the face shown look like Prof. Leskinen. That guy is up to something...

Yeah especially since we saw him disappear down that corridor in the university

≫Okabe didn't realize he immediate called amadeus back (or not?) after he hang up?
It's obvious the World Line changed.

my question is why didn't he immediately have Amadeus read back their conversation to him, he knows she records all their interactions. that would have at least confirmed weather or not a world-line change happened.

I thought he didn't relize that the World Line actually changed.

The most interesting change for me was the difference between Maho's attitude toward Okabe interacting with Amadeus. Before she was adamant that he was interacting too much with her, and now she is back to an uneasy, but still accepting state.

Also in the previous timeline Mayuri heard that he was talking to Amadeus and walked away from the scene, but in this episode she was at the party. Does this mean that her overhearing him changed the timeline, or in this timeline was he not talking to Amadeus in the firstplace?

Knowing mayuri, she might have just as easily forgotten about it or didn't want to show it in front of okabe.

Mayushii has said she doesn't want to burden anyone. She wouldn't be the one to dampen the mood in a party.

There it is again - that feeling of dread slowly creeping up on me. Something is wrong, did he switch world lines without actually being the one responsible for it? Did Kurisu's dad start his experiments, and they're already fucking with the timeline? Or is he actually just losing his mind?
God I fucking love Steins;Gate.

yeah that tingly feeling of anticipation, its so awesome. steins gate is the only show that can make me feel the tension like that.

A little detail you could see is directly after getting the "reading steiner" he rushed thinking Mayuri was dead and when he entered the lab he directly looked at where the headset used to be for him to return back in time to try again saving her.
PTSD is hard

Okabe's connection with the Amadeus has been a highlight so far in this series. Really love their character chemistry especially since it's so much like the real Kurisu.

Felt like this episode was 5 minutes to be honest. It went so fast.

An underrated moment of this episode was Kurisu apologizing for calling after Okabe said he was in the library. Originally, she would've just shrugged that off as an excuse and accused him of doing something immature instead.

≫Originally, she would've just shrugged that off as an excuse and accused him of doing something immature instead.
I think it's because this Okabe and the one from the original are quite different.

Yeah, Amadeus Kurisu has never met Hyouiin Kyouma and has probably created a fairly different perception of Okabe because of that.

that felt so short, but as Kurisu said before, "Whether time is slow or fast depends on perception. Relativity theory is so romantic. And so sad"

"Time is passing by so quickly. I almost want to complain to Einstein right now. Did you know Okabe? Time speeds up or slows down depending on a person's perception. The theory of relativity. It's so romantic and so sad."

Ugh. I never expected such a scientific concept from Steins;Gate to be turned into such a romantic and emotional scene at the same time. Oh no. It's raining again. ;_;

They're continuing to merge events from different parts of the VN which is kind of confusing me, but I think they've done it pretty well so far.

I think it's a really good thing, it's so much more fun for us to have all these differences, and it's actually confusing enough to make me unsure of what's happening, and it's awesome.

Man these PSTD cliffhanger endings really make me wish I didn't have to wait a week till the next episode.

On the plus side, I am consistently impressed with how well Okabe's VA manages to portray PTSD/trauma. I had forgotten what a terrific job he had done in the original Steins;Gate.
Silver linings I suppose

Yeah same, Miyano Mamoru does such an excellent job as Okabe. Forgot how much I missed hearing their voices.

"Daga otoko da" again :D

And this time Mayuri joins in! And it was cute as hell

Yes! Tuturuu

mayuri's "daga otoko da~~" was amazing

And now, with the magic of video editing, you can have it on repeat.

Okabe's conflict over Amadeus' existence after what happened at the end of last episode was done really well; his struggle really got through to me as a viewer. They've absolutely nailed his characterisation thus far. The little bit we got on Maho was great as well, in regards to her frustration and slight jealousy at Okabe due to her inability to get to know and get close to Kurisu. I can definitely see that applying to how she feels about her relationships on the whole, which would be interesting, we'll see. A lot of intriguing plot points were set up this week as well, I can't wait to see where they go. Great stuff again.

It was pretty cool to see Daru act like a good dad to Suzuha. I'm really intrigued by Future Daru though - seemed like a completely different person.

And perhaps I'm totally wrong but could Kagari be Okabe and Kurisu's kid or something? I mean, she looked a lot like her.

This episode was so hype, but even more importantly it left us with lots of questions. Hope some of these will be answered next episode, or at least elaborated on so that we have more pieces to the puzzle. Super excited for next episode!


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