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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 17
"The Umami Tightrope"

Another man of culture.

The man created culture clearly he would clearly be man of it.
With the glasses, photographs and squeeing over family, he immediately gave me Maes Hughes vibes. This man is cool.

He was absolutely inspired by Maes Hughes. I loved it.
Souma served first.
Oh no.

But Hayama hasn't tried it yet because Souma said he'd make his when he's ready. Souma will probably serve first and last.
Souma’s overdue for pulling out the old “when it cools down it turns into a different dish” trick.
In this case, the cutlet will reconstitute into the original live bear.
Can't lose if your opponent is mauled.
Can't lose if there are no judges or witness' left. Only bear.
Bear for best girl!
Souma's sauce hasn't been highlighted yet. I expect him to do some wacky reveal, like having the judges put his sauce on Hayama's dish or something.

Knowing Souma’s knack for complementary elements (not to mention all that time he logged hiking around outside), when the judges take a bite of his cutlets with the sauce, instead of having their clothes torn off, they’ll be instantly teleported somewhere far out in the snowy woods of Hokkaido, sitting under a fragrant pine tree, with the strong taste of bear in their mouth. Or, knowing this show, all that and with their clothes off.
At least we know nassan loves his family
There wasn't that big of hurdle to jump but he's a much better dad compared to Azami.
Can we even call it a hurdle? Its was like small crack in the sidewalk.
It feels weird using this phrase for a cooking show but anyone else feel like the power levels of the other rebels is too low to be challenging the Elite 10? Like, besides Soma I only have total confidence in Kurokiba. Isami & Ikumi having to go 1v1 against the fucking 1st & 3rd seat is ridiculous. I call shenanigans!
There is no fucking way the fat Aldini is going to win against the first seat, so I think there's gonna be some sort of condition that allows them to be on more even footing. Otherwise he's going to get his shit rocked...
I think he is going to lose and return to Italy, he is one of the characters that joined the school without really needing it and it's not that important in the story.
Imagine Tsukasa literally cooking with one hand tied behind his back, I still don't like Isami's chances.
Dojima makes me question things.

I love Alice's dad. He's absolutely right, both Lenora and Alice are adorable.
Bear butt, Lewd Beargirls (NSFW)
In that shot Soma looks hotter than every male character.
Yeah I love that besides the usual female fanservice, this show isn't afraid of showing us the occasional manservice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Occasional? I think the female fanservice out weights the manservice but I dont its that unbalanced. This is a show about cooking for everyone who wants to stare at naked bodies. Thats a sentence.
Lewd beargirls highlight of the season.
So if Hayama and Jun backed up their data to the cloud all of this would be avoided? Ok.
It's actually incredible how many thesis papers I've seen that don't have extra copies, even digitally. Shouldn't trust a USB drive to have the data stability that emailing yourself a copy of your work does.
For mine I actually back up on my PC, send it through mail, send it to my bf and save it on a drive and a external. Can't be too safe.
Goddess Leonora? This man has good taste. 10/10 husband.
I mean, if there's one thing a Nakiri excels in, it's taste
I really want this sexy lady as the judge this season.

With that bullshit eye color she's 100% a vampire. The albino thing is just a cover.
No she's just a mage in the grail war.
Hot dad

Endcard: Alice and Hisako... :(

The fighting imagery is pretty cool. Still, one of the things I've always been curious about is Erina's mom. I think she's either passed away or sick in some way, but I hope we get to her side of the story
The fact that Senzaemon took custody of her suggests she's definitely out of the picture in one way or another, my guess is we'll find out about her roughly around the same time as Soma's mum
≫my guess is we'll find out about her roughly around the same time as Soma's mum
Plot twist: They're the same person.
Would be plausible if not for their 7-ish month difference in age and Soma's mom is a Yukihira but Erina's mom is a Nakiri by blood
Kuga turning into a french man caught me off guard

It's not french, it's an Ashita no Joe reference. The coach in Ashita no Joe has a moustache like that. It's also the reason behind the boxing imagery
Chicken fried bear sounds good af right now
Yeah I love how they animated Souma's dish for this episode. It's lunch time and I just had lunch, but now I'm starving again. Time to start up my grill!
Man the wait for next week's episode is going to be unbearable
Souma and Hayama battles are always so over the top and extra, i love it
This is so intense! All-out fight after Hayama and Souma showed all the improvements he made since back then, let's see who ends up becoming the winner.

Gotta love Nassan, he might look menacing, but he sure as hell loves his daughter and wife! And we got some more Dojima manservice, too good.


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