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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 20 everyone's impressions

Episode 20
"Erina's Diligent Studies"

Just a typical weekend for the Yukihira family.

I see you've also accepted that Soma and Erina are getting married

Just leaving this here

It's interesting how even Erina's VA changed (of course it wasn't intentional but it kind of worked well) , i think Risa Taneda did a really good job on her "ice queen" side and now with her development, she has more of a sweet voice with Hisako Kanemoto.

And it's just been announced that Hisako is taking a year break.
Erina: "Why does my voice keep changing?"

I don’t think her voice will change again unless season 4 releases before she returns from her hiatus, which I doubt

Man, 50 Vs. Saiba. We know he's a beast but that just seems like a legendary battle.

And you gotta keep in mind, these were all third year students of Tootsuki, you gotta go through some tough fucking shit to survive three years at that school and he beat 50 of them like it was nothing

Soma's incredulous look was great. You got a looong way to go to beat your dad!

Sugita losing his shit as Eizan never stops being entertaining.

Yukihira’s reaction to Eizan’s “CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH” was pretty great as well.

This season is basically a never-ending character development for Erina, it's great to watch.

She's protecting the friends she made and throws away the pride of a seat to do so!

She's come a long way and it just warms my heart to see her character progress throughout the series

I just started watching this series early this year and was immediately turned off by how much of a stuck-up cunt she was. Some people on Discord were like "oh she'll get better!" but I was doubtful because sometimes a jerk getting better just means they stop being as much of one but nothing else really changes.

So I'm pleasantly surprised that a few seasons later she genuinely is interested in and looking out for her friends. Not to mention being friends with the kind of people/cooks she showed little interest in before. I can also enjoy her ojou-sama moments now that she's not as mean and pretentious. She's up there with Taiga (from Toradora) and Vegeta for me in terms of best tsundere developments.

Hey, here is the cover of this chapter is the manga.

Saw this in last week's thread and until I read the artist and writer I was convinced this was a doujin.

Erina finally DID it, She told her father FUK NO.

Her dad of course cannot take a NO for an answer and as always makes their dialogue sooo wierd, oooh but if you lose honey you will be my slave and I can feed you w.e I want for eternity ahahah

A good character development episode for Erina,. she both learns to improvise and go out of her comfort zone and managed to finally stand up to her evil daddy.

Aldini shows of new resolve and everyone ends up respecting each other more, go nakama power up.
Reptilian Rindo Senpai of course cannot handle the cold (like in the latest OVA). But still managed to bully poor Ezian.

Rindo freezing in the corner is so cute!

She kinda looks like an Adventure Time character in that frame lol


Hell yeah! Erina-sama so cool!

Rindo is freezing to death out there, I just want to hug her.

No to spoons!

Rindou faces were on point this ep. She's basically a reptile so she hates cold :3

Erina's character has grown a lot in this whole 3rd season and I love it

This arc is really starting to pick up for me, almost S1 levels of hype (and cooking terminology being bandied about)! I had missed this.

So as it stands it's going to be 6 vs. 4, the odds are drastically against them if they don't recruit some more members. Did the copycat guy get eliminated too? Subaru?

The best part this season is Erina though, hands down. Loving her character development, and the active involvement of the old guard.

I don't think we've seen copycat guy all season (for cour 2). He'd certainly be an invaluable asset.

And this season is definitely approaching the hype levels of the best moments of season 1 and 2, although imo the weirdness of this challenge slightly lowers that for me. Then again, Erina's great character development kinda balances that out.

I need some high quality fanart of this Megumi. She looks gorgeous, such a pity the shot is only from the side and a bit behind.

Everyone is raving about Erina, and rightly so, but let's not forget that Megumi is best girl.

Megumi is best girl

Erina is best waifu

The next episode should be amazing if done well. My favorite part of the series. The moments after the team battle were so sweet. Also the climax(Erina relinquishing her seat and taking their IDs) was amazing.


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